River Valley Masters, powered by WirelessVille, a Throw Pink event and DGPT Qualifier for The Music City Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, March 31-April 2, 2023 at Warriors Path State Park in Kingsport, Tennessee
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Registered Players

Pool A      

56 / 72
MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70

Pool C      

23 / 72
FPO, FP40, FP50, FP60, FP70, FA1, FA40, FA50, FA60, FA70, FA2, FA3, FA4

Pool D      

72 / 72
MA1, MA40

Pool E      

62 / 72
MA50, MA60, MA65, MA70, MA2

Pool F      

58 / 72
MA3, MA4, MJ10
271 players are registered out of 432 possible spots.
161 spots are available.

Pro divisions   65 registered

FPO   Women's Pro Open   Pool C 4 registrants

Brook Johnson108871
Donna Barr7980
Juliana Korver7438
Macie Velediaz104187

MP40   Mixed Pro 40+   Pool A 9 registrants

Alan Owings74938
Blane Light14190
Chad Harrod33128
Jason Light16304
Jeff Harrin101698
Jeff White49090
Johnny Mcgee92081
Jose Martin78159
Ryan Lugo20219

FP40   Women's Pro 40+   Pool C 4 registrants

Beth Foister68744
Cher Kitchings91435
Lindsay Lugo20573
Sue Spicer108411

FP50   Women's Pro 50+   Pool C 1 registrant

Sherry Herzog88679

FP60   Women's Pro 60+   Pool C 0 registrants

MP70   Mixed Pro 70+   Pool A 0 registrants

FP70   Women's Pro 70+   Pool C 0 registrants

Amateur divisions   205+1 registered

FA1   Women's Amateur 1   Pool C 0 registrants

FA40   Women's Amateur 40+   Pool C 0 registrants

MA60   Mixed Amateur 60+   Pool E 4 registrants

Greg Nay44830
Larry Lewis147564
Mark Surcey117285
Steve Locke128866

FA60   Women's Amateur 60+   Pool C 0 registrants

MA70   Mixed Amateur 70+   Pool E 4 registrants

Drew Hierwarter112291
Gordon Hunt33627
Lee Reading30979
William Struhar40101

FA70   Women's Amateur 70+   Pool C 0 registrants

FA2   Women's Amateur 2   Pool C 8 registrants

Abby Bacon182117
Brittany Branson135309
Emily Carroll202178
Grace Dale218348
Kristyn Bullard157174
Maureen Miller24240
Micah Hughes233570
Sydney Kicthings122500

FA3   Women's Amateur 3   Pool C 1 registrant

Sabrina Delk221404

FA4   Women's Amateur 4   Pool C 1 registrant

Tammy Giorgi233977

Junior divisions   1 registered

MJ10   Mixed Junior 10   Pool F 1 registrant

John Henry Hyder203543