Rise Of The Phoenix II (BYOP Doubles)

Sunday, June 15, 2014 at Jackson College in Jackson, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament


Rise Of The Phoenix II (BYOP Doubles) graphic

About this tournament

It's back...and better than ever! Rise Of The Phoenix II is a BYOP Doubles event hosted by the Lost Disc Tribe to raise money for The Phoenix course at JCC. We have a lot of work to do out there and still need money for teepads, signage, etc. Last year's event was a huge success and we still have all the money raised from that waiting for the spring thaw so we can begin construction. This tourney should help us complete our fundraising goal so we can have it finished by Fall 2014!

The cost is $20/person, $40/team. Please post your names, division, and team name in the talk section here to cashless pre-reg. Include a pdga # or e-mail address to link your profile to the tournament. This is an unsanctioned event. All entry fees will have $5 deducted to go towards course restoration. The remainder will go towards payouts. Cash for pros, merch for AMs

Like last year, the tournament will be one round of doubles. However, we are going to add 6 holes to make it a 24 hole layout this year. This is a very long course, and the 24 hole layout will take a long time to play...so don't worry there will be plenty of golf! We will also be having a cash round afterwards (just like last year) for anyone who wants to play another round. The cost of this will be $5 per person, and the format for the cash round will be one round of random draw doubles (layout TBD).

We will be giving away a TON of prizes at this event. Those of you who were here last year know what I'm talking about. We will also have a lot of new plastic on hand to do merch payouts with. We have also been cleared by Innova to run 100 glow Rise Of The Phoenix II Firebirds!! These will be available exclusively at the event for $25 apiece. Glow ROPII matching minis will be available for $5. $30 for the combo. There will be a cap set for how many each player can purchase initially to allow everyone coming out to get at least 1 set. After registration we will open the remainder up for sale.

Player divisions and pdga ratings will be monitored to prevent "sandbagging." You will be playing the division of the person with the highest rating on your team. For instance, if you have an AM2 rating and your partner has an AM1 rating, then you will be playing in the AM1 division. General entry will be reserved for members of the community who don't usually play disc golf, but would like to come out and support the event. Discs will be made available for use at the tourney for those individuals.

We will be actively seeking out sponsors for this event, so please help out if you or your club can make a merchandise donation. We also need help with construction for the teepads and signage. If you, or someone you know, might be willing to donate some time or materials for this please contact Jason Cassidy at [email redacted], or Ben Ross at [email redacted].

We had 80 people out last year and it was a great time! Let's meet and exceed that number this year. Thanks!



Final Results

Round 1: Jackson College - Main course Reg Phoenix Course 18 plus temp A-F, 24 holes, par 72
1DJ Hunt
Jesse Cahill
5656 (-16)
2Casey Cook
Randy Bentley
5757 (-15)
2Skyler Stoker
Ken Sailler
5757 (-15)
4Justin Ballard
Keith Tasker
5858 (-14)
4Ken Moote
Johnny B
5858 (-14)
6Kenny Mize
Corbyn Blackwell
5959 (-13)
6Tim Pillsbury
Ben Ciccarelli
5959 (-13)
8Jeff Binkley
Joel Coppernoll
6060 (-12)
9Anthony Lewis
Mike Leifeld
6262 (-10)
9Jeff Freeland
Casey Bunker
6262 (-10)
9Johnny Mac
Duncan Spitz
6262 (-10)
12Tim Weimer
Ralph Matrau
6464 (-8)
13Jeff Lozowsky
Ron Howard
6565 (-7)
14Steven Flores
Marty Metheringham
6868 (-4)
Round 1: Jackson College - Main course Reg Phoenix Course 18 plus temp A-F, 24 holes, par 72
1Jacob Quiton
Paul Stasak
6363 (-9)
2Jeff Posati
Joe Lafollette
6868 (-4)
3Kore Stuck
Jason Pitel
7070 (-2)
Round 1: Jackson College - Main course Reg Phoenix Course 18 plus temp A-F, 24 holes, par 72
1Jake Sanderson
Alex Isotalo
6060 (-12)
2Jim Knudson
Marc Burnett
6161 (-11)
2Josh Minard
Tim Thomas
6161 (-11)
2Joshua Frisinger
Andy Rednour
6161 (-11)
2Timmy Redman
Floyd Hampp
6161 (-11)
6Sean Morgan
Kevin Morgan
6363 (-9)
7Chris Kerns
Rob Dehaan
6565 (-7)
8Bob Walz
Dave Kippen
6868 (-4)
8Justin Ilowite
Nate Boddy
6868 (-4)
10Paul Niciporek
Pat Magera
7171 (-1)
Round 1: Jackson College - Main course Reg Phoenix Course 18 plus temp A-F, 24 holes, par 72
1Jake Pardo
Johnny Atovski
6262 (-10)
2Joey Rumsey
John Mcnicholas
6464 (-8)
3Dane Holmberg
Gage Shettler
6565 (-7)
3Ninja Nate
Jeff Hepler
6565 (-7)
5Jon Tucker
Jason Griffiths
6666 (-6)
6Josh Koehn
Matt Rice
6767 (-5)
7Joe McHugh
James Wolf
6868 (-4)
7Steve Albert
Jason Abramowicz
6868 (-4)
9Scott Knurek
Nathan Winter
7070 (-2)
10Elijah Wykes
Chris Otis
7171 (-1)
11Jake Wolf
James Sutton
7272 (E)
12Justin Werby
Chris Giles
7474 (+2)
13Cameron Lehr
Erik Simmons
7676 (+4)
Matt Klein
7676 (+4)
15Matt Tawney
Paul Adamisen
7777 (+5)
16Lucas Deline
Luke Shepherd
7878 (+6)
17Corey Skinner
Scott Something
8080 (+8)
Round 1: Jackson College - Main course Reg Phoenix Course 18 plus temp A-F, 24 holes, par 72
1Danny Kayak
Tylor Lash
6262 (-10)
2Jason Josaitis
Rob Raymo
6666 (-6)
3Todd Cummins
Angelo Cummins
7777 (+5)