Red, White & Blue Triples

PDGA logoMonday, May 27, 2019 at Mercer County Park in Princeton Junction, New Jersey
XC-tier · PDGA sanctioned teams tournament

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Tournament DirectorJohn Birkrem
Tournament DirectorJohn McGinley

About this tournament

This is triples. Must have 3 players per "team" as of close of registration. What better way to celebrate a holiday. If you need another member for your team, go ahead and post a message in the comments section.

We will play best shot / best disc. To some these are the same thing to some it is not. We mean all 3 player throw, and the consensus of the team of 3 decide which disc they want to play from. The "best" one for them.

Expect 2 rounds of 18 holes long pins, long tee pads.

These will be non-rated rounds, so your beloved ratings will be safe.

We will provide you a voucher for your player pack, redeemable at our on site vendor.

Trophies for first place in all divisions offered.

FYI: Triples is quadruples the points, for those that care about that sort of thing. (Assumes 3 players per team)

If your team comes wearing colors that represent the American Flag, you win a prize. (Example: 1 player wears a red hat, 1 player wears a white shirt and 1 play wears blue shorts. Just an example)

Refund policy

Two Johns Productions is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Mercer County Park
Princeton Junction, NJ   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
Round 1: Mercer County Park - Blue Tees, 18 holes, par 59
Round 2: Mercer County Park - Blue Tees, 18 holes, par 59
1Chip Adams47449160.00$48
2Bob Shellenberger48489640.00$23
3Stephen Callari505210220.00
4Brandon Koppenjan--060.00$48
5Kyle Bedell--060.00
6Ed Carroll--040.00
6James O'Reilly--040.00
8Kevin Callari--020.00
8Michael Callari--020.00
Round 1: Mercer County Park - Blue Tees, 18 holes, par 59
Round 2: Mercer County Park - Blue Tees, 18 holes, par 59
1James Detwiler464995500.00
2Peter Chicarielli5151102480.00
3Alfagzo Manzo5449103460.00
4Christopher Burch5252104440.00
4Kevin Gaskill5252104440.00
4T.J. Prusakowski5549104440.00
7Chad Reinertsen5253105380.00
7Melvin Calp5154105380.00
9Mike Rath5453107340.00
9Tim Fry5354107340.00
11Bill Ganley5655111300.00
11Ken Jager5655111300.00
11Nadia Gardner5754111300.00
14Michael Lewandowski5854112240.00
14Noel Grove5656112240.00
16Doug Maull5657113200.00
16Luis Cosme5657113200.00
18Dale Swartwood5559114160.00
19Nick Talarico5758115140.00
20Antonio Albert5759116120.00
20Glenn Guadagnini5858116120.00
22Thomas Crow605711780.00
23Brett Mogilski605811860.00
24John McGinley626012240.00
25Steven Chick636412720.00
26Adam Kotchetovsky--0500.00
26Joshua Snyder--0500.00
28Andrew Schwaber--0480.00
28Nathan Lloyd--0480.00
30Jeff Jillson--0460.00
30Luke Leonard--0460.00
32Andrew Ward--0440.00
32Anthony Sapichino--0440.00
32Brian Bochantin--0440.00
32Robert Lewis Zawierucha--0440.00
32Robert McNamara--0440.00
32Ronnie "Roots" Denig--0440.00
38James DeLuca--0380.00
38Mark Pasierb--0380.00
38Rob DellaVecchia--0380.00
38Rob Girard--0380.00
42Andy Kingston--0340.00
42Corey Pittenger--0340.00
42Jason Steiger--0340.00
42John Birkrem--0340.00
46Bill Rodway--0300.00
46Derrick Laurion--0300.00
46Roger Reg Waters Vranak--0300.00
46Ron Gardner--0300.00
46Sam Doyle--0300.00
46Timothy Apgar--0300.00
52Andrew Zart--0240.00
52Chris Rider--0240.00
52Joe Nguyen--0240.00
52Will Altemose--0240.00
56Albert Macaulay--0200.00
56Arjun Patel--0200.00
56Michael Cook--0200.00
56Wade Borsavage--0200.00
60Brendon Keck--0160.00
60Christopher Licini--0160.00
62Alex Bon--0140.00
62John Cooley--0140.00
64Anthony Colangeli--0120.00
64Frederick Steelman--0120.00
64Joe Lipari--0120.00
64Patrick Burke--0120.00
68Mark McGuinn--080.00
68Michael McGuinn--080.00
70Jenifer Salvetti--060.00
70Nicholas Salvetti--060.00
72Bob Enman--040.00
72Liam McGinley--040.00
74Joe Catalfamo--020.00
74Paul Mercer--020.00