Red Rose Roundup - Ship Rock 2021

PDGA logoSaturday, June 19, 2021 at Ship Rock DGC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Red Rose Roundup - Ship Rock 2021 graphic

About this tournament

Elevated Disc Golf Events and LCDGC are proud to present this five event series showcasing the best courses in Lancaster County. This event will be played as a sanctioned C-Tier consisting of two rounds of 18 holes utilizing both the Gold and Silver layouts at Ship Rock DGC in Lancaster, PA.

All divisions are welcome but there must be three players to make a division unless an exception is granted by the event TD.

Amateur player's packs will consist of at least a tournament stamped disc.

Refund policy

Elevated Disc Golf Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be handled in accordance with the PDGA Refund Policy as written in the official Competition Manual.


Ship Rock DGC
Lancaster, PA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Austin Krise624610812.00$170
2Caleb Gatchell575210911.00$108
3Nathan Lariviere625011210.00$68
4Jake Ritchey605211210.00
5Nathan Laughman61521138.00
6Ramie Millar66541206.00
7John Cavara66551215.00
8Nevin Woodland68551233.00
9Nick Strobel61-611.00
Pro 50+
1Bill Erdley64551197.00$86
2Todd Slater67551224.00$52
3Tom LaFaille78581362.00
1Daniel Sidell575210975.00$26
2Ben Selkregg595010975.00$20
3Ethan Hine605011073.00$17
4Sheldon Wakefield615311472.00$15
5Craig Scott625311571.00$13
6Jamie Lepley645311770.00$11
6Josh Alcock655211770.00$11
8Ryan Ellis625611868.00$10
9Derek Bigley625711967.00$8
9Nate Harnish665311967.00$8
11Riley Kingsley675312065.00$7
12Nathaniel Johnson645712164.00$7
13Virgil Martin675512263.00$6
14Jon Diaz675612361.00$4
14Mitch Blank665712361.00$4
16Stephen Heckel646012459.00
16Wesley Moyer675712459.00
18Brett Bailey685712554.00
18Jacob Liss675812554.00
18Josh Groff656012554.00
21Andrew Klarner675912650.00
21Isaiah Lamison705612650.00
21Joshua Smeltzer685812650.00
21Thomas Renner735312650.00
25Trevor Oyer666112745.00
26Theodore Joshua705812843.00
27Joshua Greineder705912940.00
27Samuel Wiley666312940.00
29Daniel Taylor745613036.00
29Kyle Ierley715913036.00
31Robert Weir706113131.00
32Garrett Livingston766013619.00
32Luke Brodersen686813619.00
Amateur 40+
1Will Trippe675812554.00$10
2Henry Wright715812940.00
Amateur 50+
1Glen Brodersen725913131.00$14
2Paul Goudfrooij755613131.00$9
3Mark Steele766414014.00$7
4Gary Parke806214210.00$5
5Charles Haugh77681458.00
6Thomas Rice80681486.00
7Dan Fuhrman79721513.00
1Zach Bauman685412263.00$17
2Isaac Hershberger665812459.00$15
2Michael Jalil665812459.00$15
4Kevin Erdvig705512559.00$12
5Spike Keystone675912650.00$11
6Joseph Seitz705712745.00$10
7Andrew Williams686012843.00$8
7Bryce Fuhrman705812843.00$8
9Andrew Erdvig696012940.00$4
10Ian Harland715913036.00
11August Bubier706113131.00
11Jansen Miller716013131.00
13Jeffrey Bower735913225.00
14Taylor Bowmaster716213323.00
15Matthew Breneman726213422.00
15Thomas Bechtel755913422.00
17Elijah Wolfe736413717.00
18Tyler Musser805913915.00
19Parker Kerrigan746614014.00
20Jonathan Hansen88601486.00
1Jacob Kline706013036.00$15
2Daniel Weiss706013036.00$13
3Brandon Tinsley716013131.00$10
4Dan Pinho706213225.00$8
5Ryan Jewesak706413422.00$4
6Lyndon Stoltzfus776314014.00
6Matthew Cash746614014.00
8Jeremiah Martin83601439.00
9John Holden78691477.00
10Joel Ernst82671494.00
1Joshua Vasher766113717.00$9
2Rick Donovall84701542.00$6
3John Baker95841791.00
Advanced Women
1Kayla Hess85691543.00$5
Intermediate Women
1Amanda Cash95761712.00$10
2Katara Vasher95841791.00