Red Rose Roundup - Ship Rock

PDGA logoSunday, August 23, 2020 at Ship Rock DGC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Elevated Disc Golf Events and Lancaster County DGC are proud to present this five event series showcasing the best courses in Lancaster County. This event will be played as a sanctioned C-Tier consisting of two rounds of 18 holes at Ship Rock DGC in Willow St, PA.

All divisions are welcome but there must be three players to make a division unless an exception is granted by the event TD.

A portion ($3) from each player's entry fee will be reserved for prizes for the series finale. Pro's will be playing for cash, Am's will be playing for prizes.

Amateur player's packs will consist of a tournament stamped disc.

Refund policy

Elevated Disc Golf Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be handled in accordance with the PDGA Refund Policy as written in the official Competition Manual.


Ship Rock DGC
Lancaster, PA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Tim Reyes555310815.00$163
2Travis Dombach585110914.00$114
3LINC Morgan614911013.00$61
3Ramie Millar585211013.00$61
3Vince Sutlic585211013.00$61
6Brian O'Neill575611310.00$35
7John Rodriguez59551149.00
7Ryan Davie63511149.00
9Jake Ritchey64521167.00
10Brian Sedlacek60571176.00
11Carl Pledger61571185.00
12Josh Heindel61611224.00
13Torrin Clapper63601233.00
14Nate Lariviere67581252.00
15Gary Krebs73561291.00
1Andrew Doupe585211059.00$37
2Josh Waterman615211358.00$27
3Ryan Ellis655211757.00$23
4Derek Bigley635611956.00$19
4Jeremy Funk625711956.00$19
6Craig Scott615912054.00$13
7Brian Shuffelbottom635912253.00$11
8Kyle Ierley655812350.00$9
8Steve Heckel655812350.00$9
10Eric Grosh705412448.00$1
10Jamie Lepley685612448.00$1
10Zachary Rubin655912448.00$1
13Wesley Moyer675812544.00
14Christian Wenner666012642.00
15Joseph Kelleher695812740.00
15Josh Alcock646312740.00
17Dan Wilson705812837.00
18Joe Nunez715812933.00
19Aaron Logue696113030.00
20Dan Gardo696313225.00
21Caleb Gatchell785513320.00
Amateur 50+
1Dan Hornberger696012933.00$20
2Mark Steele746313713.00$12
3Gary Parke726613810.00
4Tom Rice73711444.00
1Nathan Johnson655712253.00$26
2Andrew Sauls665612253.00$24
3Joshua Smeltzer675712448.00$22
4William Trippe705512544.00$20
5Benjamin Hash646212642.00$18
6Garrett Livingston695812740.00$17
7Seth Tuten666212837.00$14
7Spike Keystone695912837.00$14
9Trevor Kamioner686112933.00$11
10Bryce Fuhrman696113030.00$9
11Sean Ott696213127.00$9
12Ben Simons686413225.00
12Henry Wright696313225.00
12John McKernan Jr666613225.00
12Thomas J LaFaille735913225.00
16Daniel Brown736113419.00
16Eric Boyer736113419.00
16Jon Johanson686613419.00
19Bruno Heisner726313516.00
20Chris Troy746313713.00
21Tate Adamson73661399.00
22Andy Wlasniewski70701408.00
23Joey Piatt76671436.00
1Shawn Riley686012837.00$26
2Matt Bertinato666413030.00$22
3Isaiah Martin725913127.00$18
4Eric Hess736213516.00$13
5Matt Cash726413614.00$9
6Parker Kerrigan756213713.00
7Ian Harland77631408.00
8Elijah Wolfe77661436.00
9Anthony Polvino79651444.00
9David Erb81631444.00
11Matthew Felix81701511.00
Advanced Women
1Clara Archer76641403.00$16
2Kyra Hissner79691482.00
Junior Girls 18
1Kayla Hess99781771.00$3