Red Rose Roundup - Muddy Run 2021

PDGA logoSaturday, May 22, 2021 at Muddy Run DGC in Holtwood, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Red Rose Roundup - Muddy Run 2021 graphic

About this tournament

Elevated Disc Golf Events and LCDGC are proud to present this five event series showcasing the best courses in Lancaster County. This event will be played as a sanctioned C-Tier consisting of two rounds of 18 holes at Muddy Run DGC in Holtwood, PA.

All divisions are welcome but there must be three players to make a division unless an exception is granted by the event TD.

Pro's will be playing for cash, Am's will be playing for prizes.

Amateur player's packs will consist of at least a tournament stamped disc.

Refund policy

Elevated Disc Golf Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be handled in accordance with the PDGA Refund Policy as written in the official Competition Manual.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Brandon Hauer6548$260
2Lucas Oberholtzer Hess6153$157
2Chris Villa6351$157
4Nathan Laughman6451$106
5Travis Dombach6353$82
6Neil Bishop6453$54
6Brian O'Neill6354$54
6Vincent Sutlic6354$54
9Nick Strobel6355$42
10Austin Krise6752
10Ramie Millar6851
12Rob Beckey6753
13J.T. Collins6855
13Tyler Emel6756
13Zachary Woods6855
16Nathan Lariviere6856
17John Cavara7352
17Torrin Clapper6956
19Ethan Emel6957
19Eric Moul6759
21Alec Failor7257
Pro 40+
1Mark Spang6854$115
2Derrick Diffenderfer6656$69
3Travis Freund7059
4Fred Scensny Jr7262
Pro 50+
1Tony Chmielowiec7359$115
2Tom LaFaille7263$69
3Bill Erdley7761
4David Truitt75999
Open Women
1Jessica Kinard7763$92
2Angie Jones8772
1Ryan Ellis6154$41
2Josh Alcock6454$32
3Stephen Heckel6654$25
4Ethan Hine6457$20
4John Whipple6556$20
6Derek Bigley6854$13
6John Ditmore6161$13
8Daniel Sidell6756$11
8David Superdock6756$11
10Josh Groff6758$9
10Wesley Moyer6857$9
12Jamie Lepley7254$1
12Brett Lindner6957$1
12Jake Ritchey6858$1
12Christian Wenner6957$1
16Joshua Smeltzer7156
17Evan Davis7357
18Josh Waterman7259
19Luke Brodersen7260
20Isaiah Lamison7459
21Kyle Ierley7263
22Jacob Liss7561
23Daniel Kreider7364
23Garrett Livingston7958
25Brett Bailey7664
25Andrew Williams7565
Amateur 40+
1Jon Johanson7358$15
2Joshua Mertz7859$9
3Will Trippe7762
Amateur 50+
1Glen Brodersen8062$20
2Gary Parke8463$12
3Dan Fuhrman8770
4Thomas Rice9273
1James Vishio6757$24
2Spike Keystone6858$21
2Josh Stover6759$21
4Kaiser Shen6960$17
5Darian Spece7160$15
6Bryce Fuhrman7557$13
7Joseph Seitz7757$10
8Taylor Bowmaster7362$7
9John Petro7663
10Chance Sorensen7668
11Jonathan Hansen8164
12John McKernan Jr8264
12Sterling Rapposelli8264
14James Plonk8366
15Nyle Vinciquarra8866
16Benjamin Hash78999
1Igor Smola7557$22
2Matthew Cash7861$18
3Kane Fuhrman7467$14
4Nigel Haley8464$11
5Barry Middleton8366$7
6Ryan Jewesak8567
7Bob Grube8272
8Marc Smith8678
9Justin Clary82999
Advanced Women
1Kayla Hess9173$15
2Kyra Hissner8777$9
3Amanda Cash11091