Red Rose Roundup - Herr Park 2021

PDGA logoSaturday, April 17, 2021 at Herr Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Red Rose Roundup - Herr Park 2021 graphic

About this tournament

Elevated Disc Golf Events and LCDGC are proud to present this five event series showcasing the best courses in Lancaster County. This event will be played as a sanctioned C-Tier consisting of two rounds of 18 holes at Herr Park in Lancaster, PA.

All divisions are welcome but there must be three players to make a division unless an exception is granted by the event TD.

A portion (around $3) from each player's entry fee will be reserved for prizes for the series finale. Pro's will be playing for cash, Am's will be playing for prizes.

Amateur player's packs will consist of at least a tournament stamped disc.

Refund policy

Elevated Disc Golf Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be handled in accordance with the PDGA Refund Policy as written in the official Competition Manual.


Herr Park
Lancaster, PA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Ryan Davie505010012.00$151
2Eric Schubert535210511.00$96
3Zachary Woods605111110.00$70
4Mark Spang58541129.00$51
5Ramie Millar60541148.00
6Daniel Shannon55601157.00
7Jonathan McDowell59591186.00
8Torrin Clapper61651263.00
Pro 50+
1David Truitt58611195.00$115
2James Schubert63611244.00$69
3Tony Chmielowiec64631272.00
4Thomas LaFaille63671301.00
1Ethan Hine535110476.00$32
2Jake Ritchey525210476.00$26
3Nathaniel Johnson535210574.00$22
4Josh Groff545210673.00$19
5Derek Bigley575010772.00$17
6Evan Davis535510871.00$14
7Caleb Gatchell575210970.00$12
7Caleb Weidner575210970.00$12
9Daniel Sidell555511067.00$9
9Jeremy Baum585211067.00$9
9Nate Harnish555511067.00$9
12Mitch Blank535811164.00$8
13Josh Alcock565611263.00$8
14Joshua Smeltzer555811362.00$3
14Ryan Ellis585511362.00$3
16Jacob Sorber585611459.00
17Craig Scott556111656.00
17Isaiah Lamison625411656.00
17Wesley Moyer585811656.00
20Gavin Abrahamsson585911753.00
20Jayson Ernst576011753.00
22Josh Stover595911850.00
22Robert Weir615711850.00
24Daniel Nadeau606012045.00
24Theodore Joshua615912045.00
26Stephen Heckel626012239.00
27Andrew Williams656312827.00
28Tyler Long656412924.00
29Garrett Livingston686613417.00
Amateur 40+
1Thomas Renner585511362.00$17
2Jamie Lepley575811558.00$11
3Bruno Heisner626012239.00$7
4Will Trippe616412531.00
5Jonathan Metzler716413514.00
Amateur 50+
1Frank Kates606012045.00$17
2Gary Parke616312435.00$11
3Frank Summers666212827.00$7
4Mark Steele687013810.00
5Thomas Rice74731474.00
Amateur 60+
1Dan Fuhrman666913514.00$7
1Josh Stoltzfus545510970.00$21
2Joshua Greineder556011558.00$19
3Lamar Lapp615611753.00$17
4Jeffrey Andrews586011850.00$15
5Cordell Martin605911947.00$13
6Dan Horst615912045.00$11
7Michael Zook606112141.00$8
7Thomas Bechtel645712141.00$8
9Brent Sensenig636112435.00
9Eric Pecuch616312435.00
9Jordan Young616312435.00
12Bryce Fuhrman646412827.00
13Austin Vacek686213023.00
13Jonathan Hansen656513023.00
15Matthew Smith686613417.00
16Parker Derr667113711.00
1Zac Stephan586111947.00$23
2Jesse Knorr606212239.00$19
3Isaiah Martin616212336.00$15
4Jeremiah Martin646112531.00$10
4Ryan Jewesak646112531.00$10
6Caleb Metzler636412728.00
7Matthew Cash656713220.00
8Derik Kauffman637013318.00
9Alexander Thomas716313417.00
10Kane Fuhrman71681398.00
10Morgan Feick71681398.00
1Richard Clemmer636813121.00$19
2Philip Murphy706213220.00$16
3Bob Grube696613514.00$13
4Dalan Shaffner696913810.00$9
5Andrew Wollaston67721398.00$6
6Austin Howard72731455.00
7Braydon J Grove76741503.00
8Sean Hoenig72811532.00
9Andy LaRue82831651.00
Advanced Women
1Alexa Wing70691396.00$14
2Emily Dale80771574.00
Recreational Women
1Kayla Hess74751495.00$17
2Maggie Page81781593.00$11
3Mikaela Brown76841602.00
4Emily Seeberger87871741.00
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