Mint Discs Presents The 25th Annual Red Rock Show (A HOTT Points Event)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, March 4-5, 2023 at Moody's in Red Rock, Texas
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Mint Discs Presents The 25th Annual Red Rock Show (A HOTT Points Event) graphic
Added cash $1,000

About this tournament

Caddy Book & Format(updated 3/2)

!!!NEW!!! $5 Tour Fee:
-$3 goes to Admin. Cover extra TD expenses, snacks, course improvement projects, etc
-$1 goes to EDGE Donation
-$1 goes to HOTT Finals. Increase added cash/value for all players.

Payout & Players Packs:
-All amateur's will receive at minimum a players pack with 1 disc + swag. Remaining value will be applied to prize/merch "payout" at the end of the event. Estimated $15 per player will be used towards players pack(subject to change)
-$1000 minimum added cash for Pro Divisions. Once payout minimums per division have been met, we reserve the right to allocate more added cash value for some divisions rather than all.

$10/day and you must adhere to the same regulations as players.
All outside food, drink and trash must LEAVE with you. Pack it, pack it out

Refund Policy:
-We will adhere the PDGA refund policy available at this link:

Refund policy

MINT Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Red Rock, TX   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Tanner McCartney535660169
2Bonner Butler615554170
2Matt Barajas565460170
4Marshall Blanks586054172
5Patrick Blazek585660174
6Connor Painter605858176
6Devin Graham655754176
8Joshua Ianno615660177
9Randall Karshis625660178
9Thomas Perks635758178
11Abel Salazar596656181
12Dylan Frye636158182
12Justin Atwater-Taylor616160182
14Eric Thomas656158184
14Henry Bente616261184
16Levi LaClair656061186
16Neil T Myers686256186
16Tony Dieterich645765186
19Kyle Glaeser675864189
19Mark Lozano655668189
19Tim Escobedo Jr636165189
22Michael Olse636463190
23Rick Muniz646562191
24Brandon May676759193
24Colin Knight676165193
26Scott Turner656665196
27Jessie Tito Amador716265198
28Jeff McClendon676369199
29Mike Toner6165-126
30Austin North69--69
31Travis Smith70--70
32Craig Sandlin---0
1Johnathan Bente596361183
2Brandon Elder656360188
3Adam Case626067189
4Chris Albert676163191
5Thao Tang685772197
6Matt Kessler686268198
7Nicholas J Ronayne647363200
8Drew Lusk626971202
9Shawn Burton657070205
10Jeremiah Duke726968209
1Chris Swanda656563193
1Marty Cooper656563193
3James McCaine676668201
1Jerry Perez Sr585857173
1Carlea Kubicek707060200
1Trevor Williamson616059180
2Andrew Phinney645862184
2Noel Talavera686056184
4Michael Farrugia666261189
4Steven Bleile666459189
6Jacob Anderle666164191
7Alex King676165193
8Trevor Byars696364196
9Kasper Pieters676665198
10Jacob Geesin597268199
11Alec Pena666371200
11Dylan Marez646373200
13Cade Woolley696469202
14Braden Vacek716369203
15Felix Savala706470204
16Joey Castillo725974205
17Chris Crowder776861206
17Joey Pizano726569206
17Trent Frederick756863206
20Jace Whitehead736372208
21Kevin Monahan697169209
22Chris Rodriguez696876213
23Daniel Illescas736775215
23Robert Garza746774215
25Travis Youngblood747381228
26Myk Cooper66--66
1BZ Strick535954166
2Chris Barrera576257176
3James Lyle616058179
4Andy Gonzalez Jr606360183
5Jerry Perez Jr.566662184
5Luis Garcia646654184
7Carris Florie626460186
8Clint Blaylock616562188
9Rob Pulley617671208
1Jack Bray545654164
2Jason Erickson536160174
3Gregory Mark Killam576455176
3Todd Moore596156176
5Kenny Roycroft III596456179
6David Meredith606259181
7Mark Biddle566962187
8Christopher Batson646860192
9Stephen R Sanders657367205
10Michael Sykos697666211
1Rob Feather606960189
2Le Roy Maloney596963191
3Mark Ungerman698074223
1Alexander Erwin565751164
2Jake Stoffle525856166
2Ryan Wagner565753166
4Clinton Dixon546152167
4Dom Carrillo535559167
4Joeadam Martinez556151167
4Stephen Sanders535856167
8Bradley Larson585457169
9Evan DeGood595854171
9Joseph Wells556056171
11Ross Holtkamp576254173
12Keith “Huggy” Guest576156174
13Jesus Banda586156175
14Eric Ruiz606056176
14Logan Kitchen586157176
14Robert Wagner635657176
17Edwin Rodriguez645956179
18Deacon Guest556263180
18Eric Bennett556560180
20Bogey Brandon586261181
21Gabe Saucedo636158182
22Cole DeGood636358184
22Nathan Onks636655184
24Arthur Devlin576761185
24Jace Romero606263185
24Paul G Shick576662185
27Robert Cisneros656160186
27Tanner Hughes586464186
29Keaton Estes576866191
30Shawn Worley6271-133
1Colton Lawless575854169
2Kenny Pennie576357177
3Peter Steinmetz586457179
4Jacob Varner606358181
5Mike Davis616359183
6Jason Allen626161184
7Colton Dakin576464185
8Christopher Dewar606660186
8Julian Rivera626064186
8Zane W606561186
11Daniel Rigdon626560187
12David Klein596465188
12Nick Barr586862188
14Daniel Freeberg586864190
14Seth McBeath657154190
16Jordan Stermer636667196
17Johnny Rios636866197
18Justin Lawless627166199
19Bill Ward687163202
20Jordan Meredith677870215
21Mason Rankin747975228
1Emma Rafuse626462188
2Rachel Devereaux717166208
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