Rally the IE: Rancho Del Sol - Event #1 - Supported by Innova

PDGA logoSaturday, March 11, 2023 at Rancho Del Sol DISCGOLFPARK in Moreno Valley, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of Rally the IE

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Rally the IE: Rancho Del Sol - Event #1 - Supported by Innova graphic


Tournament DirectorAnthony Suarez
Tournament DirectorGeorge Loepke

About this tournament

Welcome to Rally the IE! 2023 Series.

This is a 4 event Series. There will be a points winner at the end of the series for each division. You will earn points at each event based on how well you play. 1 point is earned for each player you beat at each event. There will also be a winner at each event. You may have won the Battle but you have to earn the War!

The first event is at Rancho Del Sol DiscGolfPark. It will be 1 round of 27 Holes. PDGA Sanctioned with tee times.

This is a SoCal Disc Golf Club event. $5 discount for members. Your points will count towards the 2023 SoCal point series as well.

Rally the IE is hosted by The Hyzer Project, and Loepke/Suarez Events.

Divisional Champions will be based off your 3 best rounds, points do not transfer between divisions.

No Golf Carts. Round will be played on foot.

The Points Series in not affiliated with the PDGA.

The points series will be run by The Hyzer Project and Loepke/Suarez Events through Disc Golf Scene.

$65 Entry Fee per event. Trophy Only. Divisions must have 4 or more players to receive a trophy. Divisions with less than 4 players will receive a Digital Trophy to print out on their own.

*Players must pay registration for each individual event.

AMs: Players Pack - One Premium Tournament Stamped Innova Disc, One Tournament Polo, and a Hyzer Project Towel. (Must Register before February 26th to be guaranteed a tournament polo.)

Pros: Cash Payout (minus tournament/series/greens fees)

Food and Drinks will be available for purchase at the Rancho Del Sol Club House.

We will be using to “tee time” format for these events.

Tee Times will be every 20 minutes from 8:00am to 3pm. As we get closer we will be putting out exact Tee Times.

Tee Times will be posted 3 days before the event.

Players that register after tee time have been posted will be given the next available tee time.

Please check in at least 30 minutes before your assigned tee time!

Refund policy

The Hyzer Project is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Full refunds (-$5 & service fees) will be given until 14 days before the event (2/25/23). No refunds after 2/25/2023. Players pack will be given 12/26/2023 and on.

The Waitlist is Non Refundable.

*All refunds will be dispersed in accordance with PDGA Competition Manual Section 1.03.



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$10 additional fee for players without current PDGA memberships.
For help choosing a division, see the PDGA guidelines
$65.00MPOMixed Pro Open
$65.00FPOWomen's Pro Open
$65.00MP40Mixed Pro 40+
$65.00FP40Women's Pro 40+
$65.00MP50Mixed Pro 50+
$65.00FP50Women's Pro 50+
$65.00MP55Mixed Pro 55+
$65.00FP55Women's Pro 55+
$65.00MP60Mixed Pro 60+
$65.00FP60Women's Pro 60+
$65.00MP65Mixed Pro 65+
$65.00FP65Women's Pro 65+
$65.00MP70Mixed Pro 70+
$65.00FP70Women's Pro 70+
$65.00FP75Women's Pro 75+
$65.00FP80Women's Pro 80+
$65.00MP75Mixed Pro 75+
$65.00MP80Mixed Pro 80+
$65.00MA1Mixed Amateur 1
$65.00FA1Women's Amateur 1
$65.00MA40Mixed Amateur 40+
$65.00FA40Women's Amateur 40+
$65.00MA50Mixed Amateur 50+
$65.00FA50Women's Amateur 50+
$65.00MA55Mixed Amateur 55+
$65.00FA55Women's Amateur 55+
$65.00MA60Mixed Amateur 60+
$65.00FA60Women's Amateur 60+
$65.00MA65Mixed Amateur 65+
$65.00FA65Women's Amateur 65+
$65.00MA70Mixed Amateur 70+
$65.00MA75Mixed Amateur 75+
$65.00MA80Mixed Amateur 80+
$65.00FA70Women's Amateur 70+
$65.00FA75Women's Amateur 75+
$65.00FA80Women's Amateur 80+
$65.00MA2Mixed Amateur 2
$65.00FA2Women's Amateur 2
$65.00MA3Mixed Amateur 3
$65.00FA3Women's Amateur 3
$65.00MA4Mixed Amateur 4
$65.00FA4Women's Amateur 4
$65.00MJ18Mixed Junior 18
$65.00FJ18Girls' Junior 18
$55.00MJ15Mixed Junior 15
$55.00FJ15Girls' Junior 15
$55.00MJ12Mixed Junior 12
$55.00FJ12Girls' Junior 12
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