RDG Spring Triples

PDGA logoSunday, May 15, 2022 at Garden Grove in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina
Amateur-only XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned teams tournament

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About this tournament

24 teams to start may add more spots if it fills!
8 per AM division to start, I will allocate as entry fills.

Pooled system, get in where you fit in. Must have a current PDGA Membership. If a team member does not have a rating, you must play MA1.

MA1 = A-pool (highest rated player >935)
MA2 = B-pool (highest rated player 890-935)
MA3 = C-pool (highest rated player below 890)

Payout Provided by Redemption Disc Golf.

Round 1 - “YOU HAD ONE JOB”
At tournament check-in each team will designate specific job roles. Each person is restricted to only being able to throw within the rules of their designated job description. Players may use any golf disc in their bag to perform their respective job duties.
DRIVER: The only player on the team that is allowed to throw from the tee. The driver may ONLY throw from the tee and will not participate in the rest of the hole.
PUTTER: The only player on the team allowed to play a lie from inside circle 2 (~66ft).
For throws that are close to circle 2 edge and too difficult to determine whether inside or outside of circle 2, the driver gets to select the other teammate they wish to take the shot.
SCRAMBLER: The only player on the team allowed to play a lie between the teepad and circle 2. The scrambler may not even get to play holes in which the driver places their drive within the putters range; however, this job will be critical to cleaning up any of the driver’s mistakes and helping the team get up and down the longer fairways

Round 2 -Scramble Modified
Every team member tees off on every hole. After the initial tee shots, the team selects the best shot out of their teammates and then the other two team members play their next shot from that spot. This continues throughout the rest of the shots on the hole including putting.
**Playoffs format will be the same as Round 1, sudden death

Refund policy

Redemption Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Garden Grove
Pleasant Garden, NC   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55997
Round 1: Garden Grove - Hanging Basket Hole 2, 18 holes, par 63
Round 2: Garden Grove - Hanging Basket Hole 2, 18 holes, par 63
1Aaron Westhusing6151112$75
1Levi Kinley6151112$75
1Nate Evans6151112$75
4Collin Murphy6252114$60
4Danny Riggleman6252114$60
4Jacob Wade6252114$60
4Jonathan Roop6747114$60
4Taylor Richardson6747114$60
4Zack Knowles6747114$60
10Drew Cheap6352115$42
10Kevin Duke6352115$42
10Mark Williams6352115$42
13Eoghan Allen6653119
13Mike Edwards6653119
13William Barham, III6653119
16Cole Hamilton6559124
16Drew Hamilton6559124
16Nick Eury6559124
19Casey Brady7260132
19Ivan Tomich7260132
19Spencer Faulkner7260132
22Austin Hatfield7759136
22Bob Whitaker7759136
22Quinn Amos7759136
25Hadley Iliff7662138
25Justin Nolan7662138
25Kory Suttles7662138
1Bryan Steele6452116$56
1Jason Emburey6452116$56
1Noah Thomas6452116$56
4Jason Green6353116$56
4Kyle Gatti6353116$56
4Peyton Gatti6353116$56
7Joe Hickman6354117$50
7Paul Whitaker6354117$50
7Travis Zira6354117$50
10Bruce Shaw6758125$44
10Dustin Johnson6758125$44
10Patrick Shushkowski6758125$44
13Andrew Wolschlag7157128$40
13Bradley Snipes7157128$40
13Kyle Griffin7157128$40
16Aaron Davis Jones7357130$35
16Mickey St. Clair7357130$35
16Tony Block7357130$35
19Jeremy Hammond7061131
19Kevin Moon7061131
19Tyler Melton7061131
22Adam Schutt7260132
22Andrew Gosselin7260132
22Daniel Diorio7755132
22Josh Woodburn7656132
22Matt McCauley7755132
22Nick Abbott7656132
22Ralph Heath7755132
22Sam Poindexter7260132
22Trey Ivester7656132
31Greg Archetti7162133
31Jody Shaul7162133
31Jonathan Mitchell7162133
1Branden Woodard6354117$58
1Scott Johnson6354117$58
1Zac Martin6354117$58
4James Culver6960129$52
4Tim Mcverry6960129$52
4Tyler Heich6960129$52
7Jesse Pearson7361134$45
7Patrick Rivera7361134$45
7Ryne Cassidy7361134$45
10Matthew Shurer7560135
10Tom Mullinix7560135
10William Mullinix7560135
13Brian McNamara7365138
13Collin McNamara7365138
13TJ McCamey7365138
16Cody Johnson7762139
16Ethan Hunsucker7762139
16Heath Carriker7762139
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