RCCS #3 - University of Richmond

Saturday, June 19, 2021 at University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

RCCS #3 - University of Richmond graphic

About this tournament

This is the third event of the 2021 River City Club Series. This is 2 rounds with the option to play just one round. Tags will be distributed to 1-round players after the first round.

Tags will be collected.

All rounds can be scored on UDisc. Select MORE -> UDISC LEAGUES, and search for “River City Club Series”. If you have trouble with this, then just message/email me your scores immediately after your round.

Be at your assigned hole for a 9:00 am start. 1-rounders playing the second round will need to check for 2nd round start time.

All women will have a FREE CTP to play for.

All asphalt is OB - play from where the disc went out.
1) Asphalt is OB.
2) Asphalt is OB. See map for long walk to tee 3.
3) See map for long walk to tee 4.
6) Path and beyond is OB behind pin.
8) Water is OB.
12) Water long is OB.
13) Mando to left of sign. If missed (group call), tee on path between mando sign and rock on left with stroke penalty.
17) Asphalt is OB.
18) Asphalt is OB.

Refund policy

River City Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.



Final Results

FA1 1-Round Only
1Mary Rousis-6767
2Laura Cooney-6969
MP40 1-Round Only
1Scott Mayo53-53
2Jon Greene55-55
3Bradley Lile62-62
MA1 1-Round Only
1Peyton Hall47-47
2Nate Wiles48-48
3Andrew Reeder53-53
4Mike Gefell55-55
MA2 1-Round Only
1Jacob Minnick54-54
2Thomas Blazon59-59
MA3 1-Round Only
1Scotty Mahone54-54
2Mike Randesi63-63
1Aaron Johnston465096$45
2Drew Smith485199$30
3Kenny Randleman5250102
3LA Willis5151102
3Martin Brubaker5250102
Pro 40+
1Scott Sliauzis4952101$30
2Brian Hart4954103
Pro 50+
1Will Lewis485098$40
2Stone Wahl5151102$20
3Robert Harris5650106
4Kevin Stone5659115
1Matthew Graves474794$25
2Jake Bell464894$20
3Christopher Odden475097$15
4Colter Lanois475299$10
5Aaron Reynolds5050100$7
6Alec Rountree5153104
6Graham Jennings5252104
8Bobby Richard5554109
8Jd Dellinger5455109
10Josh Bell5656112
11Aaron Steiner5759116
1Shaun Griffith485199$21
2Alex Richard5152103$18
3Robert Laffoon5453107$15
4Cameron Girard5355108$10
5Mat Ramirez5752109$5
6Austin Stowers6250112
7John Banks5658114
8Andy Jones5859117
9Collin Baily5663119
10Brandon Paulding6063123
1Jacob McCauley5155106$20
2Tyler McNeer5455109$15
3Charlie Wayland5460114$7
4Andrew Orchowsky5761118
5Jeffrey Noble6059119
6Paul Banks6265127