RCCG 2016 Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, June 25, 2016 at Tom Monroe Disc Golf Course at Brahan Springs Park in Huntsville, Alabama
Disc golf singles tournament

RCCG 2016 Trilogy Challenge graphic

About this tournament

$30 Entry Fee, Each player gets a player pack and must play with only those 3 discs. Players can start any time between 9 AM and 4 PM, play as many rounds as they choose, and only turn in their lowest score!

(1) Westside Discs Tournament Sling (midrange)
(1) Dynamic Discs Prime Marshall (putter)
(1) Latitude 64 Opto Falchion (driver)
(1) Trilogy Challenge Mini
(1) Trilogy Towel
(1) Dynamic Discs Wristband
(1) Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

3 Divisions will be offered, and the winner of each division will receive a bag and discs.

Pro - Advanced/Intermediate players who normally shoot under par at Brahan

Am - Nov/Rec/Intermediate players who normally shoot 54-64 at Brahan

Beginner - New players, ladies, juniors, first time tournament players. People who shoot 65+ at Brahan

There will be CTP prizes, and ace pot, and a prize for the highest score!


(1) Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag
(2) Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag
(1) Dynamic Discs Driver, Midrange, and Putter
(1) Latitude 64 Driver, Midrange, and Putter
(1) Westside Discs Driver, Midrange, and Putter
(1) Trilogy Challenge Trophy Disc For Overall Champion
Divisions: Pro, AM, Beginners

Refund policy

Rocket City Chain Gang is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.

Final Results

Round 1: Tom Monroe Disc Golf Course at Brahan Springs Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Justin Clinard4646
2Mike Pearman4747
3Boyd Malone4848
3Larry Burge4848
5John Laird5050
6Bo McLaughlin5151
6Jack Tonbuavone5151
6Kiefer McMillan5151
6Scott Black5151
10Joshua Williams5252
10Justin Marsh5252
10Leo Najera5252
10Sam Kiengkham5252
10Steven White5252
10Tony LaTorre5252
16David Willis5353
17Adam DeMaioribus5454
17Keith Saiyasith5454
19Austin Vacek5656
20Joey Vital6060
Round 1: Tom Monroe Disc Golf Course at Brahan Springs Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Michael Varner5252
2Jacob Louis5353
2Karthik Sola5353
4Austin Barr5454
4Casey Small5454
4Jason Gray5454
7Darrin Barr5555
7Jason Cree5555
7Ryan Blanchard5555
10Dylan Gordon5656
10Kaleb Marsh5656
10Seth Anderson5656
13George Hill5757
13William Colley5757
15Brandon Tidwell5858
15Roman Odom5858
17Justin Michael Bzdell5959
17Leo Rodriguez5959
17Phillip Campbell5959
17Ryan Schick5959
21Aaron Greer6060
21Corey Tidwell6060
21Gary Curtis6060
21Joshua Cross6060
21Paul DePriest6060
26Glen Luker6161
27Devin Hyde6262
27Jake Keel6262
29Andrew Davis6363
29Kyle Gray6363
31Kevin Elliott6464
31Micah Harvey6464
31Robert Gonzalez6464
31Zachary Powell6464
35Robert Gosselin6565
36Riley Tidwell6666
37Marco Lagunas6868
37Stephen Tate6868
39Terry Weaver6969
40Josh Almond7171
41Matt Colvin7373
42Paul Julino7575
43Steven Sanders7676
Round 1: Tom Monroe Disc Golf Course at Brahan Springs Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Pranee Saiyasith5252
2Vanhnee Kiengkham5757
3Cindy Varner6767
4Leslie Bruton7373
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