Pyrohyzer National Ace Weekend - May 14th/15th (2022)

Sat-Sun, May 14-15, 2022 at Cottonwood Creek Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

Pyrohyzer National Ace Weekend - May 14th/15th (2022) graphic

About this tournament

$5 buy-in for EACH round; rollover this month $0

- No temp courses, must be verifiable on UDisc. Permanent baskets to permanent tees.

- Qualifying aces will be 200+ ft (200 or more). There needs to be something that verifies the ace is 200+ ft, besides UDisc. You are responsible for obtaining this verification. There is no longer an overall course minimum distance.

- Courses need to be played in full (18 holes) to respect the game. You cannot skip the holes less than 200 ft if they are a part of the course.

- There are NO more disqualifications of courses for aces hit in a calendar hit.

- You may play and buy-in to multiple rounds a weekend at multiple courses. Each course is limited to being played once each day. (Eg: You can play the same course once on Saturday and once on Sunday, but not twice in the same day).

- At least 4+ Pyrohyzer tag holders on a card (must have a tag) if it is a Pyrohyzer solo event. If it is running in conjunction with a structured league, the Pyro tags holders can be on separate cards. If it is a tournament and an ace is easily verifiable, you may sign up solo. The scores must be verifiable from an online source. This now includes PDGA Sanctioned Events and Non-Sanctioned Events, with online scoring available for reference. Your Pyrohyzer Ace round will apply to the first 18 holes of the tournament (1st round), provided you are playing the same course twice in the same day. If the tournament is utilizing different courses, you may buy-in to each course with $5 if you choose to do so.

- Regarding PAYMENTS: You must either sign-up on discgolfscene, pay your round coordinator in cash, or send PayPal PRIOR to the start of the round. If you have just bought a tag, there must be proof of payment PRIOR to the start of the round.

- New regions can be set up by any individual. Please get in contact with us at [email redacted] if interested or message us on Facebook.

- Most regions have a coordinator that accepts cash (but not all). Please get in touch with your coordinator (or inquire about who runs the region) to see if they collect cash. Otherwise, a DiscGolfScene registration is always set up for each month. Payouts for aces are sent out via PayPal.

Refund policy

Pyrohyzer is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Cottonwood Creek Park
Colorado Springs, CO   Get Directions
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