ProFlight Open presented by D&N Fence and Sean!!! @ Iron Heart Tattoo - Saturday : Adv, Int, Am Masters, Ladies

PDGA logoSaturday, July 24, 2021 at Noelridge in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

ProFlight Open presented by D&N Fence and Sean!!! @ Iron Heart Tattoo - Saturday : Adv, Int, Am Masters, Ladies graphic


Tournament DirectorKurt Conrad
Tournament DirectorMichael Deeter

About this tournament

ProFlight Open
Presented by D&N Fence and Sean!!! @ Iron Heart Tattoo

A weekend of sanctioned disc golf at Noelridge Park
A PDGA B-tier Event

Saturday: INT, ADV, AM Masters, Ladies

Sunday: Novice, REC, MPO, Pro Masters

Pre-Registration only
Virtual player meeting
Tee off at 9:30 AM
(2 rounds of shotgun starts - second round starts after a lunch break)

Open $70
Advanced $60
Intermediate $50
Recreational $40
Novice $30
Add $10 for non-current PDGA members
$2 ace and $3 pdga fee included

First 90 amateur players that sign up (covering both Sat and Sun) get a player pack disc, all other amateurs will receive at $10 ProFlight voucher.

Welcome to the ProFlight Open presented by Sean at Iron Heart Tattoo and D&N Fence!

This is the 6th year we have hosted a tournament at Noelridge park and we are excited that you are joining us this year!

We are thrilled to praise and thank the sponsors of this event for helping us make this a great event this year and elevating it to a B-tier!

Sean at Iron Heart Tattoo in Des Moines
- and -
D & N Fence here in Cedar Rapids

(Other sponsors include Bug Soother and Grace Baptist Church)

This document is going to be considered your player meeting. You are free to ask questions in the Facebook comments, via email, or at tournament central at the event.

First and foremost, pedestrian safety!
Noelridge is a public park and there are plenty of people enjoying the park. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to make sure they are unharmed. If you see park patrons that are at risk of being in the path of any discs, please be patient with them and wait for them to move. Yelling “fore” or waving a disc at them won’t help. If you’re having any issues with pedestrians being in the way, feel free to reach out to Kurt or Myself and we’ll come help communicate and coordinate to keep everyone safe.

Call, text, or Facebook messenger:
Michael Deeter 319-721-7236
Kurt Conrad 319-721-8080

Check-in starts at 8am for each day.
All players should check in at tournament central in order to let us know you’ve made it and to pick up your player pack item(s).

It’s going to be hot out!
We have water stations and some donated Propel drinks available. Make sure to stay hydrated. Drink frequently and stay plump like a grape (not like a raisin).

If some crazy storm pops up and has lightning, we’ll sound a horn with 3 blasts which would mean a 30-minute delay I play and players would need to retreat to their vehicles until it is safe to resume play. The forecast shows that this is unlikely… fingers crossed.

About the course layout…
The course was flagged out and marked earlier this week. We’ll have baskets and tee signs out each morning and remove them after the 2nd round each day.

Holes 2: If your drive lands across the rough in 3’s or 8’s fairway, it is out-of-bounds.

Holes 3 and 8: If your drive lands across the rough in 2’s fairway, it is out-of-bounds.

Hole 7: All open and advanced fields will be playing from the long pad.
From the long on hole 7, if your drive does not cross in-bounds, go to the drop-zone. If your drive does cross in-bounds but lands out-of-bounds, play from where it was last in-bounds.

Hole 11: All open and advanced fields will be playing from the long pad.

Hole 12: If your drive lands out-of-bounds, proceed to the drop-zone.

Holes 16 and 17: These holes play like an island by use of the sidewalk. There is no drop-zone. Play from where it was last in-bounds… if never reached in-bounds, then re-tee. The sidewalk and outside the sidewalk is out-of-bounds.

Out of bounds
Out of bounds has been described on the map details posted on the event page and we’ll have some copies available at tournament HQ.

In many areas, we have pained a white line to help define a well-structured line for out-of-bounds… especially at landing zones and areas close to the baskets. There are some areas where we did not paint and the rough/uncut grass will define the out-of-bounds line. You can see an example of how the out of bounds rough should be called in the photo in the comments. Ultimately, if the white line exists, then it is considered the OB line, if not, the rough/uncut is the OB.

A quick reminder about OB lines, where a painted line exists, the paint is considered out-of-bounds. To be considered “in-bounds”, any portion of the disc must extend past the paint.

Yield Rule
On some of the longer holes, if you find that there is a backup of cards, make sure to use the “Yield” rule. The basics of this practice is :
A group will throw their drives… then walk down to their discs.
Once the get to their discs, they will turn around and allow the backed-up card to throw their drives.
While the second card is heading down the fairway, the first card proceeds to play out the hole.

Out-of-bounds and lost discs
When a disc has obviously been thrown out-of-bounds, there’s actually no 3-minute timer needed to find the disc. Players may attempt to retrieve their discs from out-of-bounds to help identify where their disc was last in-bounds… but finding the disc is not required in order to continue to play. The group can/should come to a consensus to where the disc was last in-bounds and determine the player’s lie. If the group chooses to look for a disc, they should not exceed 3 minutes.

Upcoming ProFlight events
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Newton - Sept 25
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Refund policy

ProFlight Disc Golf will follow PDGA guidelines on refunds