President's Day Open at Indian Creek sponsored by Birdie Shop

PDGA logoMonday, February 17, 2020 at Indian Creek in Huntsville, Alabama
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Lots of folks are off on President day, so I am running this tournament as a cheap rated round.

Pros will have 100% payout

Ams will receive a 1 disc player pack and division winners will get another prize from our sponsor, Birdie Shop.

All Player's will receive a Lucky Disc Golf Coupon worth $4 off 1 disc and $8 off 2 discs.

Pros/MA1 Long 7, 10, 18

Everyone else Short 7, 10, (long 18 pad to short basket)

Everyone will play 15 from the short pad
Temp hole is played off long 6 away from hole 6 to the south. The basket location is marked with a flag. 360' adv/pro ob both sides, long. and the rocks short are casual. Am pad marked with flags beside greenway. 228' ob long will be painted but is inline with the pad on 12.

Hole 1 and 2: in the creek or over the creek on the left. Over the path on the right (or long (on hole 2)

Hole 3: over the path on the left
Hole 4: over the path on the left and over the silt fence on the right. If you miss the mando, throw 2 from the tee
Hole 5: Must get over the path, plays as island. If you miss never cross into the island, proceed to drop zone by the mando, if you cross over the island, normal OB rules.
Hole 6: No OB
Hole 7: over the path long
Hole 8: Over the path on the left
Hole 9: over the retaining wall or any fences on the left (all backyards are OB)
Hole 10: No OB
Hole 11: No OB
Hole 12: Mando in play, over the path on the left. If miss Mando, proceed to drop zone
Hole 13: over the path on the right
Hole 14: Over the path on the right
Hole 15: over the path on right or long, creek on the left. If miss Mando, proceed to drop zone.
Hole 16: Water on left or over the path on the right
Hole 17: No OB
Hole 18: Over the path on the left, creek on the right, inside the chains around the pond short of the long basket.

Refund policy

Clint Kimbrell is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Indian Creek
Huntsville, AL   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Clint Wright5656$50
2Lavone Wolfe5959$30
3Bo McLaughlin6060
4Clint Kimbrell6161
1Grant Dillard6161
2Matt Sauer6464
2Scott Godfrey6464
4Chris Riggs6666
5Shane Wilson6969
Amateur 40+
1Conrad Brown6464
2Jody Stiglets6666
2Michael Stephenson6666
4Brandon Cruz6767
5Greg McAtee6969
5Justin Marsh6969
Amateur 50+
1Lamar Futch6666
1Joe D. Douglas5858
2Bill Key6363
3Robert Varner6464
4Paul Williamson7373
1Kaleb Marsh6363
2Bradley Tester6565
2Dennis O'Sullivan6565
2Tyler Finley6565
5Alex West6868
6Sterling Parsons6969
7Michael Illert7070
8Yong Tonbuavone7171
9Josef Woodsinger7272
10Jesse Thompson7373
10Walker Ericsson7373
12Brandon Jordan7474
13Nathan Illert8181
Advanced Women
1Marla Lenox7979