Plow N' Chains 2023

Saturday, July 15, 2023 at Rosa Park in Santa Rosa, California
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Plow N' Chains 2023!!!
Schedule of Events Soon to come!!

1. No OB, No mando
2. No OB, No mando
3. Ob creek care for for 4s pad
4. No OB No mando
5. Ob left side fence, 2 meter relief from barbwire
6. No OB, No mando
7. No OB, No mando
8. No OB, No mando
9. OB corral left
10. No OB, No mando
11. OB corral long
12. OB corral left
13. No OB, No mando
14. Short pad. Tee Off from Wooden steak in ground. OB corral long
15. OB fence left, Mando left of sign
16. No OB, No mando
17. Mando left of sign.
18. No OB, No mando

Outline of The Tournament
Plow N’ Chains 2023 is Back!!! Saturday July 15th Plow N’ Chains kicks off at the Soon To Be Famous Rosa Park Disc Golf Course and Takes over The Beer Garden at Iron Ox Brewing Company!! Since last year was such a hit, we decided to use the same Tee Time Format and player pack pick up at Iron Ox Brewing Company! We have kept the Putting Challenge, and also added an 18 Down Bounty, CTP’s at All 18 Holes and brought back the $500 Ace Hole! The UFOS will have their Pop-Up Shop set up!!

The Tournament Layout will be Set and Ready!! The course is NOT shut down to regular public so please look out for people on the walking path, bicyclists on the path and jumps and casual weekend disc golfers. So please be patient and courteous to the general public.

Also it is very important to be on time (even better early) for your round so you are ready to tee off. If you happen to show up late to your round you can still catch up to your card, but you will incur a penalty on each hole that you missed. A score of +7 will be put in place of each of the missed holes.

We will be using UDisc for Live Scoring so please have your phone charged and ready to go. Also if you are unfamiliar with UDisc you can sign up for a FREE account and download the app to your Apple or Android device. Just use the email that you provided to sign up for the Tournament as your UDisc Account and it should link event with your account. If you are having trouble with UDisc, show up early to the course and someone will be there to help you out.

After completion of your round, head over to Iron Ox Brewing Company (3334 Industrial Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 95403) To pick up your Player Pack, Choose Your Disc, Pick your Pint and Participate in the Putting Challenge!! Galvan’s Eatery will be setting up and selling some of the most delicious Crispy Tacos on the Planet!! They will be set up and ready to serve by 12pm Noon. The UFOS will also have a table set up selling Discs, so come by and help support!!

Approximately 1 hour after the final card finishes their round there will be a Final 9 holes for select divisions, FPO, MPO, MA1, to crown those winners. The top 4 players of those divisions will carry over their 1st round scores and play off to determine the winner. We should have some great races to the finish!! If your division is not listed in the Final 9 and you believe your division would like a Final 9 then please contact me as soon as possible and I will send out an email blast to your division and have a vote to see if your division would like one set, majority vote wins.
Approximately 1 hour after the Final 9’s have been completed we will be hosting the Awards Ceremony and Stanley Keg Presentation in the Beer Garden of the Brewery.
Thank you again for all of your Support, it is truly appreciated and all the best of luck to all the Competitors!! Check for more updates

Closest to the Pin
Every hole this year will have a Closest to the Pin (CTP). To clear up any confusion we will have tape measures provided at each hole. To properly measure a CTP have a card mate hold the tip of the tape measure at the base of the Pin (Pole) and measure to the edge of your disc closest to the basket. Write down the Feet (Symbolized by ‘) and the Inches (symbolized by “) and your Name (For example it should be written as follows – Joe Discgolfer 5’ 3.6”,Also include the fraction of the inch. Note if your disc comes to rest closer than 1 foot to the pin then simply write the inches). Then stick the flag into the ground where your disc was to show the current CTP location. If your disc does not come to rest closer than the current CTP location (Flag) then no measuring is required since you aren’t closest to the pin.

$500 Ace Hole
We are so Stoked to Announce that the $500 Ace Hole is BACK!!! The Official hole will be revealed the day of the tournament so stay tuned!! If a single player Aces the $500 Ace Hole (The Disc Comes to Rest inside the Basket of the Ace Hole on One shot from the Tee Pad) Then that player will win $500. If more than one player Aces the $500 Ace hole during the day then there will be a CTP Shot after the conclusion of the last Card to determine the winner of the $500! Good Luck!!

Ace Pot
In addition to the $500 Ace Hole we will also add an Ace Pot! There are a lot of getable holes out there and we've been seeing some aces already this week! Let's make this fun and make it a $5 Buy in that is totally optional. If you hit an ace on ANY hole out there you will win the Ace Pot. If more than one person hits an Ace then the pot will be split with all the players that hit an Ace. If you hit the $500 Ace Hole you will also win the Ace Pot! Bring your Lincolns and get in on this!!

18 Down Bounty
We are introducing the 18 Down Bounty this year! If a player shoots a “perfect round” of -18 they will win $250. If more than one player shoots a “perfect round” of -18 then there will be a playoff starting at hole 1 of all “perfect round” players after the conclusion of the final card. The player with the lowest score on hole 1 will win the $250. If 4 players are in the playoff and 2 score par or higher and the other 2 players both record a Birdie then those 2 players will move on with the others being eliminated.

UPDATED Final 9's are only for the following divisions unless more divisions wish to vote to add one. Finals 9's will be for MPO, MA1, MA2, MA3, MA40, MA50, MA60. Scores will carry over to the final 9. Hole assignments will be given 30 min before the final 9 starts.

This is a rain or shine event, in case of inclement weather we will schedule a time for players to pick up their player packs. Thank you again for your support, it is greatly appreciated!!

Check back for more info to come and/or follow us on instagram for updates @ironoxbeer.

Refund policy

Iron Ox Brewing + UFOS is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Rosa Park
Santa Rosa, CA   Get Directions

Current Standings


Hole 13 on Main course, Regular tees
Hole 12 on Main course, Regular tees
Hole 13 on Main course, Regular tees
1Joacim Mendoza
1Putting Challenge Winner
1Roger Cansler
2Cooke Tarlton
3Casey McLaughlin
4Richard Lopez
5Josh Taylor
6David Seebach
7Timothy Bankston
8Richard Throop
9Ryan Milani
10Greg Stevenson
11Matt Christenson
12Jay Ferrick
13Owen Hamilton
14Aiden Poetzel
15Nestor Arciniega
16Kevin Parkhurst
1Ruby Reyes
2Anni Kreml
1Greg Hildebrand
2Joacim Mendoza
3Cody Ramsey
4Brandin Vale
5Eddie Fitzsimmons
6Lucas Judson
8Ian Arun
9Leif Ludwig
10Andrew Hughes
1Morgen Lanning
2Andy Leaf
3Sal Lopez
4Nick Hammond
5Adam K
6James Gibbons
7Holland Cole
8David cox
9Jason halk
10Keith Korbel
11Not Sure (Dom)
12Andrew Riley
13Jeremiah Steinberg
14Steven Munoz
15Jesse Pineda
16Nick Barron
17Shaun Siler
18Juancarlos Hidalgo
19Chris Sierras
20Randal Anderson
21Rebecca DeSart
1Jeff Bean
2Bill Singer
3Jason Merck
4Tony Madrigal
5David Pyland
6David Yu
7Mike Ghilarducci
8Gerald Tomboc
9Eric McManus
10Justin Miller
1Stephen White
2Marty Beaudry
3Bill Chetel
4Jake Marble
5Peter Martin
1John Wright
2Mark Harris
3george tutwiler
1Eric Ramirez
2Arturo Vera
2Emmanuel Roldan
4Brian Kelly
5Yordan Krumov
6Chase Peres
7Cooper Davis
8Dan nelson
9Gerardo Rodriguez Martinez
10Zack Weber
11Kyle Yazel
12Mac Butler
13Mitch Findley
14Nick Krause
15Carter Lindstrom
16Eduardo Martinez
17James Riley
18Shawn Patterson
19Blake Larson
20Houston Pike
21Luke Young
22Aaron Bicknell
23Patrick Barnhart
24David Williams
25Ismael Vieyra
26Travis Schmitz (TZ)
27Ryan ODonnell
28Sean O'Donnell
29Wraith Beyer
30Aaron rigo
31Brian Ford
32Jacob Altman
1Kenny Gibbons
2Fernando Salas
3Llink Orozco
4Sergio Contreras Robles
5Daniel Reynoso
6Manny Johnson
7Cameron Giannini
8Sam Bernal
9Chris brandt
10Jose Sandoval
11Maxwell Mical
12Ron Shafer
13Ryan Devlin
14Tony Pero
15Chris Farkas
16Jesse Nichols
17Mark Nordstrom
18Ryan Yazel
19Juan Gonzalez
20Eryck Lee Jr
21Jeff Sills
22Zack Koback
23David Chernus
24James springs
25Alejandro Sandoval
26Daniel Morales
27Matt Nadell
28Aaron Baracco
29Cody simmonds
30Ernesto Sandoval
31Joe Gutierrez
32Nathan Castillo
33Jon VanderVelde
34Paul Harmon
35Phong Le
36Mito tellez
37Jeffrey Proctor
1Maite Petals Castillo
1Kelly Hidalgo
1Sharon Carlson
2Gail White
1Judy Mason-White
1Amanda Risley
2April Postal
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