Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open Presented by Discraft

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 25-27, 2017 at Moraine State Park in Portersville, Pennsylvania
Pro-only National Tour · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open Presented by Discraft graphic
Added cash $7,500

About this tournament

2017 marks the 29th chapter of the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open. For this installment of our historic event, Discraft has been kind enough to be our presenting sponsor. We will have a minimum of $7500 added cash for the event, with $5500 minimum being split between MPO and FPO.

The event will be held August 25-27 at beautiful Moraine State Park about 1 hour north of the city. All 54 holes of competition will be held on the Lakeview course. We will be using tee times, and some pin positions will change throughout the 3 days of competition.

Layout for the event:

Hole #   Friday    Sat/Sun           Description
1              B             C        Center Long    Right Long
2              A             C        Right Short      Left Long
3              B             B        Right Long       Right Long
4              B             C        Left Long         Right Long
5              B             A        Left                  Center     
6              B             C        Left Short        Left Long
7              A             A        Right Short       Right Short
8              A             A        Center              Center
9              A             C        Right Short      Right Long
10           C             C         Long                Long
11           B             C         Right Long       Left Long
12           C             C         Long                Long
13           C             C         Right Long      Right Long
14           A             B         Center             Right Long
15           A             A         Center             Center
16           A             A         Center            Center
17           B             B         Left Long        Left Long
18           B             C         Center            Center Long

Fancy Map with Holes, Pins, and OB

Disclaimer: Divisions must have 3 players to be eligible for added cash

Tee Assignments:
MPO: Gold tees all rounds
FPO: Blue tees all rounds
MPM: Gold tees all rounds
FPM: Blue tees all rounds
MPG: Blue tees all rounds
FPG: Blue tees all rounds
MPS: Blue tees all rounds
All other divisions: White tees

Any questions can be directed to TD Patrick Graziani via email or the provided phone number.

Refund policy

Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Please contact the TD Patrick Graziani with any requests. Please refer to the PDGA standards for refunds and cancellations. We will be strictly following these for all withdraws/refunds. Please give up to 2 weeks for requests to be processed. Your request will be processed based upon when it is requested, not when we send it out.

Link to PDGA Standards for 2017: http://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/section-1-tournament-procedures/13-withdraws-and-refunds


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/30418
1Paul McBeth545455163$2,600
2Michael Johansen545755166$1,517
2Simon Lizotte545854166$1,517
4James Conrad555558168$1,120
5Chris Dickerson555759171$932
5Richard Wysocki545859171$932
7Geoff Bennett565462172$805
8Paul Ulibarri576157175$720
8Stephen Miller595858175$720
10Austin Turner586058176$650
11A.J. Risley595761177$585
11Charlie Goodpasture536262177$585
11Philo Brathwaite586158177$585
14Eagle Wynne McMahon566458178$513
14Jeremy Koling586060178$513
14Zackeriath Johnson596158178$513
17Barry Schultz546560179$467
17Lance Brown595961179$467
19Grady Shue566163180$420
19Joshua Anthon606060180$420
19Martin Hendel606159180$420
19Matt Bell615762180$420
19Tim Barham606159180$420
24Nathan Sexton576064181$330
24Zach Melton556462181$330
26Andrew Presnell586163182$265
26Kevin Jones655958182$265
28Dustin Keegan646059183$252
28Peter McBride596559183$252
30Patrick Brown626458184$240
31Cameron Messerschmidt606065185$220
32Andrew Fish576465186$40
32Cameron Todd606264186$40
32Colten Montgomery635964186$40
32Drew Gibson606462186$40
32Max Nichols626064186$40
37Eric Oakley596563187
37Owen Hileman586465187
39Dylan Horst676457188
39Jeffrey Renner636362188
39Jon Perry646361188
39Josh Childs576170188
43Chris Villa596962190
44Alan Wagner606863191
44Devan Owens646760191
44Nate Perkins606269191
47Andy DiFronzo636267192
47Nikko Locastro636465192
47Rick Steehler656364192
47Sam Castiglione616467192
51Ziggy Bierekoven616567193
52Cody Bradshaw666761194
52Matt Rosier646466194
52Tyler Horne616964194
55AJ Carey646764195
56Clayton Morgan656467196
56Weston Isaacs676465196
58Jonathan Ray686564197
59Michael Lust646767198
59Ryan O'Hara656964198
61Chris Warfield716565201
61Justin Bilodeau646869201
63Anthony Ippolito686569202
63Corey Ellis627268202
65Bartosz Kowalewski657365203
65Chase Jernigan667562203
65William Freed637367203
68Jeff Russell666872206
69Thomas Gilbert736868209
70Harris Reid697072211
70Matt Mayo677173211
70Nic Spitler707170211
73Vincent Sutlic687470212
74Garrett Glass726576213
75Mackenzie Vignolini676780214
76Mitchell Short737774224
77Timothy Barnett798283244
1Brad Schick606161182$1,345
2Don Smith616363187$915
3Mike Moser606464188$660
4Robert Ryan636267192$500
5Brad Hammock646268194$295
6Steven Heckathorne646767198$225
7Chad Yeatts677167205$100
7J. Gary Dropcho676969205$100
9Joshua Smith647468206
10Chris Deitzel676975211
11Adam Harris687669213
12David Sileo717172214
13Doug Callaghan737574222
14Sean Kelly808280242
15Mario Guarnaccia Jr848184249
16Pete Johnson72--72
Open Women
1Catrina Allen586457179$1,345
2Paige Pierce586663187$915
3Lisa Fajkus636464191$660
4Sarah Hokom636367193$485
5Jessica Weese656765197$280
6Melody Waibel676666199$230
7Holly Finley667166203$200
8Lesli Todd667270208
9Sandi Hendel706871209
10Sara Lamberson697369211
11Becky Sonnheim677570212
12Haley Childs727172215
13Tina Stanaitis697573217
14Kelly Tucker777577229
Grandmaster Women
1Amy Moser819089260$195