Pinto Lake Sanctioned Series Week 5

PDGA logoSaturday, April 10, 2021 at Pinto Lake in Watsonville, California
League · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorIan Sun

About this tournament

Current Ace Pot: $318
Current Eagle Pot: $212

We will be playing the Short Layout this week, please check into weekly event on PDGA.COM/SCORE Password: PintoL and create scorecard in there and make sure you confirm all players scores at the end by clicking and signing each score.

1 par 3
2 short par
3 par 3
4 par 3
5 par 3
6 short par 3
7 par 3
8 short par 3
9 par 3
10 par 3
11 short-par 4 first basket
12 par 3
13 par 3
14 short par 3
14a par 3
15 par 3
16 short par 3 - Short tee pad
17 par 3
18 par 3

We are running a 6 week PDGA sanctioned league at Pinto Lake DGC on Saturdays, beginning March 13th and ending April 17th.

All rounds will be flex starts and you will need 3-4 players competing in the PDGA sanctioned round for scores to be valid.

You are not allowed re-throws, practice putts, throwing from out of bounds without taking penalty strokes and throwing off the side of tee pads. To be clear none of this is acceptable for a PDGA sanctioned round, if you are seen doing this you will penalized up to disqualification.

Everyone in the group is responsible for policing each other and enforcing the rules, no buddy cheats or looking the other way.

You must throw off all tee pads during play, otherwise you are assessed a foot fault.

You cannot throw any extra/practice shots or putts during your round, only time you should be throwing additional shots are on provisionals and abandoned throws.

All OB lines are enforced by wooden posts, back of posts are considered out and disc must be brought back in play from where it went out with a 1 stroke penalty.

2 meter rule is in effect for the entire course.

For all of you that are new to sanctioned rounds or pdga rules, please read up and make sure your following them.

The $5 one time will go towards cost of running the league.

$6 of the weekly fee will go towards the weekly payout with top 20% of divisions being paid out.
$2 will go to the Ace pot, if no Ace is hit during league this pot will paid out to top 20% at end of season.
$1 will go to the Eagle pot, if no Eagle is hit during league this pot will be paid out to top 20% at end of season.
$1 will go towards the Pinto Lake DGC club for maintenance.

Since this is a PDGA sanctioned league, you’ll receive points and ratings for each of your league rounds.

You do not need a PDGA# to participate in the league.

Refund policy

Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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