Pennsylvania State Disc Golf Championship 2023

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 4-6, 2023 at Muddy Run DGC in Holtwood, Pennsylvania
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Pennsylvania State Disc Golf Championship 2023 graphic


Tournament DirectorShawn Conroy
Roland Park Course DirectorWesley Moyer
Ship Rock Course DirectorWilliam Geibel

About this tournament

Lancaster County Disc Golf Club is proud to present the Pennsylvania State Disc Golf Championship 2023.

Players will be split into 4 Pools of play.
Pool A - MPO and MA1
Pool B - FPO, MP40, MP50, MP55, MP60, MA40, and MA2
Pool C - FA1, MA50, MA55, MA60, FA2, MA3, MA4, and All Juniors

The Event Schedule is as follows-

FRIDAY (Roland Park in Akron)
-Amateur Player Check In and Player's Pack Pick Up
-All registered player's get free entry into the PA Disc Golf Hall of Fame Doubles. This is a trophy only, BYOP 18 hole Best Shot Doubles flex start. This event will be sanctioned as an XC tier. Players not registered to play in the Pennsylvania State Disc Golf Championship may play at the cost of $10 per player.

All Pro Players must Check In at their assigned Course.
All Players will play two rounds of 18 holes with a Shotgun Start

Round One
Pool A - Muddy Run DGC
Pool B - Ship Rock DGC
Pool C - Roland Park DGC

Round Two
Pool A - Ship Rock DGC
Pool B - Muddy Run DGC
Pool C - Kline's Run DGC

All Players will play a final 18 holes with a Tee Time Start

Pool A - Muddy Run DGC
Pool B - Ship Rock DGC
Pool C - Roland Park DGC

Championship Trophies designed by DiscOrganized will be distributed at the conclusion of Sunday's Round at your finishing course.

Refund policy

Lancaster County Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

All refunds will be handled in accordance with the PDGA Refund Policy as written in the official Competition Manual.

Please note, registration closes 7/14 to allow for preparation and adjustments. Final waitlist adjustments will be done one day after the registration closes. Any refund requests after that time will not be granted unless the spot is filled.

Divisional player caps will be adjusted the first week of each month to allow for the maximum amount of players to be let in from the waitlist.

Hole Sponsor funds are not refundable as they provide for early registration opportunity. Ace Pot funds are also not refundable and will remain in the Ace Pot.


Klines Run
Wrightsville, PA   Get Directions
Ship Rock DGC
Lancaster, PA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Lucas Oberholtzer Hess555061166$685
2Ethan Hine585755170$458
3Jesse Longenecker605358171$336
4Blake Kelly605359172$259
5Joseph Bruno555861174$216
6Brian O'Neill625761180$183
7Daniel Brooks-Wells615763181$142
7Josh Bizzle625960181$142
7Noah Barnes625762181$142
10Benjamin Appel635960182$110
10Joshua Smeltzer596063182$110
12Derek Bigley586065183$92
12Ramie T Millar655761183$92
14Ryan Davie675661184$40
14Tyler Hamilton635764184$40
16Ethan Yawger675563185
16Josh Alcock675959185
16Nick Strobel655862185
16Travis Dombach655763185
20Eric Moul645765186
21Kyle Ritter656161187
22Lance Trott635967189
22Vincent Sutlic606366189
24Collin Fairchild646363190
25Austen Goodling665868192
25Jeff Russell676164192
27Bryant Stangel646069193
28Spencer Koski666464194
28Tiernan Roland676562194
28Tyler Keller646169194
31Daniel Spivack646270196
32Zach Etter675971197
33Ryan Forster656767199
34Josh Stover656175201
35Chris Villa6157-118
1Mike Moser565855169$163
2Mark Sonneborn616153175$98
3Paul Shiflett697769215
1Glen McCoon566356175$218
2Brad Beeson646962195$130
3James Mayehem Mayes646964197
4Bill Erdley647264200
1Michelle Gallagher647268204$174
2Emily Dale7277-149
1Eric Zimmerman645558177
2David Rudisill675660183
2Isaiah Lamison635862183
2Peter Burt635763183
5Jeff Coull615965185
6Caleb Heck655863186
6Ian Walsh645666186
8Michael Marcionese705465189
9Gavin Ford626068190
10Dennis Sturgill666065191
11Jesse Myers676065192
12William Carr III656464193
12Zachary Smith656464193
14Chad Copeland656366194
14Johnathan Harthan675770194
16Duke Cushwa666366195
16Isaac Barrow686166195
16Luke Sprenkle676167195
19Dan Wells646469197
19Rob Weaver656369197
21Bennett Beiler676566198
21Kody Showers716364198
23Ian Stevenson696367199
24Andy Hansen676371201
24Greg Strouse676371201
24Tyler Engel676470201
27Declan Flanagan686870206
28T.J. Prusakowski716473208
28Zach Isaacson746074208
30Josh Perchinski726572209
31Garrett Livingston667273211
31Tom Anderson687172211
33Michael Parsons746672212
34Ronnie Roots Denig687273213
35Randy Cook777172220
1Jamie Lepley687263203
2Jordan Young677070207
3Bret Fitzpatrick706969208
3Jon Johanson657568208
5Edward Zajac717866215
1Gary Parke625762181
2Durwood DS Pond615566182
3William Smith636163187
4Glen Brodersen656366194
5John Bortree726970211
1Chris Roseboom605561176
2Bill Strab596158178
3Eric Hine645763184
4CHET BUTLER656068193
1Lance McCullough586460182
2Chuck Folsom676369199
3Mike Harbold706272204
4Scott Sweetser706376209
1Corey Roberts576057174
2Austin Howard586857183
3Cody Roberts616364188
4Alex Genova617059190
5Jesse Koch-Laskowski636762192
6Jason Greathouse626665193
7Ethan Moore587066194
8Christopher Russell656962196
8Dan Heller646765196
10Brandon Pruznak686763198
11Jackie Nguyen666667199
12Nathan Swavely666867201
13Jonathan Hansen657368206
13Ryan Kutzner707363206
15Josiah Hansen677070207
16Gary Daddario658064209
16Philip Hansen667271209
18Dan Wilson667372211
19Alphonse Borowski747564213
20Mike Ewan727173216
21Justin Hampton737668217
22Zach Eichorn738065218
23Jayden Steward738167221
24James Dorko697678223
1Joshua Sterner585457169
2Nathan DeHart605656172
2Zach Rhoten585757172
4William Ege615659176
5Noah Pratz615760178
6Doug Tomlinson655761183
7Jonathan D Schmuck675760184
8Mike Panico615866185
8Travis Jackson626063185
10Jason Beals625866186
10Ryan Sprenkle665763186
12Shayne Gall705663189
13William Mumford676162190
14Edwin Downs636266191
15Derek Scull646266192
15Josh Hirneisen596568192
15Juan Brubaker706062192
18Johnny Tang655970194
19James Plonk656368196
20Joseph Visceglia636867198
20Matt C626274198
22Caden Hjelseth726671209
1Ryder Ault666359188
2Douglas Hackman686164193
3Darren Abbott656072197
4Jim Brooks676269198
5Roger Moore626970201
6Ben Hooper676968204
7Tom Rice697076215
8John Baker776971217
9Rick Donovall737379225
1Sarina Hampton748272228
1Trang Nguyen756570210
2Sarah Beals746275211
1Paxton Willier655764186
2Kaiden Worth685861187
3Colton Getz676265194
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