Paws and Claws Indoors

Saturday, February 2, 2019 at Berean Bible Church in Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Disc golf singles tournament



Tournament DirectorSeth Hogan
Tournament DirectorEric Guest

About this tournament

Eagles Wings and the Phat Cats will be hosting a fun, and unique, indoor disc golf tournament. Your entry includes a super-soft putter that you will use as your only disc for the event. After all, we are throwing discs inside.
There will be 2 rounds with a meal in between.
Cash payouts for all division.
You will throw at a basket that is on top of a basketball hoop, 2 glow holes, rollers down hallways, throw out of windows and much more.
There will be an optional ace pot for each division. All of the ace pot money from each division goes to the player in that division with the most aces.

Refund policy

Eagles Wings Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

Round 1: Berean Bible Church - 2019 Paws and Claws Indoors, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Berean Bible Church - 2019 Paws and Claws Indoors, 20 holes, par 60
1Bradley Good474895
2Timothy Moyer494897
3Andy DiFronzo465298
4Dylan Moyer5150101
5Connor Endy5448102
6Chris Robbins4954103
6David Dunn5251103
6Tim Kretzman5350103
9Kyle Newton5054104
10Scott Greenawalt5057107
11Eric Moul5752109
12Leo Lysakowski5555110
13Dylan Horst5952111
13Troy Bankus5655111
15Cody Hudzik5656112
15John Baird5458112
17Kenny Bo6054114
18Rob Beckey5957116
18Travis Brogan6056116
20Eric Kline6257119
1Josh Fullam5349102
2Seth Hogan5450104
3Justin B Rosak5452106
4Brian "Vez" Dombroski5157108
5Mark Saraceno5655111
5Ray Schellinger5655111
7Frank Murphy5754111
7Ryan Shreck5358111
9Doug Endy6152113
10Gabe Monck6156117
11Michael Logan6256118
11Tyler Byrnes6256118
13Alex James6257119
13Dan Guest6059119
13Jeremy Thompson6455119
16Ben Cook6061121
17Gary Barnett6557122
18Jason DiPietro6460124
19Tanner Showers6462126
20Cory Rowley6563128
21Mack A Trexler6862130
22Bill Dauber6567132
23Chris Weston7963142
Round 1: Berean Bible Church - 2019 Paws and Claws Indoors, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Berean Bible Church - 2019 Paws and Claws Indoors, 20 holes, par 60
1Dave Cox5449103
2Raymond J Ducoat5155106
3Brian Cox5354107
3Elijah Hogan5552107
5Mike Berg5553108
5Ryan Gaumer5355108
5Scott Gallaway5751108
8David Schauers5653109
9Jonathan P Johanson5852110
10John Saugling5853111
11William Trippe5755112
12Dave Sampayo6054114
13Devin Ellis5561116
13Rob Mabin6353116
15Geoff Morris5760117
15Zach Hamilton5265117
17Jared Wiglusz6059119
17Mike Bankus5762119
19Archie Parker5763120
19Dan Wilson5862120
21Dean Moyer5764121
21Tim Fry6160121
21Tom Price6160121
24Jacob Castrianni5666122
24James Gutridge6557122
26Mark Parrish6459123
27Charlie Gutridge6163124
27Jim Leslie6460124
27Jon Dierolf6262124
27Kurt Marsh6163124
31Bill Keppen6263125
31Billie Buckwaklter6263125
33Bryan Latta6462126
34Adam Shore6265127
35Evan Marushak5969128
36Bill Caban6963132
37Paul Scarpato6570135
38Jim King6472136
39John Birkrem7068138
40Dj Stahl7172143
41Brayden King7572147
42Bill Gurley8176157
Advanced Women
1Angela G6663129
2Devan Scheifley6663129
3Ashley Gilroy6966135
3Caitlyn Trievel6966135
5Alicia Angstadt7067137
6Haley Vecere7167138
7Rachel Dombroski6970139
8April Bankus6873141
9Heather Trippe7374147
10Brenda Stack7675151
11Shelby Garner7280152
Junior 15
1Sam Sampayo6269131
2Hayden Parker7265137
3Anna Bankus7272144
4Roman Sampayo7174145