Parmageddon Doubles

Saturday, January 27, 2024 at Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort in Stanwood, Washington
Disc golf doubles tournament

Parmageddon Doubles graphic

About this tournament

Join us for Parmageddon, a non-PDGA-sanctioned Bring Your Own Partner, Best Shot, Doubles Tournament on Saturday, January 27th.

All teams will play 1 round on an 18-hole Gold/Blue Course Hybrid Layout and teams choose their tee time when registering from the spots available between 9am - 12am.

Registration (as a team) through is required.

Entry fee of $50 per team ($25/player) includes:

- Day Passes: $20 ($10/player) - 2 discounted day passes for Sat. Jan. 27th
- Payouts: $30 ($15/player) - paid via scrip/Pro Shop Store Credit. Top 50% of each division will receive payouts.



Players who's teams place in the top 50% of each division will receive scrip/pro shop store credit that will be loaded onto gift cards that never expire. Trophies will also be awarded to each team-member from the top scoring team in each division.



Registrations are done as a team. One teammate must register both teammates at once and choose the same tee time and same division. Tee times and cards of 2 teams/4 players can include a mix of divisions. Tee times are available every 15 minutes between 9am - 12pm and are chosen during registration.



We have purposefully limited the number of divisions available in an effort to offer larger payouts. The highest rated player on each team must qualify for the division the team is competing in. Lower rated players can always play in higher divisions. If you don't have a PDGA rating, contact us for help picking which division would best suit your skill level.



All divisions will play 1 round of 18 holes on a Gold/Blue Course Hybrid Layout (layout subject to small adjustments). See the course map under the Pictures tab or on UDisc under the Gold Course layouts.

Hole 1: Gold 1
Hole 2: Gold 2
Hole 3: Gold 3
Hole 4: Gold 4
Hole 5: Blue 5
Hole 6: Blue 6
Hole 7: Blue 7
Hole 8: Blue 8
Hole 9: Blue 9
Hole 10: Blue 10
Hole 11: Blue 11
Hole 12: Blue 12
Hole 13: Blue 18
Hole 14: Gold 13
Hole 15: Gold 14
Hole 16: Gold 15
Hole 17: Gold 16
Hole 18: Gold 18



Players should check-in in the clubhouse at least 15 minutes before their scheduled tee time to make sure UDisc scoring is set up properly.



Scoring will be handled using the UDisc League feature. Find this event on UDisc at

EVERY PLAYER SHOULD CHECK IN TO THE EVENT ON UDISC. If you don't have UDisc, a temporary player profile can be created for you by someone else on your card. At least 1 player per card must keep score using the UDisc League feature. A 2nd player should keep a backup scorecard also using UDisc, or another method.

To start a scorecard for this event, follow these steps:

1. Open UDisc and go to the Events tab.
2. Locate and click on the "Kayak Point DGR - Parmageddon" league event.
3. Click the orange "Check In" button to check in.
4. Select your division (must match the division you signed up under).
5. Now click the Start Scorecard button and proceed to add players who are on your card from the Player list. This should include you, your partner and both partners of the other team.
6. Once you have selected all 4 players on your card, confirm to start the scorecard.
7. On the next screen, drag players up and down to create the appropriate teams, then confirm to start keeping score on Hole 1.
8. Keep score by entering the total strokes for your team and the other team on each hole.
9. After completing the last hole, double check scores, save, and submit the scorecard to make it final.



Blue Course Holes: Players may take relief from brush piles or logs to the left, right, or behind their lie to the nearest point with safe footing without penalty.

Blue Hole 11: The line of rocks that marks the right side OB towards the green should be considered out of bounds (the rocks are the OB line). A portion of the disc must be left of the left/inside line created by the rocks to be in-bounds. If a disc comes to rest without any portion of the disc left of the inside line, it is OB. In this scenario, a player should take their lie at the last where the disc was in-bounds.

Gold Course Holes: Players may take up to 2 meters of relief in-bounds along cart paths where logs that line cart paths may hinder their lie or run-up.



Golf carts will not be available to players or spectators during tournament rounds since this layout will include 9 holes on the wooded Blue Course where there are no cart paths.



Outside alcohol and food are prohibited on the property. Aces BBQ & Grill will be open from 9am - 2pm serving breakfast and lunch options, plus the Pro Shop has a variety of snacks and drinks including non-alcoholic and alcoholic options.


Thanks to the Snohomish County Sports Commission for organizing discounted accommodations near the resort.


Prizes, CTPs & Trophies:

Players will have 90 days after the event to pick up player packs, trophies, CTP prizes, and raffle winnings. After 90 days, the items will be forfeited.



Thanks to the following sponsors who are generously supporting this event!

- Eli Evans
- Michael Strand
- Scott Blue
- Frank Thomson
- Eric Sandbo
- Kiernan Hite
- Josh Bohling
- Mike Vandaveer
- William Ellis
- Daniel Moore
- Rob Christiansen
- Cynthia Christiansen
- Chris Maple
- Michael Mahmoodi
- Mike Strand
- Marty Stainbrook
- Chris Seitz
- Jamie Seitz
- Don Helphrey
- Ed Garcia

Refund policy

Disc Golf Resort LLC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refund requests must be made through Players who officially request to withdraw from an event at least 5 days before the start of the event will receive a 100% monetary refund of their entry fee (minus the handling fee). Players who officially request to withdraw less than 5 days before the start of the event will receive a 100% monetary refund of their entry fee (minus the handling fee) only if their spot is filled by someone already on the waitlist at the time of the withdrawal request.


Final Results

Advance (891+)
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Gold course Parmageddon (9 Gold / 9 Blue), 18 holes, par 59
1Ashton Good
Nathan Hamm
5252 (-7)$126
2Jack Stewart
Jarod Paul
5454 (-5)$82
2Jason Einfeld
Kinnon McPeak
5454 (-5)$82
2Michael Burch
Shine Sanderson
5454 (-5)$82
5Adam Piercy
Hueston Kratz
5555 (-4)$60
6Eric Edgerton
Quinn Edgerton
5757 (-2)$52
7Garett Gracey
Thomas Gracey
5959 (E)$42
7Geoff Marks
Jared Michelman
5959 (E)$42
7Rodney Marohl
Trevor Hill
5959 (E)$42
10Ben Wittenberg
John Westwig
6060 (+1)$36
10Carwyn Corcoran-Sipe
Samuel Gann
6060 (+1)$36
12Alexander Paschal
Michael Kirby
6161 (+2)$16
12Brodie Whitcomb
Dylan Boisoneau
6161 (+2)$16
14Brian Scott
Jordan Inman
6262 (+3)
14Jason Rubin
Rob Duffy
6262 (+3)
14Jeremy Jacobs
Kevin Marquardt
6262 (+3)
17Cooper Rooks
Mikkel Hong
6363 (+4)
17Corban Phillips
Josh Rogers
6363 (+4)
19Adam Hudson
Kane Remmereid
6464 (+5)
Dylan Albrecht
6464 (+5)
21Rob Christiansen
Tristin Corgialo
6565 (+6)
22Brett Basher
Irina Shakhova
6666 (+7)
23Daisey James
Matthew Gegner
6868 (+9)
24James Hatch
Karl Muhich
7171 (+12)
Intermediate (890 & Below)
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Gold course Parmageddon (9 Gold / 9 Blue), 18 holes, par 59
1Adam Croft
Brian Douglas
6161 (+2)$114
2Christian Blakely
Corey Parker
6161 (+2)$84
3Jeremy Pautler
Steven Pautler
6262 (+3)$66
4Shayna Schuermann
Travis Schuermann
6565 (+6)$54
5Eric Sandbo
Jon Huff
6666 (+7)$40
5Jake Mitchell
Micheal Carter
6666 (+7)$40
5Mario Sarinana
Tyler Mcdowel
6666 (+7)$40
8Marcus Pewitt
Robert Patton
6767 (+8)$16
8Spencer Griss
Will Munson
6767 (+8)$16
10Jeff Dowrey
John VanDeGrift
6969 (+10)
11Cory Kaldestad
John Bankson
7070 (+11)
11Dan Schroeder
Joe Schneider
7070 (+11)
11JJ Burges
Kyle C Gray
7070 (+11)
14Jimbo Sabado
Matthew Scherwin
7272 (+13)
14Sarah Kaldestad
Stephanie Cole
7272 (+13)
16Brian Endicott
William Ellis
7474 (+15)
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