Par 2 @ Hudson Family Park

Saturday, November 11, 2023 at Hudson Family Park in Portland, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Want to have some of the most fun you have ever had playing disc golf? Alright lets do it.
Welcome to Par 2 by Prodigy. What is a Par 2 tournament you ask? It’s kind of like a trilogy challenge, but more fun! We will be playing a modified course, where none of the holes are more than 200’ long. All of the holes will be a par 2, with the max score you can take a 3. But wait there is more. There will be mandos (like throwing throw a hula hoop on hole one. If you make it through the hula hoop on your drive you get to deduct one stroke from your score!) Get the idea. It will be a great time, to just have fun, and work on some cool shots. Also, the goal is to run every hole for an ace!
Now to the really impressive part! Your $30 entry fee gets you a monstrous players pack!
A BP-4 backpack: retail value of $25.00
Glow 300 plastic A3: retail value of $15.00 and the best approach disc on the market!
PModel US basegrip plastic. $10 retail value.
MModel US basegrip plastic. $10 retail value.
A disc golf towel. $7.00 retail value.
A Mini marker. $3.00 retail value.
Total player pack value of $70.00!!!
Wait there is more. The winner of each division will get a custom trophy disc, as well as a $20 prodigy gift card. Second place in each division will also receive a $20 prodigy gift card.
Like a Trilogy challenge the only discs you can use during the round are the 3 that come in your player’s pack. This will be a flex start tournament with a minimum of 3 players per card.
Walk up registration will be allowed, but if you do not come with 3 people you may have to wait until there is a card of three.
One last thing; to keep things fair, Men who do not have a current pdga rating you will need to register in either the MAO, ADV, or Rec division. Ladies without a rating can register in either Beg, or FAO.

Refund policy

The Compass Church is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Hudson Family Park - Par 2, 18 holes, par 36
1Mark Ryan4242
2Brett Resler4444
3Christopher James Wood4545
4Kyle Denney4747
Round 1: Hudson Family Park - Par 2, 18 holes, par 36
1Buford Nice4141
3Brandon Baker4747
5Joel Allred4848
5Jordan Bechtol4848
8Megan Neal4949
9Isaac Miller5050
9Kayden Lawhead5050
11Lauren Dodd5151
12Austin Dirksen5252
12Dustin Williams5252
12Kole Allred5252
12Mike Cooke5252
12Tommie Lawhead5252
12Travis Emery5252
19Amanda Chaffins5353
19Jennifer Everetts5353
19Jessica Rhodes5353
19Nicole Emery5353
19Randy Chaffins5353
19Stashia Cooke5353
25Cailynn Bolling5454
25Carson Cooke5454
25Carter Bryant5454
25Casey Bolling5454
25Casey Dick5454
25Cooper Cooke5454
25Jayci Dick5454
25John Bolling5454
25Kollin Lawhead5454
25Kyle Carpenter5454
25Makinsey Murphy5454
25Thomas Bolling5454
Round 1: Hudson Family Park - Par 2, 18 holes, par 36
1Ryne Evans4040
Round 1: Hudson Family Park - Par 2, 18 holes, par 36
1Corey Cross4343
1James Brown4343
3Cody Donathan4545
3Philip Evertts4545
5Jon Neal4646
6Nathan Richard4747
7Bruce Everetts4848
7Dennis Dwiggins4848
7Jeremy Harris4848
10Andrew Everetts4949
10Garrett Shepherd4949
10Paul White4949
13Gage Sims4949
14Aaron McLaughlin5050
14Dillon Byers5050
14Matthew Farrell5050
14Terry Robbins5050
18Gary Smith5151
18Michael Chronister5151
20Bill Back5252
20John Smith5252
20Kyle Anderson5252
23Jason Murphy5353
24Isaac Harris5454
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