PFD Ice Bowl Presented by Grip It & Rip It Disc Golf

Sat-Sun, February 6-14, 2021 at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Disc golf singles tournament

PFD Ice Bowl Presented by Grip It & Rip It Disc Golf graphic


Co-Tournament DirectorMark Prestopnik
Co-Tournament DirectorMatthew Brungo

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2021 Ice Bowl. This Year Grip It & Rip It Disc Golf presents the 2021 PFD Ice Bowl. As in the past, PFD has agreed to donate all proceeds from this tournament to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

The Food Bank is experiencing unprecedented need due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic no food donations will be accepted this year. Rather than bring canned goods, please consider purchasing an extra raffle ticket or several when registering. Each tournament entry automatically grants you 1 raffle ticket. The grand prize is an Innova Sport 24 Discatcher target. Additional prizes will be announced during the lead up to the tournament.

Additional raffle tickets will be awarded based on participant performance as follows:
1st place in your division: 3 tickets
2nd place in your division: 2 tickets
3rd place in your division: 1 tickets
Ace: 5 tickets

This year the event will be in a flex format to promote social distancing and avoid crowds. Participants can play their round (1 round of 18 holes on the standard white tee layout) at Schenley Park any day or time beginning Saturday, February 6 through Sunday, February 14. You must play in a group of 3-5 officially registered players.

Be sure to watch the virtual players meeting video for important event information.

Scores must be tracked through the UDisc app. Be sure to watch the tutorial video on how to use UDisc for tracking your scores -

UDisc is an app that is compatible with all IOS and Android cell phones: If you have any questions about scoring please contact the tournament directors.

Advance registration is required. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for the Food Bank. Every entry and raffle ticket help towards the goal.

If you would like to make an additional contribution on behalf of the PFD to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank please PayPal your contribution to: [email redacted] (specify Ice Bowl in the note).

Pittsburgh Flying Disc and The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you to our sponsors. Please take a moment to give them a look:

Grip It & Rip It Disc Golf has provided excellent disc golf course design services, disc golf instruction, and event management since 1988. Consider Grip It & Rip It as your first stop when seeking out disc golf professional services. You can find their website here:

The Colby's Band led by Grammy & Emmy award winner John Colby and Bev Rohlehr, the Colbys are a high-energy, no two nights ever the same musical experience. After years of playing in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts; the Colbys are now additionally playing in and accepting engagements in the greater Pittsburgh area. Check out their website here:

Brungo Law Office LLC is a general practice law firm engaged in representing clients in several practice areas including Real Estate, Estate Planning, Small Business Matters, and Personal Injuries. For a consultation, please email Matt at [email redacted] or call 412.651.0253.

Thank you. With your help, we hope to make this as successful of an Ice Bowl as possible.

Refund policy

Refunds will not be issued; all funds collected will be will be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, PA   Get Directions


Final Results

1Blake Kelly4747
2J. Gary Dropcho4848
3Adam Woodward4949
4Eden Gonano5151
4K B Clark5151
6Andrew Greenslade5252
6Matt Rosier5252
6Nate Langer5252
9B. J. Reiher5353
9Cody Winget5353
9Sid Olcott5353
12Bud Hearne5454
12Dan Horwat5454
12Mark Fedorenko5454
12Mark Prestopnik5454
16Chris Deitzel5555
17Snake Sears5555
18Regis Stump5656
19Brooks Marzka6060
19Hunter Robbins6060
21Vinny Montanari6161
1Alanna Poole5959
1Lori Merriman5959
1Andy Fenlock4848
2Jed Farber4949
3Adam Couture5050
3Mike Ewan5050
3Vince Mach5050
6Luke Smith5151
6Pete Dawida5151
8Jimbo Jackson5252
8Liam Russell5252
8Macky D5252
8William Block5252
12Brad Sauder5353
13Bryan Bowman5353
14Evan Heritage5454
14Jared Froedtert5454
14Ryan Szoldatits5454
17Paul Harkins5555
17Shawn Macas5555
17Thomas Edmonds5555
20Brandon Reefer5656
20Chad Anderson5656
20Mike Sutherland5656
20Scott Thomas5656
24Julian Rau5757
24Kurt Poole5757
24Pat Jackson5757
27Brandon Hoy5858
28Christopher Castellan5959
28Matthew Quinn5959
28Zach Dahm5959
31Ben Yockey6060
32Benjamin Rettig6262
33Dane Rasmussen6666
34Brian Grace-0
34CJ Colicchio-0
34Henry G. Novara-0
34Scott Hartle-0
1Jonathan Olshock4848
1Nathan Pucci4848
3Michael Ruby4949
4Gary Smith5050
4Kevin Sines5050
4Tad Wissel5050
7Cody Echtler5151
7Jesse Kummer5151
7John Barron5151
7Josh Charlton5151
7Patrick Sylves5151
7Ryan Birchard5151
13Aiden Landis5252
13Blake Wright5252
13Jason Stoner5252
13Michael McCann5252
13Ryan Protzman5252
18Joey Snider5252
19Cameron Weber5353
19Dan Ruby5353
19Jon Ramsey5353
22Zach Guiciardi5353
23Brenton Cakebread5454
23Casey Mann5454
23Dan Ziober5454
23Dave Santoro5454
23Forrest Minteer5454
23Kevin Sulia5454
23Ron Hosek5454
23Seth Bulow5454
31Clinton Logan5555
31Gerald Haynes5555
31Jesse Holeczy5555
31Josh McAfee5555
31Lawson Fisher5555
31Matt Brungo5555
37Chris Winters5656
37Eric Jageman5656
37Keegan Henrikson5656
37Keith Moquin5656
37Matt McDaniel5656
37NickBE Bozogan5656
37Scott Robbins5656
37Scott Summers5656
37Thomas Thornton5656
46Andy Flemm5757
46Brian Keegan5757
46Cody Calvin5757
46Gabe Colby5757
46Howie Kocher5757
46James Ness5757
46Kurt Claypoole5757
46Logan Farine5757
46Max Godfrey5757
46Michael Zech5757
56Patrick Williams5858
57Brendan Schwartz5959
57Greg Belles5959
57Luke Self5959
57Matt Duffy5959
57Stephen Filander5959
62Ben Zebrasky6060
62Christian Kindred6060
62Rick Schwartz6060
62Vincent Maiorana6060
66Zakari Scheiter6060
67Joe Hags6161
67Severin Turok6161
69Bryan Lex6363
69Michael Nemcek6363
71Brett Say6565
71Doug Cloutier6565
71Mason J Scarfone6565
74Zackary Johnson6666
75Randy Schur6767
76Jon Ebel7272
77Benjamin Leskowat-0
77Michael Scales-0
Round 1: Schenley Park - Long tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Joshua Skrip4747
2Riley Mate4949
3Justin Brentzel5252
3Leonard Mancinelli5252
5Tom Umbaugh5353
6Andrew Walsh5454
6Colin Farley5454
6James Kaiser5454
6James Penrose5454
6Matt Kennedy5454
6Ryan McBride5454
12John Kotora5555
12Josh Curti$5555
12Mark Rogel5555
12Timothy Flickinger5555
16Bryan Schultz5656
16Gregory Weston5656
18George Sharkey5757
18Hank Lancet5757
18Jared Labowski5757
18Justin Curtis5757
18Sam Rudy5757
23Austin Brockway5858
23Garett B Mount5858
23Joe Aleprete5858
23Josh Wear5858
23Luke Layton5858
23Randy Nestor5858
23Reid Morsi5858
23Robert Lincoln5858
31Aaron White5959
31Alex Geck5959
31Brandon King5959
31Devin Sauers5959
31James Witte5959
31Lee Carrozza5959
31Matthew Pereslucha5959
31Michael Meisinger5959
31Scott Mulvihill5959
31Scott Rogel5959
31Tyler Rowley5959
31William Graves5959
43Dustin James Smith5959
44Charlie Houck6060
44James Dorko6060
44Jeff Coull6060
44Jeffrey Oneill6060
44Joe West6060
44Ryan Burg6060
44Zachery Budzinski6060
51Timothy Hopkins6060
52Corbin Harkins6161
52Joshua Almes6161
52Nolan Shank6161
52Phillip Petrie6161
56Bradley Mulaski6262
56Kevin Maille6262
58Chris Burton6363
58Heath Hemphill6363
58Patrick Tobin6363
61Anthony Maiorana6464
62Matt Wilson6464
63Adam Morgan6565
63Arthur (AJ) Anderson6565
63Justin Oroukin6565
66Matthew Gruss6565
67William Sharp6666
68Aaron Killmeyer6767
68Ben Hooper6767
68Jeffrey Palarino6767
68Michael Beck6767
72Josh Linton6868
72Mike Aleprete6868
74Nick Davis6969
75Tom Barone6969
76Todd Jakosh7070
77David Wuchina7171
77Tom Rokosky7171
79Andy Gruss7272
79Ryan Sines7272
81Matthew Cooper7272
82Brandon Condon7373
83Andy May-0
83Greg Thomeier-0
83John Colby-0
83Matt Younker-0
1Robin Eng5656
2Baleigh Hopkins5757
2Domenica Sutherland5757
2Hannah Campbell5757
2Meghan Mach5757
6Alexandra Turok5858
7Susan L Guiciardi5959
8Emily Kiver6060
9Jodi Lincoln6969
1Kayla Emrick6060
2Chrissy Sines6363
2Jeannine Opie6363
4Jennifer Suitor6767
5Sarah Munyoki6868
6Bridget McCoy6868
7Kelsey Fink7171
8Elizabeth Hill7373
9Anne Hawks7474
9Carly Donahue7474
11Alyse Richmond7575
11Chris Vavro7575
13Nicole Beck7676
14Kassie Morgavo7878
14Krystyn Houck7878
16Heather Rosul8282
17Bridget Twoey8888
18Amanda Donahue9090
19Julia Lekht-0
19Nettie P-0
19Svetlana Romanova-0
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