PAR2 at Lincoln (*Postponed until later date*)

Saturday, April 4, 2020 at Lincoln Avenue Park West in Mt. Dora, Florida
Disc golf event

PAR2 at Lincoln (*Postponed until later date*) graphic

About this tournament

PAR2 is a casual, unsanctioned tournament that will be played at Lincoln Avenue Park West. The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Whoever cards the lowest round wins. Players must use the provided discs in their players’ pack for all throws. Entry Fee is $25 which includes 2 discs, a Prodigy hat and a mini (300 Glow A2 or A4, Basegrip P Model S Putter). You can also play an extra round for an additional $5.

This is a fun format and is great for new players wanting to get in the game without the pressure of a large tournament. More experienced players will also enjoy trying out some new plastic while running aces at Lincoln! All holes will be shortened to 150' or less for optimal runs and lower scores. We will play 18 holes each being a Par 2. Par is 36!

Top 3 prizes are:
1st - Prodigy BP3 bag and 1 Premium Disc
2nd - 2 Premium Prodigy Discs
3rd - 1 Premium Prodigy Disc and Mini M4

Refund policy

Hit Your Line Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.