Ottowa byop

Saturday, July 21, 2018 at Ottawa Park in Toledo, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament



Tournament Directorjon b

About this tournament

Byop 80% pay out each tier. Don't see many close dubs tournament so putting one on. Each hole will have a mando, or a certain type of throw for drives, or other team on card picks your shot, all around fun dubs tournament. Ob and so on will be marked. 21 holes 2 rounds. Please no need to sandbag play in division of best player on team. Yes payouts but still all around fun tournament uneccesery to play lower than should be. After supplies paid for rest of 20% goes to improving courses in area. Will have 3$ ace pool, if no one hits we will go closest to pin on extra hole at the end. Will have couple ctp . Will use different tee boxes on a few holes for added ace runs

Refund policy

jon Bennett is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.