Oregon Veterans' Home Fundraiser

Saturday, February 22, 2020 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

Oregon Veterans' Home Fundraiser graphic


Co-Tournament DirectorDennis Stoneman
Co-Tournament DirectorLucas Stoneman

About this tournament

A huge Thank You goes to Dynamic Discs, and Latitude 64 for making this tournament possible. Also, we have added sponsors, so thank you to Zuca Carts, Grip 6 Belts, Pound Disc Golf, Grip EQ, Flightowel, Hyzer Dyes, and the River Center for donating amazing prizes. More sponsors joining, and I will keep you all posted on what to expect.

Player packs will be two premium trilogy discs, one putter, and one non-putter. All discs are while supplies last.

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge
Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge
Dynamic Discs Classic Guard
Latitude 64 Retro Keystone

Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Escape
Dynamic Discs Lucid Vandal
Latitude 64 Gold Burst Pioneer
Westside Discs VIP Gatekeeper

Following in the footsteps of the Trilogy Challenge, Veterans for Vets is a new event designed to meet three goals. First, it gives disc golfers a chance to play in an organized event during the winter months. Second, it provides an awesome environment for a disc golfer without any tournament experience to play in an organized event. Finally, it provides an opportunity for a local disc golf community to raise money that gets returned to that same community to organizations tasked with serving veterans!

Refund policy

Chain Breakers Jr. DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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Final Results

Advanced/Pro Female
1Crystal Wiss6161
2Amanda Bresee6464
3Mercedes Miller6767
Advanced/Pro Male
1Carl J. Cleem4646
1Mark Martin4646
1Tj Mills4646
4Joe Nelson4747
4Micah Morehead4747
6Austin Bottcher4949
7Scott West5050
8Brandon Hill5151
8Jason Hill5151
8Jesus Lamas Cruz5151
8Scott Hessel5151
12Brandon Whitney5252
12Jason Hendricks5252
14Alex McClaskey5353
14Seth Wilson5353
16James Medley5555
16Joe Boggs5555
18Trevor Crowell5858
19Adam Rud-0
19Grant Nixon-0
Novice Female
1Julie Boots7373
2Beth Bjerklund8181
2Melissa Landgren8181
4Shaerilyn Stoneman8686
5Anna Burkett122122
Novice Male
1Scott Bresee5151
2Cameron Haun5353
2Cody Ratcliff5353
4Joseph Gilpatrick5454
5Brandon Soto5454
5Tony Sunseri5454
7Scott Swearinger5555
8Brandon Cleem5656
9Jason Jackson5757
10Brandon Stinnett5858
11Justin Poole5959
11Nathan Isbell5959
13Dan Steinberg6060
13Daniel Schoonover6060
15Danny Dilon6161
16Josh Winter6363
16Matt Madison6363
18Fred Kocher6666
19James Jacobs6767
20David J. Butkovich6969
21Frank Keas7474
22James Lutzi-0
22Sheridan Dillon-0
US Veteran Male
1Tim Sanders5151
2George Wood5252
2Jerry Porter5252
4Terry Houck5353
5Robert Voss5555
6Andrew Boots5757
7Daniel Sanders6060
7Robert Wood6060
9Jacob Morris6161
9Jessie Sanders6161
9Peter Shobe6161
12Robert Wayne Durkee8585
Junior 18
1Lucas Stoneman5050
2James Baer6060
3Travis Rounsavel6262
4Isaac Stoneman6565
5Connor Stoneman6767
6Ethan Kemp6868
7Wyatt Durkee9999
Junior Girls 18
1Elleigh Stoneman6666
2Gwen Bjerklund7171
3Holy Bjerklund8787
4Yianna Durkee9191
5Helen Rounsavell9494
6Jessah Stoneman-0