One, Schu, Three: A Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, June 17, 2023 at Schumaker Pond in Salisbury, Maryland
Disc golf singles tournament

One, Schu, Three: A Trilogy Challenge graphic


Tournament DirectorNicholas Lane
Assistant Tournament DirectorRandy Preston

About this tournament

Eastbound Disc Golf is Proud to present - One, Schu, Three: A Trilogy Challenge.


ROGE/GORE. (Red Odd Gold Even/ Gold Odd Red Even)

Odd # holes
(1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17)- Red tee pad/Gold basket.
Even # holes (2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18)- Gold tee pad/ Red basket.

Players will all receive the same 3 discs, driver (Vandal), mid-range (Warship) and putter (Pure), as part of the Player Pack, and those discs will be the only ones permitted for use during the tournament round. Other Player Pack items include a mini-marker and towel.


There will be an A, B and C pool . A pool will be for MPO/FPO and MA1?FA1 level players. C pool will be for beginner level players and B pool will be for everyone in between.

Top performers from each division will receive a trophy and payout for the rest of the fields will be in DD gift cards .

Please check the schedule for check-ins and start times, and be sure to bring your appetite (and your wallet) as we will have food vendor(s) set up for the after party!!

After the Tournament is over and you have gorged yourself on some amazing food, feel free to play a fun round. Layout and structure will be determined by all who would like to participate, but I'm thinking of a restricted bag round; this could consist of only putter, the sum of disc speeds or any other crazy fun combination we could come up with. Again, this is just for fun, and its a great opportunity for new players to mingle with club members and get a feel for how incredible the Eastern Shore disc golf community really is!!

One more thing, for all current club members, BRING YOUR TAGS!!! If you're not current, tags will be available for sale. $10 is all it takes for you to play alongside some real gems for bragging rights.

More info to come , please check back in and be sure to look at Eastbound Disc Golf's Facebook page, for relative info.

More info to come!!

Refund policy

Eastbound Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

1Randy Preston42 / -12
2Sean D'Armi44 / -10
3Nicholas Lane47 / -7
3Timothy Feret47 / -7
5Andrew Vinroot51 / -3
5Paul Whitney51 / -3
5Shawn Johnson51 / -3
8Chip Pardee54 / E
9Boogies .0 / E
9Joshua Maxfield0 / E
1Billy Crockett51
1Tin Man51
3Glen Evans52
4Chris Brumwell53
4Noah McAleer53
6Barry Lane56
6Brian Cornwell56
6Scott Reddish56
9Shaun Permelia57
10Rob Smith59
10Walter Marciano59
12Willie Crockett60
13Ryan Frene62
14Bradley Snyder63
15Brian Abrams64
16Michael Rivenburgh65
17Rhonda LeCato66
18Griffin Bishoff0
18Josh Skipper0
1Jeffrey Banks Jr56 / +2
2Erik Schlegel57 / +3
3Jack Smith58 / +4
3Jeffrey Banks Sr58 / +4
5GA Johnston III60 / +6
6Nicholas Schlegel61 / +7
7Mike Okerblom62 / +8
8Nicholas Robellard63 / +9
8Samantha Ward63 / +9
10Keith D'Armi64 / +10
11Adam Williams66 / +12
11Sam Jones66 / +12
13Daniel Catron69 / +15
14Jessica Roache70 / +16
15Darren Nichols74 / +20
16Sean Donohue75 / +21
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