This event has been canceled.

Old School @ Spiritwood

Saturday, July 24, 2021 at Spiritwood in Victor, Montana
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Old School @ Spiritwood is an unsanctioned one day tournament consisting of two rounds of 18 holes using several of the old targets from the days before Spiritwood featured all baskets.

This tournament will be broken into divisions based solely on player ratings. Regardless of your age, gender, pro/am status etc., you will be competing with players of a similar skill level. Final divisions will not be determined until registration is complete, but expect 3-5 divisions with the goal of most players in a division falling within a 40 rating point range.

PDGA ratings will be used when available, otherwise GCF ratings, word of mouth, etc. will be used. If there are players we cannot determine a rating for, in the second round they will be placed into one division above the division their first round score qualifies for.

The $30 entry fee is being broken down as follows -

$25 will go to the top 1/3 of each division.
$3 will go to Spiritwood course fees.
$2 will go to various long putts and/or closest to the pin contests throughout both rounds.

Here is the preliminary layout which is subject to change.

#1 Target is the small metal bucket attached to a tree well in front of the current wooden basket. Mando is not in play as the basket is in front of it.
#2 Normal #2 using existing basket.
#3 Target is the chrome dome visible from the tee. Disc must hit the dome itself.
#4 Normal #4 using existing basket.
#5 Normal #5 using existing basket.

Players will skip holes #6-#9 of the current layout and walk to #10 "Blue Heaven"

#6 Normal hanging blue basket
#7 Target is the doghouse. Disc must enter through the door and be completely inside the doghouse to count.
#8 Target is the opening in the large blue barrel with hole cut in the backside from tee.
#9 Normal #13 using existing basket.
#10 Normal #14 using existing hanging basket
#11 Double mando (round 1 from short, round 2 from long tee) using normal basket.
#12 Normal #16 using existing basket.
#13 Target is the high hanging tone near existing basket.
#14 Target is the Ford pickup tailgate. Nick says all metal counts, so if you hit the chain the tailgate hangs from, that's a good putt.
#15 Target is the rim hanging in the trees. Putt MUST enter the rim from the tee side!
#16 Target is the eagle tone.
#17 Target is the existing basket. Mando must be passed on the right.
#18 Target is the hanging tire "The Bogey Maker". Mando must be passed on the left.

The ditches will be flowing so water OB will be in play on many of the holes.

I just can't wait to get my first bogey (or double) when I miss a putt at the stupid rim, tire, or barrel. It will be just like old times!

Refund policy

Neal Leathers is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.