Old Oak Spring Warm up II

Sunday, March 7, 2021 at Old Oak Country Club in Homer Glen, Illinois
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Tournament DirectorThor Batchelor
Tournament DirectorSean Callahan
Tournament DirectorLeo Borowski
Tournament DirectorRyan Fancher

About this tournament

Last year I had a dream to bring an amazing design to a local golf course. Sean Callahan and myself met with multiple golf courses, spent multiple days out on the property and now, the course and the design are set. Now we move from singles into the doubles to change it up this year. This will be the same layout minus a few possible changes.

This is a one round tournament with no players pack, but you can Purchase a shirt,and you will get a cash payout for top places. This is a fundraiser for the Clash at the Canyons V. This is a chance for you to get a second run at the Old Oak Country Club course back to back days.

Lets talk about the divisions.

MA1/MPO is just a broad division for upper level players. Anyone can play in this division. if it doesn't start to fill I will move spots around as I always do for fundraiser events.

MA2 - This is a combined rating... if you have a 960 rated player partnering with a 890 rated player you will be under the 935 thresh hold.

FA2 is just a general division for all ladies. for this division, your rating does not matter as this is the only division I am offering for the ladies. Please don't think to much into it, it is an open general division.

MP50 is again, a combined age. If you are 50 and over you have nothing to worry about, besides the guys that are 45 years old that can play in this division. If you are under the age of 50 but over the age of 45 you can play in this division as long as your partner is over the age of 52. If that is to confusing for you go play MA2, this is a fundraiser and that is what we are doing, raising funds, and for you old guys, heart rates. Much love though

This is a fundraiser, lets keep it simple to raise money for the biggest tournament in our area.

GOLF CART IS A MUST! The cost for the golf cart is built into the registration cost.

This is a 1 round, Unsanctioned event put on by the best TD Crew in J Town.

Downloadable Player Guide

Downloadable Player Guide


Where your money is going:

$60 per player / $120 per team

Per Player Break Down
$15 to Old Oak Country Club
$10 for Cart Rental
$10 to Clash fundraiser
$15 to cash payouts
$5 ace
$5 Ctp 50/50

Optional costs:
$20 - Old Oak Spring Warm Up II Doubles shirt. same material as last year.

If the Ace Pot does not get hit, the funds will be donated.

We will be using tee times starting at 7:30am with foursomes on each card. Sunset on March 7th is 5:50pm.

I will be reserving initial sign ups for anyone that is playing in the Dog Bowl. If you did not play in the dog bowl you will have to sign up when Registration opens.

Refund policy

Trinity Links / Dellwood Disc Golf / Unstable is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Online registration opens
January 29, 2021 at 7:00pm GMT
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The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$120.00 / teamMPOOpen
$120.00 / teamMP50Pro 50+
$120.00 / teamMA2Intermediate
$120.00 / teamFA2Intermediate Women