This event has been canceled.

Old Mill Veterans for Vets 2023

Friday, January 13, 2023 at Old Mill Disc Golf Course in Oakridge, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

Old Mill Veterans for Vets 2023 graphic

About this tournament

We are back for the 3rd annual with that popular AM friendly layout that has provided plenty of excitement the last few years.

Following in the footsteps of the Trilogy Challenge, Veterans for Vets is an event designed to meet three goals.

First, it gives disc golfers a chance to play in an organized event during the winter months.

Second, it provides an awesome environment for a disc golfer without any tournament experience to play in an organized event.

Finally, it provides an opportunity for a local disc golf community to raise money that gets returned to that same community to organizations tasked with serving veterans! That's right! We are sponsoring a new local veteran organization, the Soldiers of Singletrack
, for the funds we raise for this unsanctioned tournament.

$5 from each player will go towards facility rental (park and portable toilets)

AMs and Juniors get the V for V players pack and trophy for top finishers in each division.

Pros get the V for V players pack and cash ($10 from each player goes into divisional cash pools) for top finishers in each division.

In addition to raising funds for the local vet organization, this tournament will also double as the Oakridge Disc Golf Club 2024 Opener; $10 for a bag tag option is available with registration.

Refund policy

Oakridge Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Current Standings

1Scott Menan62
2Dan Hickey71
3Anthony Rizzo74
4Tim Sanders75
5Trevor Robinson78
6Eugene Fackler80
6Gabriel Sanchez80
8John Weddle83
9David Borton96
10Mike Shaw98
1Brent Allard62
2Marx Rameriz63
3Casey Rech63
4Danny Dunham65
5Jason Nehmer65
7Scott Hessel69
8Anthony Mahoney69
9Ezra Gouge88
1Ben Albrecht66
2Mr. Snap68
3Caleb Kipp69
4T.J. Sanders73
5Mark Kauth73
6Brandon Rasmussen78
7Kevin Duffy80
1Ed Mooneyhan63
2Sam Feldman68
3Gailon Bailey69
4Caleb Normine70
5Sajon Young71
6Stephen Zylinski72
7Ralph Huntoon72
8Zachary Freeman76
9Michael Morgan77
1Kale Brown71
2Mike Schaaf72
3Juan Sanchez77
4Chris Pierce78
5Rich Nellis79
6Larry Meltzer79
7Terry Schulz80
8Mark McKay82
9Dan Rhodes82
10Adrain Mahoney87
11Bill Atherton87
12Jason Rasmussen88
13Sean Breslin90
1Crystal Wiss81
2Karen May84
3Rebecca Duffy89
4Lindsay McLeod112
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