Ode To The Madness

Sunday, March 22, 2020 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Ode to the Madness is a 32 player single elimination tournament (stroke play- round score wins) played over 6 weeks. Tournament will be bracket style.

Week 1 3/22/19 - Players will compete for seeding. Rating from this round will determine seeding for the tournament.

Week 2 3/29/19 - 32 players compete in stroke play and 16 advance.

Week 3 4/5/19 - 16 players compete in stroke play and 8 advance.

Week 4 4/12/19 - Elite 8 players compete in stroke play and 4 advance.

Week 5 4/19/19 - The final four players compete in stroke play and 2 advance.

Week 6 4/26/19 - The championship round and 1 player wins.

To encourage competition, this event will implement a handicap. For every 15 rating points difference (rounded to lowest increment) between current ratings of competitors there will be a 1 stroke handicap.

Ex. 1) Player A - 920 rated
Player B - 900 rated - this player receives a 1 stroke handicap

2) Player A - 956 rated
Player B - 870 rated - this player receives a 5 stroke handicap

3) Player A - 975 rated
Player B - 815 rated - this player receives a 10 stroke handicap

If the two competitors have the same final score with the handicap, the win will go to the lower rated player.

The winning player will receive a 1 year IDGC greens fee pass, 1 year PDGA membership and 1 year vehicle pass to Wildwood Park.
The runner up will receive a 1 year PDGA membership.

Entry to the tournament is a one time $8 fee, separate from weekly league fees.

Plan accordingly. Missing week 1 will not exclude you from the tournament, your seeding will be based on your current rating. I understand that a 6 week commitment is a lot so I am going to offer ONE alternative option if a player knows they cannot attend the Sunday league. The player who knows they can't attend can reach out to their opponent and schedule a time to play BEFORE the Sunday of competition. These two players must play TOGETHER on the course scheduled for that week. If the round is not played on Sunday, during league, it will be a non-sanctioned round. That means it will not be a rated round.

Week 1 - WR Jackson Longs
Week 2 - Ed Longs - Mad Professor
Week 3 - Ed Longs - IDGC Super
Week 4 - Ed Longs - HOFC
Week 5 - Warner Shorts - OG
Week 6 - Warner Longs - OG



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees