Ockie Knockdown

PDGA logoSaturday, September 25, 2021 at Ockie Wisting Recreation Complex in Rio Grande, New Jersey
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Ockie Knockdown graphic

About this tournament

A two round tee time event at Ockie Wisting disc golf course.

Playing with same people both rounds. When you finish round 1 let TD know and he will tell you your round 2 tee time.

Exact tee times for round 1 will be publish the night before the event.

This year the amateur players pack will be a $10 item and a $8 item
$10 items (Standard Towel, Plastic Water Bottle, Small Metal Mini, Hoo Rag)
$8 item (Sportsack, Small Towel, Sunglasses, License Plate Frame, MVP UV Flashlight)

Refund policy

Refunds only to players who let us know before registration closes.

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event will receive a refund minus a $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the event fills.

If the spot is not filled then:
Refund request over 30 days is 100%
Refund request 15 to 29 days is 50%
Refund request within 14 days is 25%

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/52875
1Shea Stevens6059119$30
2Stephen Holroyd6364127
1Kevin OBrien5755112$49
2Kyle O'Brien5757114$44
3Jim Roussos5759116$31
3Patrick Ribertone6056116$31
5Patrick Gray5661117$20
5Scott Mueller5760117$20
7Thomas "Terk" Gindville5963122
8Alex Miller6063123
9Josh Goldberg6361124
10Alec Eckert5966125
11Allen Calabrese6471135
11Herb Cobleigh6966135
13Kevin Wallace7072142
1Frank Kates5958117$49
2James Patton6159120$43
3Nick Tegen5566121$35
4Herb Phillips6063123$29
5Andrew Donaghy6164125$23
6Adam Podlaski6464128$16
7James Sharpley6564129
8Bill Bryson Everett6664130
8Millard Wiand6070130
8Steven Tracey6664130
11Randall Rivers6567132
12Andy Zarharchuck6767134
13Emir Santos7575150
1Douglas Dilhomick6262124$41
2Brian Kelly6165126$34
3James Dugan6864132$24
3Matt Luceno7062132$24
5Justin Sauers7067137$12
6David Rivera7167138
6John Freitag7068138
8Robert Eager7071141
9Wayne Kelley8075155
1Joseph Chapman6257119$45
2John Kaschak5862120$40
3James Papeika7163134$32
4Tyler Carman6968137$27
5Stephen Cassel6870138$22
6Andrew Ewing6772139$8
6Daniel Van Order6970139$8
8Mike Gleeson7169140
9Kelly Hickman7969148
10Bret Hickman7377150
11Kaitlin Donaghy8788175
12Spencer Willis-Watkins92128220
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