This event has been canceled.

North Valley VS South Valley - Match Play

Saturday, December 11, 2021 at Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, California
Disc golf teams tournament

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South Valley Team CaptainAndy Parkison
South Valley Team CaptainSean Garner

About this tournament

This will be a match play set between the North Valley vs South Valley.
(Kings River is the cut line.)

You can choose to sign up and represent either side in your respective division. The North side is only allowing signups that have been approved by team captains.

Team captains will decide what players will be matched against what players.

It looks like right now first round first nine holes will be singles. Last 9 holes will be played as doubles.

Second round we will switch up players and run the second round the same way.

The side with the most points wins the event.

Entry fee will include lunch, player’s pack and trophies for the winning side.

Refund policy

TCDGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Saturday, December 11, 2021
9:00amMatch Play Rules

Singles will adopt the match play rules as set forth by the PDGA (which includes following all standard PDGA rules of play unless superseded by the specific match play rules):

There are two exceptions/clarifications to these rules:


If a pair of players is all square at the end of the round, the match is tied. The Director decides if and how ties are to be broken.

Breaking Ties: matches that end up all square after 18 holes will begin a sudden death playoff starting on the first hole of the course on which they played their match.


Doubles event will also adopt the doubles play rules as set forth by the PDGA (which includes following all standard PDGA rules of play unless superseded by the Match Play rules described above or the Doubles Play rules).

The rules for Best Throw (B.05.a) will be used. All other rules in section B.05 can be ignored.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$50.00NorNorth Valley FPO
$50.00SouSouth Valley MPO
$50.00SFPSouth Valley FPO
$50.00NMPNorth Valley MPO
$50.00NA4North Valley MA40
$50.00SA4South Valley MA40
$50.00NP4North Valley Master (MP40)
$50.00SP4South Valley Masters (MP40)
$50.00NP50North Valley GMs (MP50)
$50.00SP5South Valley GMs (MP50)
$50.00NA1North Valley MA1
$50.00SA1South Valley MA1
$50.00Na2North Valley MA2
$50.00SA2South Valley MA2
$50.00NA5North Valley MA50
$50.00SA5South Valley MA50
$50.00NF1North Valley FA1
$50.00SF1South Valley FA1
$50.00NF4North Valley FA40
$50.00SF4South Valley FA40
$50.00NF5North Valley FA50
$50.00SF50South Valley FA50
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