North Landing Mixed Dubs Experience 2024

Saturday, July 6, 2024 at North Landing in Marietta, Georgia
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

LADIES! GUYS! Pair up and battle for ultimate mixed dubs victory!

Just to be clear, as there has been some confusion previously...

mixed dou·bles
/ˈˌmiks(t) ˈdəbəlz/
(especially in tennis and badminton) a game or competition involving teams, each consisting of a man and a woman.

Three divisions:

Advanced. Suggested combined PDGA rating of 1700 or more.

Recreational. Suggested less than or equal to 1699.

Novice, less than 1550 combined rating.

If you have non-rated players, or are confused about maths or ratings, use your best judgement. Ask the Tournament Director if you need assistance. We're counting on the experienced players to place themselves fairly. This should be a fun and equitable casual tournament, so don't try and bag it up too badly. ;)


1st round: Modified Best Shot. (Must use 9 of each teammate's drives) Short Orange.
2nd round: Combined Score (In combined score doubles, both teammates play a hole to completion as they would in singles play. After both players complete the hole, their scores are added together to create the team's score for the hole. So if one teammate completes a hole in three shots and the other in four, they would have a combined score of seven.) Short Blue

Will pay out top 3 teams in each division. May pay out more depending on how many teams register.

Trophies to top team and runner-up team in each division.

Refund policy

North Landing DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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