Norcal Team Invitational

Sat-Sun, November 6-7, 2021 at Oak Grove Regional Park in Stockton, California
Disc golf teams tournament

About this tournament

12 teams of 20 players battling it out in a team match play style format. The best of Norcal at it's best!! We are extending invitations to all 12 teams that played in 2019. If any team spots are open at the cutoff for invited teams, those spots will be available to all on first come first serve basis. Upon signup, you will be guaranteeing your team can fill 12 open, 4 women and 4 age protected players.

Team Disc Golf


We need to play 6 matches total. Saturday each team will play 4 matches, with a lunch squeezed in there. Sunday teams will play their 5th & 6th match. Then finals will take place, which will include top 4 teams. Awards & lunch to follow. Should wrap up by 3-4pm.


Team Alternate Doubles Rules & Format • Players A & B are partners, players C & D are partners
• A & C players tee off on all first holes of their matches
• B & D players tee off on second hole of their matches. Players A & C and B & D continue to alternate
teeing off every other hole after that.
• It does not matter who tees off first between A & C and B & D players (i.e. – player C can throw first
if the team wants. Player A does not always have to throw first between the two).
• The hole you start on, regardless of the course hole number, is your match’s hole #1 (so A & C would
tee off first, then B & D would tee off first on next hole, and so on.)
• Players alternate shots between their partners (i.e. – player B plays from player A’s lie, then A would
play from wherever B ends up. Same with C & D partners.)
• The best score between the doubles pairings of A & B and C & D is used to determine who wins the
hole (i.e. – if Napa players A & B get a 3, and Napa players C & D get a 4, then Napa is using a 3 as
their “team score” for that hole).
• There is no “furthest out” enforcement of play (within the same club team), this means team
members can decide if they want one of their other team members to take a shot first, even if they
are not technically furthest out from the pin.
Match Play: Rules of Play
• Standard match play scoring on all holes & matches: Mark either a 0 or 1 on the scorecards
• Teams receive 1 point for winning a hole, zero points for tying (pushing) a hole, or losing
• Players can concede putts to their opponents
• Players cannot decline the concession, and can not putt after a hole is conceded
• No practice putts allowed during a match
• All standard PDGA rules of play apply during the tournament


The format for scoring will be standard match play. So teams will record either a 1 or 0 on a hole. Once a team has officially won the match and the other team has no mathematical way of catching up, the match can be determined as “Complete” by all members of each team and there is no need to continue playing once the match is complete.

Teams cannot halve individual hole. Teams can halve a match.

The event will feature 6 different matches. The matches will be completely random draw for teams to face each other. Four of the matches will take place on Saturday. The 5th & 6th matches will take place on Sunday morning. Then we will have a Finals match for the top 4 teams. Each match will consist of 12 holes being played. So there will be a total of (potentially) 48 holes being played on day one, and 36 holes played on day two.

Finals Format

Finals format will be true 4 person alternate golf. Meaning player A tees off, player B then plays from A’s lie, then C plays from B’s lie, and so forth, throughout the entire match. This is TRUE team golf at its finest.

Payout & Trophies

We will pay out cash to the top 2 teams of the event. There will be trophies for 1st place ONLY. The first place trophy will be a grand prize custom trophy basket, on top of the cash payout.

Creating Your Club’s Team

It is up to each club to determine how its team will be constructed, and there are multiple ways of doing so. The most fair and unbiased way would be tracking scores at your weekly tag matches and creating a points system for your club members. Then you take the top 12 points earners to determine who your top 12 golfers are. You can create the same points system for Masters (40+ yr old) and women players as well.
The other method is to nominate a team captain. This captain should not necessarily be your best golfer, though he very well may be. But the goal is to nominate a captain who is fair and unbiased and will put together a team of your top 12 best golfers, top 4 females, and top 4 masters. The captain should be paying attention to club member’s scores each week at their weekly club rounds to help determine who the top golfers in the club are.

Regardless of how you pick the team to represent your club, it is highly suggested you nominate a captain to help facilitate things like practice rounds, logistics for travel, seeding amongst the team, etc. Good luck and please contact me with any questions!

Refund policy

Delta Windjammers Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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