New England Amateur Disc Golf Championship Sponsored by T-BONES & CJ's Great West Grill

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 21-23, 2021 at The Hollows North in Manchester, New Hampshire
Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

New England Amateur Disc Golf Championship Sponsored by T-BONES & CJ's Great West Grill graphic


Tournament DirectorBILL BRUCE
Ass't. Tournament DirectorNorma Bruce
Ass't. Tournament DirectorKen Bovill

About this tournament

Welcome to the 5th New England Disc Golf Championship Presented by Breakin Chains Disc Golf, the City of Manchester Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Department and Sponsored by TBONES & CJ's Great West Grill

We want to give a big Shout Out and Thank You to TBones & Cactus Jacks for being our TITLE Sponsor. Welcome back and thank you for your years of support. The Disc Golf Community truly appreciates your generosity and your great food.

Norma and I are working on bringing you the highest quality disc golf anywhere around. In the last 6 years, we have tried to rise to the occasion for each one of our tournaments and we expect this one to surpass them all. This year we have added a third course to the mix. It is Birch Park in Amherst NH. We hope you will enjoy playing on this new course.

TITLE SPONSOR: T-BONES & CJ's Great West Grill

HOLE SPONSORS: Manchester Park, Recreation & Cemetery Department, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu/Manchester Karate, The Blind Guys, Discraft, Innova, Breakin Chains Disc Golf Supplies, Lafayette Press, Inc., Brady Sullivan Properties, Granite State Credit Union, 603 Smoke & Vape Shop, EMS, Chamberlin Electric, Quirk Chevy GMC Buick, Great North Aleworks, Ben Tucker - 508 Dyes, Team Queen City #1, Team Queen City #2, Dark Ace Apparel and The Gate City DGC.

PDGA A-Tier -

Please refer to the PDGA Rules for all pertaining information. It is your obligation to know these Rules. Dress Code applies. This will be 3 days of disc golf on 3 courses in Manchester and Amherst NH: The Hollows North, The Hollows South and Birch Park Disc Golf Courses. Players will play 1 round per day and will be assigned tee times for each day of play. Tee Times will be posted on the PDGA Website one week prior to the Tournament.

Player meeting: To be announced and player packs pick up also. We will have to see where Covid takes us.

Field Events:

We are working very hard to make this tournament a must-attend for the entire New England Amateur community. We will be adding new field events including our Totem Pole. In the Totem Pole event, baskets will be stacked 4 high with cash to be won at each basket height. This is one of my favorites! We will also be having putting contests as well as a CTP driving contest.

We are glad to announce that we have added another Event for you to check out during the NEADGC.

Breaking Chains will be holding a Glow Round of Disc Golf at Birch Park for the 2nd year in a row on Saturday night May 22nd (my birthday by the way). There is limited space available on this one so don't miss out when registration opens. There will be a max of 6 players per hole bringing the total to 108 players for this event.


There will be a SUPER Raffle Table for you loaded with great prizes. We strive to bring you all kinds of great prizes for the raffle event. The raffle money is passed on for next years payouts. Everyone wins.

Player packs:

All players will receive a player pack! (A nice one). Maybe this one will the best one you have ever received.! We are still putting it all together with a lot of excitement .


AM Divisions: Paid out in accordance with PDGA guidelines.

$5,000 in added merchandise value at this time.

Don't forget to use your PDGA card to help get discounts at local hotels. There are campgrounds in the area as well. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions you might have.

We are looking for hole sponsors as well donations for the raffle table. Any help with this will be much appreciated. Contact Bill or Norma at Breakin Chains Disc Golf.
Tel: 603-232-2261


We are looking for people who would like to help us make this event a success.
Please get in touch with Bill or Norma at Breakin Chains Disc Golf, 603-232-2261 or Email us at [email redacted]

More to be announced soon. UPDATES COMING SOON - STAY TUNED --

Refund policy

Breakin Chains Disc Golf Supplies is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Birch Park
Amherst, NH   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Bill DeMarino475254$1,000
2Jared Beaugeard535052$551
2Gillis MacDougall515252$551
2Joseph Wegman525350$551
5Bryant Chamberlin525351$350
6Colby Foster485455$300
7Joe Luks525551$251
7Brian Schweinhart496049$251
7Alex Vigeant485951$251
10Michael Byrne515850$177
10Dean Squires Jr555450$177
12Jason Erhardt505654$147
12Peter Heidlauf555352$147
14Matt Lemieux515456$136
14Fred Lusky525653$136
14Chris Spear545651$136
17Daniel Beatty545653$121
17Nate Hartmann515557$121
17Kevin Johnson536149$121
17John Kelley III505756$121
17Jeff Miles525853$121
22Eric Bell535655$91
22Zachary Bloom525854$91
22Willie Douglas535853$91
22Ben Firsick545456$91
22Kristopher Wiley525656$91
27Owen Bolduc546249$63
27Jonathan Carlisle565356$63
27Joel Dewhurst535656$63
27Korey Fournier516153$63
27Waldo Quinney545457$63
27Jake Resse555357$63
27Corey Robitaille505857$63
27Lawrence Warwick525558$63
35Bryce Carson545953$42
35Benjamin English575455$42
35Nicholas Eori525856$42
35Bill Herra535756$42
35Nathan Hoitt546052$42
35Beau Schofield565456$42
41John Bilsky526055$29
41Matt Boucher565556$29
41Trevor Howe565655$29
41Nicholas Papamichael515957$29
41Nick Rancourt535955$29
41Connor Spilman475961$29
47Steve Heroux545856$25
47Silas Lunetta555954$25
47Timothy Mladek535560$25
47Wade Pepin575556$25
51Adam Baney575755$3
51Zachary Deraspe546154$3
51Joshua McBride516157$3
51Nicholas Reilly565756$3
51Miles Sayer525760$3
51Griffin Swinburne526354$3
57Uriyah Kelley536354
58Kevin Geisel525861
58Ryan Karp585558
58Bryan Kilmer545661
61Adam Antinoro555958
61Shawn Berube536257
61Jonathan Bissell565957
61Shane Davis596053
61Evan Moe575857
61Brian Toombs595855
67Tyler DeGirolamo566057
67Brandon Hinkley556157
67Justin Perry565760
67Mason Sailer516557
71Daniel Coburn575958
71Ryan Dame516756
71Michael Merrill556059
74Jacob Mackowiak595561
74Joe McCarthy536062
74Sean O'Connor556357
74James Olsen546556
74Joell Tucker576256
74Trenton Vielbig565861
74Stan Weed555862
81Tyler Gagnon526460
81Robert Mason556160
81Frank Nick555962
84Andrew Barker576357
84Matthew Beaulieu636054
84Sam Brown606255
84Nick Richter565962
88Scott Groome556261
88Sean McGonagle556855
88Christopher Reid606256
91Brandon Daugherty616157
91Johnathen St Cyr616058
93Michael Corson536364
93Kyle Rondeau586161
95Corey Chabot586657
96Nykolas Connors606557
96Phillip Harding576461
96Tyler Woods626258
99Adam Hall606264
100Curtis LaHart636263
101Gavin Cassidy616563
102Donavan Law616861
103Jason Cagney646662
103Andrew Montgomery596766
105Brian Robiddoux616666
106Matthew Chouinard627062
107Michael Laflam626964
108Robert Rustowicz Jr5864888
109Jeremy Draeger6570999
109Brody Secore5956999
111Arthur Jasper55999999
111John MacDonald58999999
1Will Flood555256$200
2Todd Foster605253$175
3Seth McQuade595753$150
4Vadim Frishman605556$125
5Steve Fraher605458$87
5Kirk Higham605557$87
7Michael Lazzaro605657$50
8Matthew Heenan566454$40
9Dicky Smart605758$25
10Tom Travison625955
11Ben Zukatis615957
12Dean Chapman605959
13Cory Carter626061
14Derek DeVoe655862
15Matt Rodkey616362
15Derek Tippie636459
17Stephen Sylvain665962
18Chuckie Collelo716260
18Lawrence McGonagle Jr706360
20Kristofer Duer726363
1Tom Stoughton565655$200
2Craig Kimberley605456$175
3Jim Olson635557$138
3Scott Stevens635458$138
5Michael A. Stridsberg625658$100
6Jim Asam615957$75
7Steven Foster595861$25
7Richard Glidden586060$25
7Joe Tota586060$25
10Earl Dakers616260
11Kevin Bell616162
11Scott Roberts626458
13Shane Piroso606462
14Christian Heiser686060
15Jesse Breton676359
16Chris Geddis716467
17John Whalen717168
1Daniel Gagnon626359$125
2Mike Saimond675959$100
3Garry Young616461$80
4Bob Testa686360$60
5Bill Byrne706062$40
6Tim O'Sullivan676265
7James Ogles696267
8Melvin Swafford696770
9Paul Lusky737170
1Trevor Dakers574856$750
2Garrett Clay515757$500
3Dan Mason535360$350
4Ellis Boettger585653$238
4Jeff Wesnofske545558$238
6Jesse Simons565558$200
7Evan Esancy635156$180
7Vince Farruggio Jr555263$180
7Egin Tollkuci585854$180
10Robin Stewart DeMartino585459$160
11Shane Leadbetter585659$140
11Benjamin Pederson595064$140
11Timothy Veltsos575759$140
14Anthony Detris585561$108
14Stephen Garneau565860$108
14Rio Kowert585858$108
14Jay Provencher575562$108
18Patrick Day545863$87
18Shane Rice595462$87
18Dylan Smith585760$87
21William Bogen566060$76
21Rylan Boon635558$76
21Richard Brown595463$76
21Craig DeLuca635459$76
21Shane Gallagher625559$76
21Joel Gomez576059$76
21Andrew Kaputa565961$76
28Daylen Snow585960$70
28Brett Stevens605958$70
30Tim Auger586060$60
30Austin Gemma565864$60
30Brandon King605563$60
30Tyler Moran595960$60
30Jacob Schwartz575665$60
35Carlos Alvarado576062$46
35Samuel Barton595961$46
35Brandon Duford615464$46
35Charlie Quigley556064$46
35Jon Stephan605762$46
35Steve Thompson615761$46
41Corey Greenspan566262$25
41Jacob Theriault595962$25
41Joey Tota575766$25
41Christopher Yeager595962$25
45Josué Guerra625663$7
45Bryan Maisonet605665$7
45Constantine Pappas566065$7
48Donald Bruce615764
48Dana Leclair575966
48Matthew Morse615962
48David Normand596063
48Isaac Salisbury596063
48Ryan Williams655364
54Michael Kelly576165
54Ryan Kenney615567
54Jacob Roberge645564
57Howard Rosado586066
57Ross White655861
59Jared Bolduc656060
59Ian Coburn585968
59Brian Conroy626261
59Jacob Kritzon546170
59Jameson Norman625865
59Tamas Szeles626063
65Andrew Clark615768
66Aaron Albert605770
66Stuart Daniel675862
66Brian Nahigian616165
69Tamara Coburn616562
69Marc Davis616265
69Randy Jack656360
69Derek Wiseman596465
73Jack Facey636066
73Victor Hurtuk636264
73Eric Lawrence626265
76Adam Nelson606268
77Benjamin Downing646364
77Donald Orcutt656264
77Kevin Siegel656165
80Gonzalo Torres-Nicola636465
81Jeff Lanouette606469
82Ryan Richard695768
83Gregory Buscanera676365
84Timothy Aykroid646369
84Joe Polenchar616273
86Trevor Shaw686269
87Drew Craver655976
88Michael Coogan626179
89Nyles Johnson626576
90Nick Brozek646575
91George Ward696571
92Kyle Carlson656972
93Justin Ober767171
94Kevin Bassett6458888
95Mark Andrikowich5854999
95Adam Hanover6764999
97William Busler55999999
97James Estes69999999
97Ethan Roubo74999999
1Steven Brassard635858$100
2Ian Dempster655361$90
3Nathan Hamlett635761$60
4Winfield Call655959$45
4Donnie Kennedy586263$45
6Neil Ruggiero676156$35
7John Cadiero666158$35
8Dan Rabinowitz686058$35
9Charles LeMieux666160$35
9Tyler Pendleton666358$35
11Corey Mindlin636659$30
11John Sarazin666161$30
11Jimmy Vieu676160$30
14David Alvarez626166$27
14Thomas Chainz-Machete Nosenzo676062$27
14Michael Tran636363$27
17Seth Emery636662$20
18Chris Downing706359$5
18Zachary Goodman666363$5
20Nathaniel Anker646366
21John Hollister686464
22Bobby Cronin666764
23Dylan Rodrigues726165
24Derek Chambers686467
24David Kerr707059
26Charlie Dunlap716960
27Craig Hanley687063
27Graeme Sutcliffe696567
29Sam Oglesby746662
30Cody Stanton716963
30Mihai Veres746861
32Zachary Pavitt766860
33Steve Coburn716966
33Keenan Eary656576
35Cris Shaikh776666
36Shaun Coffey746967
37Jonathan Bogart677371
38Clifford Kruse757067
39Derek Sundstrom746970
40Andrew Andrasik827170
1Emily Hanson616859$125
2Caley Allen617063$88
2Kristina Draeger616964$88
4Nicki MacLean636765$50
5Julia Roux636866$25
6Teresa Wirtemburg656866
7Kaitlyn Clay666769
8Anna Blasiak657068
9Tracy Knippel637864
10Jennifer Amaral687669
1Ainsley Kennedy757381
1Sarah Pettengill646670$150
2Elizabeth Cipar666273$125
3Brittany Bergquist656875$100
4Sarah Pettengill716870$80
5Liz Kratovich717069$70
6Charlotte Harding666877$60
7K.C. Moran717074$40
7Juliann Polenchar736973$40
7Jean Saunders716876$40
10Emily Braun697078
10Christine Fanning716581
12Daiquiri Przybyla777271
13Amanda Borgman737276
13Rachel Irvin746681
15Melissa Duer737478
16Kayla Burda777186
17Melissa Quinney767982
18Jessica Brisco827583
1Lindsey Ruff737576$50
2Tammy Sylvain968492
1Owen Hamilton595760$40
2Gavin Plourde675656$30
3Landon Brooks625961$20
4Tayler Sylvain616559
5Carsen DeVoe666159
6Gavin MacLean767067
1Kaidence Moore767370$25
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