Neon Nights 1

Monday, April 4, 2022 at Mountain Crest in Las Vegas, Nevada
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

6 week long Glow League at MC! Baskets (and possibly people) will be lit. Come early to get set up. Lights and glow tape available for purchase!

Keep score here:
Use code: Neon

Ace pot starts at $100!!

$5 entry
$2 to Ace Pot
$1 to PDGA
$1 to lights
$1 to trophies

Only Aces are paid out, no weekly or end of league payouts - come out, have some fun, and get a rating!

1st place of each division will receive a trophy on 5/9. Size of trophy will depend on amount of entry fees collected per division.

All PDGA Rules apply except glow tape/lights are allowed. Only OB are streets and parking lots. Please see PDGA league rules here:

Refund policy

Disc Golf Vegas is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

1Richard Hernandez4747
2Andrew Reese4949
3Brandon Matice5050
4Julian Sevilla5353
1Frank Friedlander5353
2Kip Headley5757
1Aaron Morris4848
2Edward J Del Grosso Jr5050
3Julian Cutolo5151
4Justin Crow5252
5Giovanni Rivera5353
5Joe Rourke5353
5Mike Cummings5353
5Sean Malone5353
9Daniel Humphrey5555
9Vince Okuniewski5555
11Chris Leahy5656
12Nicholas Gant5757
1Ben (Caffidget)5252
2Rusty Morgan5454
3Cherokee Dofa5757
4Chris Hymon5858
4Jimmy Miranda5858
4Randall "dirty Randy" Sgamma5858
7Nicolas Theodore6363
8Shawn Stewart6767
9Jeremy Vail-0
1Autumn Leigh6565
2Kimberly Discoe6969
3Kelsey Snyder7373
1Melissa Malone7272
2Crystal Rodriguez7575
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