NADGT -Putting Championships National Qualifying #2

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at NADGT Virtual Putting Lounge in Everywhere USA, New York
Disc golf singles tournament

NADGT -Putting Championships National Qualifying #2 graphic


Tour ManagerKolte Breck
Competition DirectorKyle Maute
Lead ModeratorZak Fortuna
Tour DirectorDavid Feldberg

About this tournament

NADGT State Championships Qualifier- This event is held in the Mountain time zone.


You will need access to a basket , 4 putters, tape measure, pencil and paper , phone , and a phone signal.

You must live in this state or province to register for this event.

After you register you will receive an email from your moderator with exact details on how and what to do to be ready to play in the event.

This is a single elimination bracket style event.

All Amateur Divisions and any professional Rated under 970 that had won less than $3000 lifetime or $1000 this year. For more eligibility details visit - players handbook

Top Finishers Get invite to State Championships

100% payback. Cash and Prizes!!
Payout scale on

State championship qualification
1-8 players - 1 invite to State Championships.
9-16 players - 2 invite to State Championships.
17-24 players - 3 invite to State Championships.
25-32 players - 4 invite to State Championships.
33-40 players - 5 invite to State Championships.
41-48 players - 6 invite to State Championships.
49-56 players - 7 invite to State Championships.
57-64 players - 8 invites to State Championships.
National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Refund policy

NADGT is responsible for all refunds