NADGT Putting Championships Launch Party-North Region 3

Sunday, May 24, 2020 at NADGT Virtual Putting Lounge in Everywhere USA, New York
Disc golf singles tournament

NADGT Putting Championships Launch Party-North Region 3 graphic


Tour DirectorDavid Feldberg
Tournament DirectorKyle Maute
Tour ManagerKolte Breck
Event ModeratorZak Fortuna

About this tournament

NADGT Putting Championships North Region kickoff!!This event is held in the central time zone.

Congratulations on being among the first to be apart of the Online Putting Championships! We are excited to have you and to be kicking things off.

To cover a few things needed to participate.
- Fully Charged Cell Phone
- Discord Application (it's free!)
- Basket
- Tape Measure
- Visible Distance Markers for Putting Station
- Putters
- Tripod (IF you have one, you can do with leaning your phone on something)

How to setup your putting area:
- There are 5 stations (15ft/20ft/25ft/30ft/35ft)
- Must use visible markers to show each station (Flags/soccer cones, etc.)
- Tape measure, so you make sure you set up correct distances AND can show your opponents. This keeps everyone honest.)
- This will be 4 putts from each station. This will also be an alternating putting format known as serpentine.
- Putting points system will be attached to the email as well as inside of discord.
- As for your phone/camera, it will have to be set up either behind you and offset so the opponent can see yourself putting at the station as well as the basket. A tripod will make this very easy to do.
- Though the most important aspect is the ability to see the player putting and the basket they are putting to.

It is very important that when you are signing up to Discord and enter our server that your username is your FIRST and LAST name! (We don't want to guess who "LOLROFLGOD1337" is. Though that is a sweet name.)

Once you are in, you are to find your group. (It will be labeled as your region.) If your are playing the North region, then the North Region is your group to find! Not west..

Join the voice channel and check in asap! Check in starts about 45 minutes prior to start of event.

Here is a link to tutorial videos for Discord. PLEASE WATCH THEM!

Lastly, Here is the link to join the NADGT Discord Server. Just click on it

We look forward to meeting all of you!


You must live in one of these areas to register for this event:

North Region 4:
Colorado East
Colorado West
North Dakota
South Dakota

This is a one time only event to start summer qualifying for the state by State Championships.

Details on Putting Championships

All Amateur Divisions and any professional Rated under 970 that had won less than $3000 lifetime or $1000 this year. For more eligibility details visit - players handbook

Top Finishers Get invite to State Championships!

100% payback. State Championships - $40 entry starting in September 2020
1-8 players- 1 paid spot to State Championships.
9-16 players- 2 paid spots to State Championships.
17-24 players- 3 paid spots to State Championships.
25-32 players- 4 paid spots to State Championships.
33-40 players- 5 paid spots to State Championships.
41-48 players- 6 paid spots to State Championships.
49-56 players -7 paid spots to State Championships.
57-64 players- 8 paid spots to State Championships.

Refund policy

National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.