NADGT Premier @ Evergreen: Presented by Innova - Supported by Prodiscus

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 25-26, 2021 at Evergreen Flyways in Baytown, Texas
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

NADGT Premier @ Evergreen:  Presented by Innova - Supported by Prodiscus graphic


Tournament DirectorJeremy Richards
NADGT Comm DirectorKyle Harrigan

About this tournament


Single Event Divisions offered:

Players Pack $120 Value
ONE Collard Polo Shirt
THREE discs
ONE Tube of Zanfel

Points for NADGT series:
Straight PDGA points for A-tiers
1.33x points for B-tiers Premiers

$17.50/player added to merch payout.
25% of the field will be paid out
Scrip will be redeemable at online store

Trophy Pins:
Provided by Disc Golf Pins
1st place in eligible TOUR divisions will receive a trophy pin

Eligible for Nationals Invites
MA1, FA1, MA40, MA50+, MA2, FA2 FA40+, MJ18 and FJ18
MA3 will receive MA2 invites

Top Finishers Get invite to National Championships!

Invitations are based upon divisional participation

4 or less --> Winner only qualifies
5 or more Top 20% Qualify

Refund policy

National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Refund request made prior to player packs being ordered (approximately 2 weeks) will be issued a 100% refund
Refund request made after player packs being ordered (approximately 2 weeks) will be issued a 90% refund


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Cameron Cote525449155
2Everett Lee Scott Jr.495255156
3Joshua M Thompson475655158
4Jeffory Roy505359162
5Austin Edward Jordan525755164
5Kevin Worthy505460164
7Dylan Thoma505857165
7Erik Dominguez Jr525360165
9Matt Schott575655168
10Anthony Carmona545958171
11Andrew Zinck506162173
12Ben Honey496265176
13Thomas Yawn586160179
14Tyler Roberts546166181
14Will Moore536563181
16Erik Gilman576168186
17John Harkabus586971198
18Larry Martinets5358888999
19Keith Braud54888-942
Amateur 40+
1James Gorman585259169
2Sheldon Jefferson575757171
3Mikey Seibert615068179
4Terry Straub645663183
5Brent Harvell636061184
6Ricardo Charay645869191
7Wayne Gorman676764198
8Mason Rankin787294244
Amateur 50+
1Mark McCoin565557168
1Rob Burridge545052156
2Hunter Paddock545054158
3Andrew Hernandez545552161
3Matthew Sanchez535652161
5Corey Steinmann495657162
6Jeffrey Matherly545655165
7John Canales525659167
8Barrett O'Donnell565458168
9Jerami Waddell556055170
10Casey Welch565362171
10Patrick Morgan585756171
12Jack Curran565662174
13Chandler Beck586356177
13Roy Herpin576060177
13Scott Brignac585762177
16Bryan Curran595861178
17Ethan Gula636056179
17Jacob Lehner575963179
17Jordan Sanchez585863179
20Angel Ortega546462180
21Buddy Walker626162185
22Aaron Evans626367192
23Cooper Davies696769205
24Antonio Cavazos59--59
25Ryan Buster63--63
1Connor OBoyle515658165
2Dick Sparks575359169
3Logan Kitchen595359171
3Tyler Moran526158171
5Andrew Mason585559172
5Rashodd Ishmel575659172
7Patrick O'Boyle605858176
8Jamie Barbee605859177
9Treg Hermis616057178
10Kevin Erb615959179
10Martin Lanham565964179
12Michael Lanham596259180
13James Gregg626059181
14Corey Bierbaum566265183
14Jonathan Ortega635961183
14Jonathan Phan606063183
14Kasey Steil675957183
18Justin Brady626263187
19Patrick Sequeira616364188
20Ryan Scheppe655767189
21Jose Rivas626267191
22Michael Haugh626568195
23Timothy Boone606571196
23Zachary Streng656566196
25Michael Emerson715869198
25Roy Herpin Jr.666567198
27Scott Williams696667202
28Joseph Bovati696573207
29Chase Menard62648881014
30Marcus P Carter69648881021
Advanced Women
1Faith Colbert867481241
Intermediate Women
1Crystal Roy686667201
2Emma Rafuse686377208
3Kelsey Newcomb797478231
4Kara Campbell9789102288