Cherryland's #2 NADGT Exclusive - Camp Taloali

PDGA logoSunday, July 5, 2020 at Camp Taloali in Stayton, Oregon
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Cherryland's #2 NADGT Exclusive - Camp Taloali graphic


Tour ManagerKolte Breck
Tour DirectorDave Feldberg
Tournament DirectorZak Teuscher

About this tournament


Single Event Divisions offered:
-All Amateur Divisions

Players Pack Value $75

Players Choice Players Pack: Pick one from each option & each pack will also include a towel, 50% off Keen shoe card, and Shady Ray and ProPull promo discount cards.

Option 1:
-Innova Disc
-Discraft Disc
-NADGT Dri-Fit

Option 2 :
-Prodigy Disc
-MVP Disc
-Latitude 64 Disc
-Discmania Disc
-DGA Disc
-Prodiscus Disc
-Legacy Disc
-Infinite Disc
- Millennium Disc

-Straight PDGA Points

-Full PDGA Payout Scale
-Scrip will be redeemable at Infinite/NADGT online store

Trophy Pins:
-Provided by Disc Golf Pins
-1st place in eligible TOUR divisions will receive a trophy pin

Eligible "TOUR" divisions:
-MA1, FA1, MA40, MA50, MA2

Top Finishers Get invite to National Championships!

Invitations are based upon divisional participation:
3 or less --> Winner only qualifies
3-10 --> Top 2 qualify
11-20 --> Top 3 qualify
21-30 --> Top 4 qualify
31 + --> Top 5 qualify

Per player course fees, when necessary, may be collected onsite or online, so long as its communicated clearly.

Refund policy

National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
PDGA Guidelines will be used.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Zachary Todd5752109
2Eli Andrus5358111
3Alex Ogden5758115
3Zachary Crist6253115
5J Youngbar5962121
5Josh Warner6061121
5Tyler Franklin5962121
8Ethan Plumb5864122
8Jacob Delay5864122
8Kendall Cordova5864122
11Nik Elliott5964123
12Cody Ratliff5965124
13Juan Amaral6066126
13Michael Miller6561126
13Nick Wolter6561126
13Rob Roth6066126
17Collin Hayden6562127
18JJ Bubier6662128
18Rhyan Greenwell6464128
20Cameron Jensen6268130
20Daniel Dunham6763130
20Michael Babcock6763130
23Jeremiah Johnson6468132
24Lee Heustis6865133
Amateur 40+
1Jason Demeter5957116
2Nick Klemenhagen6060120
3Buck "Yeah!" Rich6657123
4T. J. Sanders6064124
5Lucas Lawrence6362125
6Rob Gibson6269131
7Carl Swanson6967136
8Derek Wolf7166137
8Jon Bongiorno6671137
8Sam Holloway6869137
11Kevin Korman7167138
12Donald Delany6871139
Amateur 50+
1Kenny Kvarnstrom6370133
2Brian Pond6867135
3Gary Erwin7265137
3Russell "Malum" Howard6572137
5Gary Fitzgerald "FITZ"6872140
1Tim Robinson6363126
2Lucas Stoneman6067127
2Trevor Gill6463127
4Brandon Banks6662128
4Jakeb Hammond6563128
6Andre Van Rooyen6762129
6Jake Lain6762129
8Ben Chaloupka6763130
9Dennis Stoneman6567132
10Shane Carter6865133
11Samuel Benson6866134
12Jordan Steigman7362135
13George Wood6670136
14Dylan Renner6572137
14Patrick Boyle7166137
16Zachary Teuscher6475139
17William Johnston7178149
18Ivan Basargin8276158
19Nicholaus Miley8481165
1Tim Bennett6361124
2Kyle McElroy6873141
3Joel Pearson7567142
3Josh Wallace7171142
5Robert Durkee8489173
6Wyatt Durkee106121227
Intermediate Women
1Shawna Pond6881149
2Yianna Durkee8678164
3Gwen Bjerklund8383166
Junior 18
1Connor Stoneman6967136
2Isaac Stoneman7084154