NADGT Exclusive - Browns and Bows

PDGA logoSaturday, July 11, 2020 at Browns-n-Bows Disc Golf in Browns Valley, California
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

NADGT Exclusive - Browns and Bows graphic


Tour ManagerKolte Breck
Tour DirectorDave Feldberg
Tournament DirectorChip Frink

About this tournament


Single Event Divisions offered:
-All Amateur Divisions

Players Pack Value $75

Players Choice Players Pack: Pick one from each option & each pack will also include a towel, 50% off Keen shoe card, and Shady Ray and ProPull promo discount cards.

Option 1:
-Innova Disc
-Discraft Disc
-NADGT Dri-Fit

Option 2 :
-Prodigy Disc
-MVP Disc
-Latitude 64 Disc
-Discmania Disc
-DGA Disc
-Prodiscus Disc
-Legacy Disc
-Infinite Disc
- Millennium Disc

-Straight PDGA Points

-Full PDGA Payout Scale
-Scrip will be redeemable at Infinite/NADGT online store

Trophy Pins:
-Provided by Disc Golf Pins
-1st place in eligible TOUR divisions will receive a trophy pin

Eligible "TOUR" divisions:
-MA1, FA1, MA40, MA50, MA2

Top Finishers Get invite to National Championships!

Invitations are based upon divisional participation:
3 or less --> Winner only qualifies
3-10 --> Top 2 qualify
11-20 --> Top 3 qualify
21-30 --> Top 4 qualify
31 + --> Top 5 qualify

Per player course fees, when necessary, may be collected onsite or online, so long as its communicated clearly.

Refund policy

National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Ryan Poso464389
2Dandridge Marsh464793
3Brad Moulton474895
3Skyler Mousley484795
3Zach McFarling484795
6Derek Zaragoza465096
7Chris Barr475097
8Alex Pevear465298
8Billy Pearson494998
8Kris Moffitt475198
11Dann Turner514899
12Evan Kelly4654100
12Richard Wing-Shoffner5149100
14Brad Jones4853101
14Derek Moore5051101
14Landon Ritchey4952101
14Rodney Jacobson4952101
18Ernesto Vasquez4953102
18Lucas Warmerdam5250102
18Manny Engberson4953102
21Mitchell Cavin5449103
21Steven Buschmann5152103
23Andrew Hernandez5054104
23Jett Livingston4856104
25Andrew Lopez5253105
25David Lineback4857105
25Trevon Williams4758105
28Alex Johnson4957106
28Anthony Vasquez5056106
28Christopher Rodriguez5254106
31DJ Muses5454108
31Robert Myren4860108
33Ryan Wilson5258110
34Andrew Hagenow5259111
34Timothy Scott4863111
36Brandon Hill5458112
37Austin Morehead5759116
Amateur 40+
1Mark Morton435194
2Arno Lopez4951100
2Darren Mounts4951100
4Dominic Drozdowicz4853101
5C.J. Nakayama5155106
5Tony Villar5155106
7Jeremy Cole5058108
7Kevin Cotner5355108
9Billy Yee5455109
10Jason Williams5853111
11Darrell Echols5559114
Amateur 50+
1Mark Hauser4951100
2Mark Brown4853101
3Danny Austin5052102
4Carlos Perales4954103
4Robert Bare4855103
4S. Dave Piper5053103
7Jud Sheffield5153104
8Tullin Valdez5253105
9Craig Myren5256108
10Ken Griffith4961110
11Jesse Johnson5360113
11Mark Bohn Sr5063113
13Steve Higs5958117
14Carlos N Juaquin6061121
1Bradley Wright494897
2Guy Melms485098
3Casey Bagozzi5050100
3Daniel Alonso5149100
3Markham Shofner5149100
3Trenton Boehm4951100
7Andrew Sitzmann5249101
8Wes Webster5547102
9Mike Cassaro5350103
10Jeramiah Starkey5153104
11Samuel Patton5947106
11Sean Rogan5650106
13Adam Vasquez5552107
13Ben Harrison5057107
13Daniel Arismendi5354107
13Douglas Barnes5354107
13Gregg Hammer5750107
13Kevin Reich5453107
19Dustin Shelden5652108
19James De La Rosa5454108
19Lynn Werth5652108
22James Gilbert5159110
22Patrick Weers5654110
24Christopher Eldredge5556111
24Kevin Wood6150111
26Aaron Gandy5953112
26Erik Cooper5656112
28James Pina6053113
29Steven Morton5856114
29Tyler Wallace6252114
31Benjamin Garcia6155116
31Rob Serna5858116
33Nick Rathburn6256118
34Mike Maryman6258120
35Josh Talaugon6464128
1Joe Sharp514899
2Anthony Merry5451105
2Garrett Dupree5253105
4Albert Liberini5849107
5James Paulo5058108
6Andy Burton6148109
6Michael Salet6049109
8Sal Jacquez6050110
9Erek Morton5655111
9Steven Fultz5952111
11Jordan Fox5657113
11Renaud Travadon5855113
13Andy Johnson5757114
14Josh Thompson5857115
15John Hallford6254116
16Benjamin Pieczynski5959118
17Todd Cline6158119
18Sean Cline6456120
19Chris Taylor6160121
19ERIC ALONSO6655121
21Scott Peterson6260122
22Michael Garibay6165126
23Charlie Miller67-67
Advanced Women
1Sonia McNally4858106
2Rhiannon Langlois5460114
3Kayla Eldridge5668124
4Jesse Powell6065125
Amateur Women 40+
1Sue Perales5564119
2Laurie Gerpheide5966125
Recreational Women
1Deona Werth6769136
2Christine Lockhart6772139
Junior 18
1Austin Weers7156127
2Matthew Griffith7062132
3Ashtin Weers7683159