NADGA's 1st Annual Poker Tournament

Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Great Blue Heron in Norwalk, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament



Club President/ Financial DirectorKeith Blakely

About this tournament

$40.00 ($30 to pot and $10 table fee) Lunch/Dinner is included with the table fee. Registration and lunch are from NOON-2:30pm. The poker event will begin at 3pm. Seating will be done randomly. 

Blinds will start at 25/50 and progress every 1/2 hour with a 20 minute break every 2hrs. During each 20 minute break you will cash in/color up the smaller chips to keep everything running smoothly.

You have the option to Re-buy up to two times during the first 2hrs of the event only. Re-buys cost $20.00 for a starting chip stack. At the first 2hr break an Add-On option will be offered, Only 1/person, $30 for full starting chip stack, no fees charged to add-ons. (This is for people still sitting at a table with chips.) Add-ons go into the prize pool.

Many disc golf prizes along with a plaque to the top three finishers will be given out. There will be a 50/50 raffle. Bringing your own drinks is ok, pop and water will be available for purchase. The player roster will be capped at 80 players.

This is a fundraising event for the NADGA (Norwalk Area Disc Golf Association) All table fees and Re-buys will be going to the NADGA for course improvements and future disc golf events. This year its for our "Fire in the Sky" disc golf tournament on July 13th and 14th that is now a true B-tier tournament. We all thank you very much for your support! 

Any additional monetary donations are appreciated, doing so gets you and your business (if applicable) a lifetime of advertisement through the NADGA. Bring a friend!! Come and have a great time!!! 

ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES!! (park rules!) If you are found in possession of alcohol you will be disqualified from the tournament and asked to leave the event with no refund! 

Contact Keith Blakely (419-681-6180) or Cora Lochotzki (419-271-0426) for questions or to pre-register (must pay entry and table fee) and reserve your spot on the roster.

If you would like to register for this event please put your name in the "talk" section of this event. I will not cap the registration on here just understand that unless we are paid in advance it will be first come first serve at the door until the 80 available spots are filled. Thanks