Mulligans at Moraine

Friday, November 26, 2021 at Moraine State Park in Portersville, Pennsylvania
Disc golf event

About this tournament

This event will be to introduce the Pittsburgh Area to the newly concreted White Tees at Moraine (Thanks to all the volunteers)! The format of this event will be a Mulligan challenge, where every hole needs completed in a giving goal to each division. All players will score the total mulligans taken for each hole. The lowest Score wins! Everyone will play from the White Tees.

Mulligans at Moraine Rules

Registration will take place between 8am and 9:50 am (try to tee off by 10).

Groups will be formed, with a minimum of 3 per card, preferably max of 5 to keep cards moving. You can form groups yourself, or I can assign them. Tee off as soon as your group is created. Your group doesn’t have to be only your division.

All 18 holes will be played from the white tees. Tee off from 11 or 4. (I’m expecting the gate to be closed by then)

Be sure you are courteous to all casual plays. The course will not be closed for the event. Please let faster playing groups (including ones in the event) play through.

A choice must be made from the shot just taken (don’t go run up to where your disc landed, only to find out your 60ft short).
If a shot is in question of being OB, call your “Provisional”, and take X many mulligans until a desired shot is taken, then review if your disc is actually OB. Another card member may go ahead and inform you if a shot is OB or not. No other information is to be provided

Payments will be Cash (prefered) or Venmo (please bring exact change if possible)
Payouts will be top 3 (1st - 60%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd 10% (Rounded up or down))
If you come early, and do not want to wait for all cards to finish for payouts, there will be a spot available to write your paypal/venmo. If you win, I can get you your winnings if you cash that way.


Each hole will “score” the total number of mulligans taken on a given hole.
Getting the target score with no mulligans is recorded as a zero (0)
Record only the number of mulligans used for each hole
The max number of mulligans you can take on a given hole is SIX (6).
If a true Ace (first attempted shot on a hole) is hit, you score a -3 for the hole!

Tie Breakers:
Tiebreaker #1 = most “perfect” holes in a round (no mulligans used to achieve target score)
Tiebreaker #2 = most holes using only one mulligan
Tiebreaker #X = most holes using only X mulligans (so on and so forth)

Division, Fees, and Mulligan Objective:

Pro/Adv: $20 Entry - 18 holes must be under par.

Intermediate: $15 Entry - 9 holes must be Birdie or better. The 9 others holes must be completed par or better. Your birdie/par holes can be determined as you finish each hole.
Failure in completing at least 9 birdie holes will result in a score of 6 for each birdie hole less than 9. The best par holes will be over-written with the score of 6. For example, if you only have 7 birdied holes at the end of the round, take the lowest 2 par holes, and make them a mulligan score of 6.

Rec: $10 Entry - All holes must be completed Par or better.

MA40: $10 Entry - All holes must be completed Par or better.

FA: $10 Entry - All holes must be completed Par or better. You are more than welcome to participate in any of the groups above if you wish

Ace Pot - $2. CTP will determine who wins if no aces are hit.



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