FlighTowel Presents Mt Hood Masters' Championship Driven by Innova 2021

PDGA logoFri-Sun, October 22-24, 2021 at Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, Oregon
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

FlighTowel Presents Mt Hood Masters' Championship Driven by Innova 2021 graphic
Added cash $1,100


Tournament DirectorMarcus Burks
Assistant Tournament DirectorLloyd Bledsoe

About this tournament

Mt Hood Masters’ Championship Driven by Innova

The next Oregon State Masters’ Championship will be October 22-24, 2021. The three-day event will include field events and a doubles round on Friday the 22nd and two rounds at Milo over two days, 2 rounds of 18 in the BSF layout. All masters divisions will be open for competition, regardless of the size of the division. During the week prior, various C-tier and XC-tier events will be available to play as opportunities to play a variety of courses in the Portland Metro Area.

Friday October 22, 2021, Field events will consist of a distance competition, putting competition and skill shot competition. Each field event will have an entry fee of $10. Trophies will be awarded. There will also be other games to participate in outside of the field events. Friday after noon will be a double event, more details to follow.
Saturday and Sunday October 23-24, 2021, Pros will play one round on Milo East on Saturday and Milo West on Sunday. AMs will play one round on Milo West on Saturday and Milo East on Sunday.

Registration Opens on Friday July 16, 6:00 pm Local Pacific Time, Registration closes October 7, 2021, at 6:00 pm Local Pacific Time.

Competition is open to the first 120 Pros and 120 AMs for a total of 240 athletes.

Professional Athletes: Registration is $100, Not more than $15 will be used to cover tournament expenses to include course rental, PDGA fees and trophy costs. If the event fills, should be close to $10. $750 added cash will be added to the pro purse. If fundraising goes well, we are hoping to increase the added cash to $2,000. We will keep you posted as we raise more funds. All payouts will be made via PayPal with goods and services. If you do not have PayPal please contact the TD individually.

Amateur Athletes: Registration is $75. Tournament value will be over $125. The tournament value will include an Innova based player pack.

Trophies will be awarded to all divisions. There is not a minimum number of athletes to make a division. However, trophies will only be awarded to the top 50% of the division with a maximum of 3 trophies per division. E.g.,
# of athletes / # of trophies
5 or more/3

Tee Sign Sponsorships are available for $50 or $25 for a half sign. Please help support this event and help it grow by sponsoring a tee sign.

TD message: I had a vision to create Oregon’s first Master’s State Championship. Last year, after we lost our venue twice due to the pandemic and a wildfire, we were able to move to Milo McIver State Park and host 96 athletes. Not counting majors, that was the first master’s (40 and older) event on the West Coast. This year we hope to more than double the number of athletes that can compete. Also we hope to break the State of Oregon record for the largest division of MA40's to compete in a single tournament of 35 athletes.

Let see if last year’s Champions can maintain their title!

FA 40 Jazzy Hobbs
FA50 Tracy Delfel Johnson
FA60 Julie Monroe-Falk

MP40 Mike Gilespie
MP55 Barry “B” Bolliger
MP60 Jeff Witt
MP65 Steve Tuffy
MP75 Tom Schot

MA40 Buck “Yeah!” Rich
MA50 Jeff McBride
MA55 Jeff Hemmerling
MA60 Gary Erwin
MA65 Martin Falk

Refund policy

Big Timber Disc Golf


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53096
Pro 40+
1Chris May6356119$760
2Justin Joers6259121$370
2Justin Roscoe6358121$370
2Mike Best6160121$370
2Mike Gillespie6259121$370
2Ming Vang6160121$370
2Ned Blaisdell6061121$370
8David Munk5864122$240
8Dennis Axmacher6557122$240
8Kristian Skybak6359122$240
11Coury Coates6261123$190
11Daniel Medina6558123$190
11Jason Coke6261123$190
14Eric Gregory6361124$170
14Tony Beckett6064124$170
16James Morse6263125$160
17Jeff Mittl6561126$155
17Russ H6363126$155
19Casey Lyon6562127$140
19Ruben Alaniz6859127$140
21Jeff Ballard6762129$130
22Dana Etienne6763130$120
23Eric Dodson6566131$110
23Jeffery Roberts6665131$110
23Justin Ruljancich6764131$110
26Doug Moore6963132$90
26Marx Ramirez6765132$90
26Nate “fella” Salvon6765132$90
26Robb Gunn6666132$90
30Paul Blastic6667133$85
31Casey Kimball6866134$25
31Cloud Pemble7262134$25
31Eli Keltz6767134$25
34Dustin Milbrodt6570135
34Matt Winter7065135
34Oren Bame7065135
37Adin Nelson6472136
38Jeremy Foremny6869137
38Mark Scheid6968137
40Jonah Schmidt7068138
40Rafael Lopez7563138
42Jesse García7168139
43Scott Marson7070140
44Andy Boyle6972141
44Josh Dearing7269141
46Benny Bond7369142
47Casey Rech7370143
48Jason Nehmer7470144
49Nathan Allen6878146
49William Jenkins7373146
51Shawn Madden7473147
52Otis Heavenrich7672148
53Ezra Gouge7873151
54Bobby Goodridge7478152
54Miles Murray7775152
54Ricky Orlinski7874152
57Rodney Marohl7578153
58Gregg Sutton64888952
59Torre Stensland67888955
60Dan Z71888959
61Geremy Hewitt75888963
62Bruce Talamantes77888965
63Jaspen Johnson127-127
64Bryan Wilkinson--0
64Carson Wilson--0
64Cody Bernius--0
64Danny Wortz--0
64Richard Turner--0
Pro 50+
1Robert R. Bainbridge6159120$595
2Camo Mike Niemi Sr6358121$395
3Michael P. Werth6360123$295
4Jeff Cox6163124$230
5Jerry Randall6363126$175
5Peter Sontag6165126$175
7Ron Tron Lidstrom6760127$130
8Timothy Kremer6464128$120
9Bill Winkler6267129$95
9David Fielding6366129$95
9Rick Reichard6564129$95
12Joe Baldoni6961130$80
13Greg Macknight6666132$75
14Mark Kilmer6568133
15Cheyney Steininger7064134
16Barry "B" Bolliger6867135
17Mike Ruzicka6571136
18Jim Tobish7368141
19Jason Hill7270142
20Jason Demeter7271143
20KC Seymour7271143
22Brent Allard7074144
23Steve Sandvik7274146
24Rob Hinton8073153
25Michael Valdez8074154
26Brian Riley66888954
27Chris Barbo--0
Pro 55+
1Sean Bozman Wood8076156$90
Pro 60+
1Mike Ward5959118$315
2David Munoz6059119$195
3Lance Redfern6358121$145
4Kurt Bayne6565130$100
5Tom Dooley6368131
6Jay Sexton7064134
7Rob Wise7167138
8Steve Jones73888961
Pro 65+
1Pop Tufty6370133$180
2Richard Farmer6668134$100
3Leroy Ron Stevens8277159
Pro 70+
1Tom Bontempo6472136$177
2Jon Graff7066136$106
3Jack Lorber7575150
Pro 75+
1Barry Fischer6976145$90
Pro Women 40+
1Sally West6462126$185
2Jody Dixon7065135
Pro Women 55+
1Christine Huestis7471145$90
Pro Women 65+
1Karen Brown8280162$189
2Toni Hoyman8479163
Amateur 40+
1Tyler Eddington6566131
2Aaron Sturgeon6766133
2Brandon Gundlach6766133
2Luke Jenks6370133
2Olin Wood6865133
6Scott Wales6668134
7Adam Fitzpatrick6967136
7Keola Kirkwood6769136
9Anthony Burgess6968137
9Nic Kilkenny6968137
9Rob Weideman6770137
12Buck "Yeah!" Rich6771138
12Daniel Marsh7068138
12Dustin Hobbs6969138
12Justin LaBerge7266138
16Jon Horgan7069139
16Justin Dam7267139
16Matt Bailey7069139
16Thomas Stassen6970139
20Joshua Ames6973142
21Jim Palmer7370143
22Alex Lugus6975144
22Benjamin James Boyle7272144
22Chuck Dingle7272144
22Ryan Perry7470144
26Daniel "Joker" Handyside7471145
26Scott Butler7570145
28Matt Chappell7472146
29Eric Saulsbury7572147
30Ken Bierman7870148
31Aaron Stagg7772149
31Brian Carlson7376149
31Jim Davis7277149
34Don Midkiff7971150
34Edward Du Brutz7476150
36Brandon Rydell7873151
36Dave Clement7774151
36Kevin Carlson7378151
36Nate Zacny7675151
40Colin Walker7775152
40Nick Nisbet7577152
42Aaron Young7677153
43Daniel Harding7381154
43Geoffrey Marsden8173154
45Casey Sixkiller8174155
46Mark Parsons8175156
47Jeremy Running7780157
47Robert Middleton7879157
47Slade Sapora7483157
47Zackary White8077157
51Jake Dixon7781158
52Matt Ford8079159
52Michael Running7485159
54Joel Jones8476160
55Bryan Jungling8478162
55Jeremy Wentworth8181162
57Justin Ringer8480164
58Tom McCarthy9388181
59Allen Heinly81888969
60Alexx Bollen85888973
61Scott Bresee77-77
62Allan Holiday888-888
62Corey Hester888-888
62Eric McDonald888-888
65Nicholas Moreno--0
Amateur 50+
1James Huestis6262124
2Rich Ray6567132
3Jeff Mcbride6667133
4Jeffrey Wright7367140
4Mark Hill6971140
4Robert Byram7070140
7Paul Coulam7568143
8Brian Pond7673149
9Chad Garber7773150
9Danny Mccolligan7773150
9Stacey "Stace' The Ace"7476150
12Lonell Greene7280152
13Ken Acquin7875153
14Darin McCoy7876154
15Ian Alexander7976155
16Bob Leet7882160
16Geoff Goldspink7981160
18Linc Williams8082162
19Todd Jordan84888972
20Kevin Anderson98888986
Amateur 55+
1Steve Boveri7873151
2Chris Pepper7776153
3Dennis Mauroni7779156
4Mike Purdy7583158
5Michael Blair75888963
Amateur 60+
1Jeff Hemmerling6467131
2Loren Lopez6768135
2Rick Russell6867135
4Kevin Korman7168139
5Gary Erwin6971140
6Robert Hanson7171142
7Ralph Huntoon7172143
8Dennis Gates7272144
9Anthony Rizzo7273145
10MARK DOLIVO888-888
10Marvin Johnson888-888
10Steve Bachtel888-888
Amateur 65+
1Martin Falk7172143
2Matt Bogusz8381164
Amateur Women 40+
1Cindy McMahan7975154
2Shawna Pond7877155
3Brenna Bilbrough7781158
4Holly DeWit8673159
5Amanda Bresee8283165
6Debbie Irwin8682168
7Kat Tippetts8485169
Amateur Women 55+
1Barri Blair108116224
2Tracy Delfel Johnson888-888
Amateur Women 60+
1Julie Monroe-Falk8790177
Amateur Women 65+
1Song Hanson111132243