Monkey Business

PDGA logoSunday, July 25, 2021 at Dr. James A. Dillon park in Noblesville, Indiana
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

This event will be played at Dillon and Hazel! We are doing our favorite 21 hole layout at Dillon and 20 holes at Hazel.

We will start at Hazel.


At Hazel
MA1, MA2 AND MA40 will play odds short even Long, 2.5 short and hole A long. Blue baskets on hole 2 and 6 and 8

Hole A is after 18 and before 1. 2.5 is after 2 and before 3.

All other divisions will play short pads except 9. No one will play hole 9 on short pad. Hole 6 WILL NOT be modified thanks to the hard work of so many people at our work day this week, hole 6 is in amazing shape and friendly for all divisions.

for Ma1, Ma2 and MA40
At Dillon we will be playing the Mayhem Layout and all longs. Bunker style OB on the back 9. If you land inside the bunker marked with white paint, you take a stroke and play from where it lies. This is indeed a mayhem layout sure to give you the best challenge Dillon has to offer.

For all other divisions you will be playing Odd Long even short with no bunker OB.

We will be chalking Dillon mid week. If rain is a factor and chalk isn't clearly remaining by Sunday, no one will play bunker OB.

We have 2 additional hole we add with the mayhem layout.

Hole A is after 5 and before 6. It's behind 2's basket and plays from the sidewalk to a small grouping of trees to the North.

Hole B is after 9 and before 10. It's pad is behind the restrooms and the basket is in the grouping of trees to the north.

We will also be playing hole 19. 19's basket says practice. The long pad will be from the sidewalk with white flags and sidewalk chalk marking the pad/line. In the event of rain where chalk won't stick, we will all play it from the regular pad.

We will only play one course at a time for this event so the field is limited to 80 players. We may expand this to 84 but our goal is to limit 5 player cards as much as possible.

Our artwork for this event is being processed and will be sure to be a hit!

You're going to love the event shirt. We are doing these in house as well so you'll get a high quality player pack as well as prize pool payout and a trophy our winners will be proud to display.

Refund policy

Please keep in mind, once you've registered a shirt is being created for you. If you withdrawal the cost of the shirt and shipping will be deduced from your refund. In order to give you the highest quality possible we have to start early so when the event is closer we can focus on other small details to make this the best No More Monkey business Yet!

If you have to withdrawal we understand. Here's the refund breakdown.

Your shirt was completed a little over cost in house so our players can have a larger payout and maximum value for this event.

$23.00 of each entry went to this. We can ship your shirt for $4.50. Please provide the address with your refund request. If you'd like to pick it up at a future event or Chubb Disc Golf HQ please notate that as well.

IF we can fill your spot we will refund the remaining amount if you request a week prior to the event. This gives our other players who were on the waitlist a chance to join us.