Minnesota Doubles Series - Finale @ The Preserve

Sunday, October 24, 2021 at Airborn Disc Golf Preserve in Clearwater, Minnesota
Disc golf teams tournament

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Tournament DirectorJason Wilder
Assistant Tournament DirectorCale Leiviska

About this tournament

Welcome Back to the Minnesota Doubles Series (MDS)

There is some important information to know:


Only ONE player from a team should register via Disc Golf Scene. They will register and pay for BOTH players. You will need each players Name, PDGA# and Email Address to register.


Round 1 - Best Shot
Round 2 - Alternating Shot

Best Shot - Both players attempt every shot from tee to basket. The players then determine which shot is the better of the two and play the next shot from that location. Proceed this way on each shot until a putt is made. If the first player to putt, makes the putt, the second player does not need to putt.

Alternating Shot - Player 1 will drive on hole 1. Player 2 will take the next shot. Player 1 will take the next shot etc, until the hole is completed. Regardless of who drove on the previous hole, the player who made the putt, will NOT be the one to tee off on the next hole. Alternate EVERY shot until the round is complete.


After hearing from the community on this topic, it was determined the most fair, equitable and popular to create 3 divisions based on ratings ONLY. This avoids having to break the overall field into too many divisions in order to account for every possibility (womens only teams, mixed gender, age protected and/or juniors).

The Ratings Divisions are:

960 and above
909 and below

Your division will be based on your "Team Rating". A Team Rating will be determined using the following formula:

2/3rd of the higher rated players rating
1/3rd of the lower rated players rating

For example:

Player 1 rating is 960 (2/3rd of 960 is 643)
Player 2 rating is 890 (1/3rd of 890 is 294)

Together their "Team Rating is 937 (643+294) and would most appropriately play in the 910-959 division titled AM1.

A team can always choose to "play up" to a higher division, but can never play below their team rating.

Also, ANY team with a player rated 990 or higher is automatically in the PRO division regardless of their partners rating.


Entry is:

$100/Team for PRO
$80/Team for AM1
$80/Team for AM2

Per Player Deductions from entry fees is as follows:

$1 to Minnesota Frisbee Association (MFA)
$1 to Season Finale (all monies taken from a given division will go back to that division)
$1 to Admin Costs (course rental fees, paper, ink etc)
$2 to Cash CTP's (1 for each division (3) and 1 for ALL divisions)

Any additional fees are at the discretion of each TD

$1 per player will go to support the Twin Town Throwdown B Tier.


The Minnesota Doubles Series (MDS) will follow the PDGA guidelines when calculating payouts. Payouts will be 100% of NET entry fees to all three divisions. (NET is total entry fees, less deductions listed above.)

PRO: Top 40% of the field
AM: Top 45% of the field

Refund policy

Tournament Director is responsible for all refunds.




Sunday, October 24, 2021
- 8:45am
Check In
- 9:00am
Player Meeting
- 12:00pm
First Round
- 1:30pm
- 4:00pm
Second Round
- 4:30pm
Side Games
- 5:00pm

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$100.00 / teamPRO960 Team Rating and Above
$80.00 / teamAM3879 Team rating and below
$80.00 / teamAM2880-919 Team rating
$80.00 / teamAM1920-959 Team Rating