Minnesota Doubles Series #7 - Brookview

Sunday, July 16, 2023 at Brookview in Golden Valley, Minnesota
Disc golf doubles tournament

Minnesota Doubles Series #7 - Brookview graphic

About this tournament

Welcome Back to the Minnesota Doubles Series (MDS)

There is some important information to know:


You will need at least the following to register:

Phone #
MFA # (enter 0000 if you dont know it or dont have one)
PDGA# (if you have one, so we can verify ratings if needed)


2 rounds of 18 holes

Best Shot - Both players attempt every shot from tee to basket. The players then determine which shot is the better of the two and play the next shot from that location. Proceed this way on each shot until a putt is made. If the first player to putt, makes the putt, the second player does not need to putt.


After hearing from the community on this topic, it was determined the most fair, equitable and popular to create 4 divisions based on ratings ONLY. This avoids having to break the overall field into too many divisions in order to account for every possibility (womens only teams, mixed gender, age protected and/or juniors).

The Ratings Divisions are:

PRO is 970 and above
AM1 is 920-969
AM2 is 870-919
AM3 is 869 and below

Your division will be based on your "Team Rating". A Team Rating will be determined using the following formula:

2/3rd of the higher rated players rating
1/3rd of the lower rated players rating

For example:

Player 1 rating is 960 (2/3rd of 960 is 643)
Player 2 rating is 890 (1/3rd of 890 is 294)

Together their "Team Rating is 937 (643+294) and would most appropriately play in the 920-969 division titled AM1.

A team can always choose to "play up" to a higher division, but can never play below their team rating.

Also, ANY team with a player rated 970 or higher is automatically in the PRO division regardless of their partners rating.


Entry is:

$110/Team for PRO
$90/Team for AM1
$90/Team for AM2

Per Player Deductions from entry fees is as follows:

$5 Facility Fees
$3 Year End payouts
$1 to Season Finale (all monies taken from a given division will go back to that division)
$1 to Admin Costs (course rental fees, paper, ink etc)

Any additional fees are at the discretion of each TD

$1 per player will go to support the Twin Town Throwdown B Tier.


The Minnesota Doubles Series (MDS) will follow the PDGA guidelines when calculating payouts. Payouts will be 100% of NET entry fees to all four divisions. (NET is total entry fees, less deductions listed above.)

PRO: Top 40% of the field
AM: Top 45% of the field

Refund policy

Tournament Director is responsible for all refunds. We follow PDGA Guidelines re: all refunds.


Golden Valley, MN   Get Directions


Final Results

Round 1: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Logan Utter
Zack Mullin
434891 (-17)$224
2Scott Silverman
Trevor Hill
444892 (-16)$186
3Jordan Cisewski
Sean Bjork
454893 (-15)$130
3Joseph Calabrese
Ryan Calabrese
464793 (-15)$130
5Danny Crockett
Toad Nynas
464894 (-14)$76
6Andrew Haug
Troy Lehto
465096 (-12)
6Erik Jones
Jordan Rosevold
494796 (-12)
8Ashwin Stratton
Sage Raghib
494998 (-10)
9Alek Anderson
Daniel Miley
514899 (-9)
10Brandon Refsland
Chad Refsland
4951100 (-8)
11Carter Greene
Robert Jackson
5559114 (+6)
Round 1: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Brent Riddersen
Ryley Tennyson
484795 (-13)$206
2Pedro Ortega
Wes Newhouse
484896 (-12)$186
3Kevin Shay
Maui Kahiapo
485098 (-10)$164
4Brian Kohout
Troy Iverson
465399 (-9)$136
4Henry Myos
Paige Myos
514899 (-9)$136
6Brian Hanschen
Craig Hanschen
5051101 (-7)$86
6Dan Bell
Grant Kadansky
5051101 (-7)$86
6James Ehlenz
Matt Syx
4952101 (-7)$86
9Jason Mikle
Jeffrey Rademacher
5349102 (-6)
9Lucas Messer
Rich Silbernagel
5151102 (-6)
11Andrew Aguilar
Anthony Hunt
5252104 (-4)
12Adam Henke
Derek Walton
5055105 (-3)
12Gene Laforge
5055105 (-3)
14Dave Lake
David Caccamo
5551106 (-2)
15Brian Schoenrock
Pete Carr
5453107 (-1)
16Chad Laffey
Jack Hefferan
5854112 (+4)
Round 1: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Katherine Larson
Nicholas Koes
495099 (-9)$220
2Michael Bedard
Raul Angel Varela
5050100 (-8)$196
3Mark Nelson
Matt Jameson
4954103 (-5)$160
4Curtis Majors
Tylor Chin
5153104 (-4)$136
5John Cowle
Zac Truehl
4956105 (-3)$104
6Andrew Johnson
Mike Johnson
5353106 (-2)$70
7Alicia Carr
Missy Davey
5455109 (+1)
8Travis Hellen
Trent Hellen
5060110 (+2)
9Alan Toczydlowski
Matthew Hefferan
5160111 (+3)
9Jacob Day
Ryan Kummer
5457111 (+3)
11Cailyn Olesen
Mikayla Anderson
5558113 (+5)
12Dylan Ellingson
Jesse Heifort
5461115 (+7)
13Bryan Kinkel
Cristina Kinkel
5768125 (+17)
Round 1: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Brookview - Twin Town Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Calvin Lonnquist
Peter Calabrese
373976 (-32)$250
2Anders Lind
Donovan Stein
424284 (-24)$160
3Derek Sahr
Grant Dammann
424486 (-22)$120
4Anthony Erickson
Tony Anderlie
464591 (-17)
5Augustus Perrin
Chris Cook
484593 (-15)
6Glen Bruhschwein
Taylor Bruhschwein
455095 (-13)
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