Mini Fall Classic (Flex Start Singles)

Saturday, October 2, 2021 at Trimborn Farm in Greendale, Wisconsin
Disc golf singles tournament

Mini Fall Classic (Flex Start Singles) graphic

About this tournament

Mini Fall Classic is a flex start, 2 round 10 hole putter tournament at the historic Trimborn Farm in Greendale Wisconsin presented by Midy Disc Golf and Terry Miller (The Disc Golf Guy)!

This event will feature multiple disc golf vendors, breweries, and a food truck. Vendors and brewery specifics will be released post haste.

The event will be a festive fall celebration of all things we love about disc golf and bringing the Southeast Wisco scene together.

The event will start at 10am and have the format of a flex tournament. Start when convenient with a card of 3-5 players per round. If you do not have a group, no worries! This event is about making friends in the disc golf community.

Players receive with admission:
-Player Pack
-Midy and Disc Golf Guy Beanie
-1 Raffle Ticket Entry (Additional Raffle Tickets for Purchase)

Players are required to use putter discs for both rounds (3 speed and under). Work those putters!!

Ace pool is $1 at registration for signature island hole 10!

We encourage friends and families to join us for the festivities regardless if competing in the tournament.

We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating Wisconsin disc golf!

Refund policy

Midy Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. No refunds will be issued 24hrs before the event.


Trimborn Farm
Greendale, WI   Get Directions


Final Results

Round 1: Trimborn Farm - Regular tees, 10 holes, par 30
Round 2: Trimborn Farm - Regular tees, 10 holes, par 30
1Dan Sahagian242448
2Luke Hanewall242549
3Alex Wienke232750
3Dustin Skorupinski242650
5Douglas Tocco262551
5Timothy Mueller252651
7Caleb A Cribb272552
7Louie Hardesty252752
7Nathan Berillo252752
10Andy Garens272653
10Dillon Fasse272653
10Jordan Kondrath282553
13Jake Harmelink282654
13Jeremy Braun272754
13Kevin Kline282654
13Martin Coronel243054
13Michael Skenadore282654
18Dylan Worden292655
18Jesse R.282755
18Mason Maxwell272855
18Ryan Campbell272855
22Eric Phelps302656
22Joe Hefti253156
22Joshua Meyer282856
22Ray C Leopold282856
22Ryan Swendrowski272956
27Andrew Borostowski273057
27Brad Rothweiler282957
27Jacob Robers292857
27James Ortiz292857
27Kris Zvaigzne302757
27Philip Malko332457
27Tyler Torosian282957
34Alex Diessner312758
34Andrew Aring283058
34David Hill292958
34Kaitlin Borgwardt283058
34Sean Sweeney302858
39Cameron Zastrow302959
39Jordan Schmor283159
39Mitch Macaluso312859
39Sam Drobka312859
39Steve Abbott302959
44Ben Krumbiegel303060
44Daniele Brier283260
44David Low303060
44Jenny Reck293160
44Keith Curran303060
44Mark G303060
44Nathaniel Parks332760
44Sam Berendes312960
44Spence Strath273360
53Cameron Muir313061
53Corey LaFleur303161
53Kate Krakow332861
53Matt Godgluck322961
53Phaedra Allen332861
53Ryan Franke313061
53Steve Suhaysik293261
60Gunnar Simenc332962
60Joey Adams303262
60Michael Pitcher362662
60Michelle May323062
64Jen Valentine293463
64Kevin McKissick323163
64Nathan Robers313263
64Ryan Fox283563
64Steve Sadowski313263
64Taylor Davis323163
70Crystal Serna323264
70Tyler DeKarske303464
72Anthony Framke313465
72Christophor Cragun313465
72Sean Lewis343165
75Brad Krasemann343266
75Hailey Winski323466
75Samuel Martinson323466
78Hayley Brown333568
78Jacob Peach323668
80Neil Warren343569
81Daniel Gagliano363470
82Skye Howard383371
83Paul Unger363672
84Helen Handschuh353974
85David McCarthy--0
85Evan Johnson--0
85Jackson Sweeney--0
85Jacob Alvarez--0
85Jake Helling--0
85Jake Zehren--0
85Jason San Filippo--0
85Jenny San Filippo--0
85John H Roder--0
85Keegan Sweeney--0
85Lindsey 'Sexy Flexy' Westberg--0
85Nikolaus Vincent--0
85Ryan Hermanson--0
85Scott Radtke--0
85Stephan Hermanson--0
85William Tait--0
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