Might, Magic, & Mischief: A 2019 Quiddisc Championship

Sunday, September 29, 2019 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

Might, Magic, & Mischief: A 2019 Quiddisc Championship graphic

About this tournament

<< Important Details! Read This Short List! >>

1. You must already be a 2019 Quiddisc member to play this event.
1a. If you are not a Quiddisc member you can register as a muggle!
2. This event will be Trophy Only for the winning house.
3. There is only room for 18 players per house to register. Strategery welcome.
4. Dressing up as a wizard gets you points!

<Thank You!>

Get out your broomsticks and magic wands, everyone. It's time for some wizardry! Get your spell books, and get your familiars. Get all your things. Get your robes and your potions. Get it all together. Put it in a magic suitcase that shrinks everything down somehow then walk through a brick wall in a train station and get your wizard body down to Roots for the quirkiest disc golf tournament you've ever played.

Ever wanted to use those mystical powers that you've been keeping a secret from society all these years to cast spells on your friends? Well, now's your big chance! Use your wits to battle it out with your card mates and secure your house's seat as the 2019 Champions!

This will be a single round of unsanctioned play. A card will consist of one player from each of the four houses. Standard scores will be kept, along with tallying points for various accomplishments and follies.

Points System

Play Tournament Dressed as a Wizard: 50
CTP (Each Hole Per Card): 15
Each Birdie: 10
Each Bogey: -5
Each Double Bogey or Worse: -10
Parked It (Drive Lands 3 ft From Pin): 50
Metal Hit on Drive: 50
Ace: 150
Black Ace: -150
Win Your card: 25

Tournament Points:
1st Place: 100
2nd Place:90
3rd Place:80
Participation: 25


Each player will have an arsenal of spells at their disposal. You MUST use each spell during your round, but you can only use it once. Wisdom is key!

Obliviate- Must re-throw (can not use the same disc)

Homenum Revelio -Must drive with roller

Confundo -Must throw with off hand

Wingardium Leviosa -Must turbo putt (inside circle only)

Imperio- -Must throw back hand

Stupefy -Must flick

Evanesco: Make opponent's disc vanish and choose disc opponent must throw

Protego: Block a spell being cast upon you

Refund policy

Tierney Murphy is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Roots DGC
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Roots DGC - Sunday School, 18 holes, par 54
1Russell Jessop4848360.00
2Beau Leyva5252220.00
3Nathan Paxman5858210.00
4Tyler Lavadie5959245.00
5Charlotte Christensen6262190.00
6Alex Shelby6262160.00
6Brent Halliday6262160.00
8Cole Paxman6464225.00
9Vail Paxman7171135.00
1Jake Gallagher5353175.00
2Joseph Illingworth5656210.00
3Mike Whipple575740.00
4Tierney Murphy5858255.00
5Joseph Guanajuato5959235.00
6Justin Rowley5959225.00
7Zach Polak6161245.00
Round 1: Roots DGC - Sunday School, 18 holes, par 54
1Alex Covey5454255.00
2Jerrod Galloway5555190.00
3David Erickson5656270.00
4Noel Covey5757295.00
5Dylan Weishaupt585880.00
6BeeSkee Vanderpoel616170.00
7Patrick Christensen6262190.00
8Tanja Peeters6666135.00
1Chris Norman5050310.00
2Evil Florence5252155.00
3David Smith5757150.00
4Casey Mason66665.00
5Brayden Lavadie737310.00